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  1. Hanging by a thread, waiting for that Project Valkyrie update 😴


  2. Imo, the flaw in battlegrounds is the matching system, if the other team is usually ungeared or not really a match for the other people tend to AFK midgame, cuz what's the point of fighting a losing battle. I know its hard to implement something about that but thats the problem I see about it. Also, not enough rewards after you get your BG set, people tend to not play BG anymore since they have their gears unlocked already, maybe throw some badge to copper coin exchange? that'll probably keep the BG alive. P.S these are just my opinion if you don't agree its okay :v peace!
  3. Here. Tho, Id suggest a V.shield and also im using 97 vit build which is bad if you dont know how to sneak around and play with team anyway, this is my build, another alternative build for emp breaking is gemini hermose cap and gemini mid if ur not going 97 vit, also, VA. also an AK Ice pick can help too, I wasn't able to screenshot mine cuz i forgot where I put it lol, Also a Overuped Infiltrator is also a choice. P.S: this is like my personal build so its not the most generic build you can see, also this build is dependent on clown buffs as well if you want to make use of grimtooth on clash its actually pretty decent.
  4. 100 sp reducs will let you use skills even if u are at 0 sp.
  5. My 95 PD Battle high Priest was fun.
  6. Oh the classic Kris, i still remember the night I made a Def4Double Kris instant 400m in a few minutes feelsgoodman.
  7. so do I get free juice? 😮 planning to play again, so I need a new family for my comeback
  8. more char slots for accounts :O
  9. • Buying list • Baphomet Horns +9 Cat Ear Beret[Carat/Clean] STR+3 Silk Robe[Unfro/Clean] +9 Enhanced Variant Shoes Diablos Ring[Zerom/Smokie] O.Gloves[Zerom] OFFER, I just came back so I have no idea on how these items go for nowadays.
  10. So basically.. uhhh bronze coins and exps and buffs.
  11. well, this is a old topic, im pretty sure i posted it here readback
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