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  1. Reeda

    Item Change

    Can we the required level for the Alchemy Glove [1] Reduced, It has a high drop rate and the power of it is not extreme but the level requirement for it is. level 60-80 would maybe be just as appropriate as the current level requirement on it now. https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/2854/ the skill bolt on it is not that great of damage, but it is useful for using on mid range farm enemies such as Kobolds, Orc Warriors, and Zeroms…. ~thanks
  2. You maybe would have an easier time trying to farm Brooch[1], the spawn rate of anolians is higher and on a smaller map than Sting enemies.
  3. Mobster Cards are fine for auto attack builds, anything else you could use a modifier, but if you plan to use Meteor Assault you need Damage Cards.
  4. Reeda

    More WoE Castles

    whqat, lol....
  5. Reeda

    Crit geff sinx

    I don't think it helps adding in more flee, I think at best you could use the Shadow Armor, GEC are standards for having for every character it makes things easier. Weapon - you may as well use an inverse scale/ Chakram & Mobster Cards Helm - Shoot for the Hermose but Valk Helms are the best Armor - ASPD/ or BONE PLATE (STR stats are nice, most damage comes from ASPD) Shoes - GEC ACCESSORYS - use the Assassin Gauntlet, Use AGI or STR enchants for it GARMENT - Naght Seiger's Manteau/ SoV, Baphomet Jr Card Get more crit Stats level 95 STR - 80 AGI- 90 - 95 LUK - 50 DEX - 25 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swing Away~ STR
  6. one of those AIs come with hacks, get them all
  7. crap, uhh the official server's just updated class skills for 2nd job classes, are we going to be getting those also, can we like get something different from that
  8. posion bottles should be subject to change, they nerf assassins like everywhere, its not great not being useful
  9. Reeda

    Amor Crafting

    I actually think that the armor crafting idea is kind of PAR, if blacksmiths could work on armor then they are contributing more than just wasting goods using the NPC crafter. We get a lot of armor quests and we have a ton of quests that could be implemented I'm sure, but finding Boots+9 is like nearing impossible
  10. Reeda

    this one isgood

    possibly a second list under whose selling including selling items by their creator names, such as; NAME_Condensed White Potion so we can find our sellers in game by looking for their goods
  11. if the stalker class can get updated due to battlegrounds being released onto the server, stripping gear lasts for about as long as a battleground round and could be shortened dynamically less, the skill currently will strip a person for 1-2 whole minutes and it would be just as affective if the time was shortened to something like 15-20 seconds and also if we can get the items in battlegrounds to be on the enchanted list as most of the items come with a slot area, and would be nice I think it was suggested that body relocation be implemented into battlegrounds please don't allow the to asura and run away without the consequences also reupdate some of the items in battleground maybe replaced with stats that have value, such as a chance of poisoning a target for the thief's badge is kind of useless and we could use something like berserk or I dunno, autoguard. vote talon 2020!!
  12. awh, nice, I got my holy night last year
  13. Reeda


    is it possible that we can have quests such as moscovia as an account bound entrance quest
  14. Reeda

    Disable Branches

    I actually agree, I think DBs in places outside of town is a part of life in the game. I always imagine what or who may have been slain when I find a mob outside of the regular on a map. Its a map shut down, and its funny, and great.
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