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  1. Hanging by a thread, waiting for that Project Valkyrie update 😴


  2. Self-proclaimed "PRO" leechers everywhere lmfao

  3. Merry christmas and happy holidays !~

  4. Additional winter event? hmm..

  5. It's funny people say they care for you and miss you at the same time but they dont make any effort to see you and to see them toss you aside like nothing is really fcked up.

  6. Hi wakpee3, I am just wondering about your guide in SN Geffenia Farming Build, would you be able to help me on what skills you were using and a calculator link for the stats and items. Thanks in advance

  7. I'm buying white herbs, with this I can make an extra income. lol XD found a new hobby too brewing but not for ranked slims :P

  8. Oh so we have this now :o

  9. This is why i love TalonRO Fun events all the time ! +1111111111111111111111
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