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  1. I kinda figures the Krasnaya[BSnSn] would be pointless as you can just re-berserk and have full hp. I'll try an keep an eye out for an Invoker of Death for a MvP weapon. I didn't even consider the 20 perfect dodge as a defensive stat, thx for that tip. Also thanks for your response, I really appreciate it!! I guess now I'll just play with the calculator and try it out on the field. Can't wait to see more of your builds/videos!~
  2. So after seeing this thread I class changed my WS to LK. I've played this game for many years but never tried LK so I was wondering a few things... Mostly on gearing and a little about how the gear works. I guess I'll start with what I have. LKH, Rideword Hat Vanberk, str mid BK, str mid Vanberk, Meteor Plate Bathory, 2x Lucius Fierce (RSX,Ktullanux), 2x Dragon vest (Gloom,Porcellio) Hood Deviling, 2x Sandals (GeC,Eddga), Sleipnir Mystelainn, 2x Celbs, HoB High Priest, Violet Fear Baphomet. Most of those gears was from my WS and a few from my sniper but my quest is can I make something work with this or do I need Dark Lord card? What about Tao Gunka(since all def and magic def is 0 with Berserk)? Should I get Phreeoni for my second card in my VF or is ther something better? I wanted to get Invoker of Death but there was non for sale. How often does the heal proc on your Invoker? Is the Invoker the best all around use sword? Would a Krasnaya BSnSn be any good for mass mob farming? What about my gears should I change/upgrade(besides sqi..). I'm only 99/42 atm so I haven't even tried it yet. Sorry for this wall of text, this LK is like a whole new world to me. Any tips would be awesome, unless you think I should start a new thread in which case I wouldn't have a problem with that. Awesome vids btw and thanks for sharing!
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