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  1. Law

    S>+9 DL Boots

    bump, still available!
  2. Law

    PC>+9 DL boots

    bump! Need to know price
  3. Law

    S>+9 DL Boots

    Prefer zeny or talon coins
  4. Law

    B>Vampsmith weapon

    Weapon only PM me or mail me ingame: Cashmerecat Got zeny & tc's
  5. Pricecheck on this one, thanks!!!
  6. Up! Also accepting TC's or vamp items +2 DEX Glittering[1] +7 +3 INT Glittering[1] +0
  7. S> +3 DEX Silk Robe[1] Price: 16m +2 DEX Silk Robe[1] Price: 7m +1 DEX Silk Robe[1] +4 Price: 3,5m Currently vending in Prontera Mall!
  8. Bump, updated list with new items!!!! Buy me out, so i can buy a Kaho
  9. 1x Ebone Armor[1] +3 DEF 1x Silk Robe[1] +3 DEX 1x Silk Robe[1] +1 DEX 1x Emperium Jewel Cutter Lots of raw, rough, good, perfect gems in every colour! Leave offers or PM me!
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