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  1. Reeda

    Question about Assassin equips

    Inverse Scales are good. I think Katar of Quaking [3] is like worth having, the other good katar worth having is Katar of RagingBlaze. Inverse Scale would be so much greater with as Inverse Scale [2] but inverse scale and having 80 in strength you can do 1.5k in damage to undead things. Not too many Undead Level 4 Enemys in game though
  2. Reeda

    Question about Assassin equips

    I think, because you don't need the to add in Solider Skeleton Cards into Gear, You can just get a Mobster Card or some equivalent, Go with something high in damage, and just pick up some Luk, and You'll have +8 in Critical Attacking hands down. Concentrate on having Agility, Str, and Dex. My Assassin Level 95 has 80 +10 Str 1 +5 Int 10 +0 Vit 90 +18 Agi 20 +8 Dex 50+ 5 Luk 32(64) Critical Attacking with my Highest Damaging Katar 36(72) Critical Attacking with my second Highest Damaging Katar 42(84) Critical Attacking with my lower Damage Katars I want more Attack Speed and Strength for my Assassin Sets
  3. Reeda

    Lets Make a Random Good Story

    Thus they decided they would try to get a boat to set sail into the open sea
  4. Reeda

    poring pet!

    ah, they do.... and to get the items out of the poring you have to force it to do a trick and then the items will fall out of it
  5. Reeda


    is it possible that we can have quests such as moscovia as an account bound entrance quest
  6. Reeda

    Disable Branches

    I actually agree, I think DBs in places outside of town is a part of life in the game. I always imagine what or who may have been slain when I find a mob outside of the regular on a map. Its a map shut down, and its funny, and great.
  7. Reeda

    Amistr Leveling Guide REQUEST. NEED HELP

    Youre amistr should be fine in Biblian Dungeon and also should be fine in Payon dungeon, most of the time I have to fight along side mine, or feed it potions, but around 60 its really fine to leave it places
  8. Reeda

    The Starlight Soiree | You’re Invited

    backstrreeet boys every year
  9. Reeda


    I think there should be more support for trying to go and access maps that don't have much of an apparent reason for existing. Maps such as Kobold Fields(Gef_Fld4), Ghast Heim Chivalry(GH_CHV), ooooor North and West Comodo Dungeon. Parties need to go to these places or we'll never see any sort of items coming out of them, or any reason to going to them. Anyway, thats my opinion. Feel Free to Add what kind of Farming parties would you'd like to see.
  10. Reeda

    2 Man Group for New Players

    Mage and a Swordsmen/Thief/Merchant, Two Acolytes Together is another party, these lead into some interesting conditions. Mages for power and the others for defense. Acolytes can tend to themselves so that is another relevant way of doing things, and I guess an Acolyte and Mage would work, considering Acolytes are kind of fine as a melee class. Or, and I think this is the last party really valid and its a Thief/Swordsman/Merchant and Archer. Thieves are like the strongest class in the game, and the Archer is also a strong class.
  11. Reeda

    Improving Rogue

    A simple Succubus Card in some sort of Agi or Str(go with strength in my opinion) Odin's Blessing.
  12. Reeda

    Improving Rogue

    Odin's Blessing(Succubus Card), Stone Buckler+ 5,or 7, and Maybe a skin of Ventoss. that would be some cool stuff to add
  13. Reeda

    New Items 14.1

    since this topic is here, anyone know of slotting inverse scale? wanted to try to make or create one when I had some free time
  14. Reeda

    Charkam[2] best card for Crit sinx?

    I think the only difference outside of the numbers is that with a chakram you'd be also increasing your meteor assault damage. If you wanted to have a true set though, I guess you'd really want Incantation Samurai Cards. Using Mobster Cards and a Chakram is still an option for a whole 50% damage increase on your critical damage and increase critical pool.
  15. Reeda

    Charkam[2] best card for Crit sinx?

    yea, I dont have the best stuff, so I normally use mobster cards for my equipment, they are like cheaper than alot of other things.