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  1. Welcome to the Server if you ever need help with leveling and or just support priest whatsoever just look for me -Krusty
  2. https://irowiki.org/wiki/Summon_Flora Maybe this will help
  3. wow this is a 1st in introductions.. anyways Welcome to the Server Laurenn hope to see you in game
  4. https://irowiki.org/classic/Classes READ up on this one way to long to explain this server does not have 3rd class implemented so i put classic on the link Welcome to the server cya in game
  5. Such a bold choice for a starting character Meat is the way cheaper and much more efficient you can buy it in butchers(NPC) the closest one is in Izlude(right side) you can also usually see me there stocking up on meat *wink *wink cya in game
  6. Welcome to the Server hope to meet you in game
  7. Hello everyone after much consideration and trying every single job classes here except monk/champ "sorry one punch man" decided to stick to and properly play as the squishy magic caster on the back line hiding behind beefy pecos and rock hard champ bodies Any tips and tricks that i can learn from pros in this class aside from proper positioning and helping with SW spamming on raid parties i wanna be able to at least do decent enough DPS from the back line i know i wont be able to compete for MVP roles with those scary arrows being fired from half a screen away i always wanted to go and grind/farm in Thor so is going a bit more tanky to avoid getting 1 shot by a stray monster the way to go or just yolo and do as much Crowd control as possible with AOE magic before eventually getting wreck by a stray mob or a random poke from range monsters i know fire enchanted armor is a big help what about water armor will it be better or at-least on par with fire armor?
  8. Sleepers is not really recommended for archers in terms of raw zenny farming since Great Nature weighs so much and non STR class characters are only able to carry 40 to 50 Great natures at a time less so with archers due to having already carrying arrows in there inventory so mavkas and monsters at odin temple is the next step after stings and anolians -Neko
  9. Krusty ^_^

    Exode Guild

    nice one Mister Golden Peco
  10. @GM Phoenix is there a way to find out how many jobs you done so far? i kinda lost track of how many i did so far for captain arquien
  11. 1 sting bris gives you 7dex and 1bris gives you 3dex so that's already 10dex you already broke your dex increment multiple so id say 1 sting is enough if you have 2 brises -neko
  12. No. I'm also N or Ne maybe Nek or Neko so N Now you know. that were glad you joined Welcome to the Community
  13. Welcome @Hira I would always recommend taking the time to read up on our wiki https://wiki.talonro.com/Main_Page for some useful tips and for general understanding of RO as for classes and builds for newbies i think Priest would be your go to since imo its pretty simple and self explanatory to be a support in almost all MMORPG but that's entirely up to you. you can play whatever class you want and there are lots of guild that are more than happy to welcome you into there ranks happy adventuring -neko
  14. Krusty ^_^

    Pls helppp

    @ShinyStars if you are asking for stats and not gears?? since your level 99.. it depends if you have Valk helm or not if you do have Valk helm you go 98 dex 93 agi and 43 remaining i personally want to put it on luk for more damage this build with no vit is just enough to reach atleast 12k hp since you get 20 vit from valk helm if your using kaho i sudgest puting the some points in vit to reach 10k+ hp other wise the build is the same 93agi 98dex hope this helps good luck with them earrings ^_^ -neko
  15. if you like to see your falcon going ham on mobs you need 40 to 60 LUK doesn't have to be base LUK.. the down side is DS type will always out DPS you in terms of PVM and also consider that Luk/crit build is expensive so always start at DS build and work your way up to Crit/blitz build Crit locking mobs and watching your falcon go ham while the monster is stuck is fun and satisfying ^_^ -neko
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