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  1. Now, i see, you have studied alot regarding these gameplays which almost take me an hour or two until i reach this thread. It is still important to have also life outside the game, just like the way you studied and strategize your gameplay, it is the same in real life. You have to see what community, circle of people you may opt to seek advice or to talk to atleast. Like what you said in having a goal of getting bris is the very same goal of achieving your dreams in life. My piece of unsolicited advice is to balance evrything, or should i say you have enought of this game, try also achieving goals in life the way you awesomely did here in the game. Anyway you can always look back to your account. I was also playing this games years back prior my return this year and to my surprise my ingame accounts were intact. I find job and further study for career advancement. Now it is more fun to play game while enjoying both words(game/real life). I also have the same thots before, that i might end up being a failure but hey i surpass it. My realization is that playing the game is just the same in living our lives. The only difference is we respawn in our save point in the game but in real life after death we have no longer a chance to rearrange our lives. Bottom line is when we still breath and kicking it is never too late to set and reach our goals, cheer up. Let your drive in game be your guide in achieving things in real life. P.S. Most of the wisdom and ideas i share and used in real life came from this game, so it really helped me alot. Remember that this game(RO) was based on a reasearched norse mhytology and icelandic scripts. I mean if you learned them specially characters and their skills and quest linked to them. You're having an inclination of knowing different types of persons and their line of field. I may sound absurd but it is true. I know professionals and even ranked admins who still love to play and relate this game in real life scenarios. I think i said alot 😅😅😅 forgive me with this very lengthy comment. Btw thank you for the very nice guide from sinx farmer down here to avoid boredom of farming. I hope this help you though it may not be as helpful as your guides are. 💖
  2. How to check whether my application was approved or not? that was a long time ago when my application had been subjected for approval. tnx
  3. THis is another version i've heard^^, lovely /no1 /kis <3
  4. Oh thanks! :)Talonian page radio is active and the version of Xmas songs are soulfully fantastic^^, <3 silver bells /ho /ho /ho /ho silver bells Oh LSS
  5. I check the web it's not playing something (The file you request could not be found) or it will actively stream during yule ball only? Just curious
  6. OH!Crap! my rate was 74 lol hmm never meant to do that. I was thinking around 80% above. Anyway my comments were nice^^,
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