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  1. Thank you so much for such fun events!!! I'd like to request this one song: SoundTeMP - The Die is Cast
  2. Trans classes didn't overhaul every single mechanic the game had. Just pointing that out.
  3. This has been said about... a bajillion times. THIRD. CLASSES. ARE. UNBALANCED. AND. RUIN. THE. SERVER. ECONOMY.
  4. Mighty Earthen Goddess (or not) Let's play some Minesweeper >_>
  5. I see. Well, thanks for the quick answer~
  6. Any tips on when the results are coming out?
  7. Added this: http://wiki.talonro.com/Beer+Hat+Quest IGN: Phosphate
  8. I'm going for the Brazilian Hat [1] (the bandana one). I'll submit it by Wednesday.
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