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  1. posion bottles should be subject to change, they nerf assassins like everywhere, its not great not being useful
  2. Reeda

    Amor Crafting

    I actually think that the armor crafting idea is kind of PAR, if blacksmiths could work on armor then they are contributing more than just wasting goods using the NPC crafter. We get a lot of armor quests and we have a ton of quests that could be implemented I'm sure, but finding Boots+9 is like nearing impossible
  3. Reeda

    this one isgood

    possibly a second list under whose selling including selling items by their creator names, such as; NAME_Condensed White Potion so we can find our sellers in game by looking for their goods
  4. if the stalker class can get updated due to battlegrounds being released onto the server, stripping gear lasts for about as long as a battleground round and could be shortened dynamically less, the skill currently will strip a person for 1-2 whole minutes and it would be just as affective if the time was shortened to something like 15-20 seconds and also if we can get the items in battlegrounds to be on the enchanted list as most of the items come with a slot area, and would be nice I think it was suggested that body relocation be implemented into battlegrounds please don't allow the to asura and run away without the consequences also reupdate some of the items in battleground maybe replaced with stats that have value, such as a chance of poisoning a target for the thief's badge is kind of useless and we could use something like berserk or I dunno, autoguard. vote talon 2020!!
  5. I actually love the post before this as "knights have their own pace development" As an Easy suggestion without following a guide as a knight is that you can farm at the toy factory, or you could farm maybe something like Bathory's for zenny; Bathorys being more difficult to get to and you need experience in adventuring: such as knowing that Magnum Break makes your attacks unavoidable so you can bash down a monster is like priority for you or Using Auto Counter so that you can avoid damage, and when you could or should do those. The best feature on being a Knight is that if you have the experience in adventuring it has a really nice pace to it, and you would do really well taking on things like sandmen, or desert wolves which is fun.
  6. well bathorys are like easier to farm without gear than anywhere, most people are going to suggest sleepers but you could farm the same amount in the bathory dungeon of clock tower. I suggest having vitality and dexterity for the place, as jokers are easily handled when you can not missing using magnum break and bowling bash. and bathorys are also easy as they only have 5k in health
  7. maybe yuoo could farm bathorues
  8. funiest guy ever...thqts funny, wow. if your a knight go farm bathorys and live it up selling witchs staar sand, lol
  9. Reeda

    BB LK Vialable?

    they literally are the like cats pajamas
  10. lord knight and the alchemist are good
  11. ya, if those items are in those places, that's so strange I just want to suggest that if those items are gathered by people who can go to those places, can we have another instance variation of those items or at lease rework mount Mjolnir to not be congested with deleters…..lol
  12. i would think the same thing if I saw the 5%, most of the rates in ragnarok seem to be additive and not a multiplication of anything
  13. Reeda

    Thief Class Opinions

    The Class is fine but; Pros; Lack of Needs - ex; Enchant Poison is Elemental, against Earth Type Monsters it increases your damage and also works for changing your attacks to non-miss Bypassing Defense is the great way of dealing damage, and simple so you don't have a problem going places Meteor Assault is great in PVE; Soul Breaker is good PvE, Cloaking is good Stone Throw is kind of niche and so is Throw Sand; Throw Sand being worse because of the lack of range and rarely works PvP, but Stone Throw has use in PvE and PvP Detox gets you around for curing yourself; also niche Cons; All your skills cant be used without additional conditions (sonic blow; good in PVP) Grimtooth is a time sink and kind of a damage waster; and We never use our venom skills, though that is okay also Any stats that aren't used in agility or luck are put into strength or dexterity (80+ in Strength) Assassins need a large amount of ASPD; and our weapons choices are small and really made towards single instances where they can be used; for ex ' knights have eight different weapons that have a base attack of 250 and all of them have a different affect tied to them' (Alchemist and Snipers are in this group) last of all ; Enchant Deadly Poison is overly strong in damage output, but the difficulties of having bottles and using bottles correctly are far away from average life -but that is okay for a situation you are able to be smart in most situations and do whatever it is that you want to do --------------------------- Assassins are a good class, their counter parts seem a large amount brighter in most cases.....it is the assassin spirit
  14. awh, nice, I got my holy night last year
  15. Inverse Scales are good. I think Katar of Quaking [3] is like worth having, the other good katar worth having is Katar of RagingBlaze. Inverse Scale would be so much greater with as Inverse Scale [2] but inverse scale and having 80 in strength you can do 1.5k in damage to undead things. Not too many Undead Level 4 Enemys in game though
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