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  1. I'm not a fan of that idea. There's plenty of ways to communicate with your friends via guild chat, party chat (I heard that idunna will have some other types of group chats?) and discord to boot. Having some privacy on your alts is also a major point for me, personally.
  2. So nothing is really stopping people from getting multiple slots? Somehow I thought it was supposed to be forum account cd 😕
  3. Will we get new Prontera and eventually rebuild the Morroc? Or those gonna be left as is?
  4. Restless

    Infinite Fly Wing Box

    I wouldn't mind having a 2 week or even month long wing, even if it would cost x2/4 times as much, simply because it would be easier to put in work for it, then chill for longer. @AskeinWhat <.>
  5. Kinda blurry, but on on that screenshot there was something about achievements. Not sure if it means achievements are back or it's some kind of progress tracker.
  6. Is it possible to add a ticket system for seasonal instances, that are quest-like (halloween, xmas, any future ones), to be able to go back in case you dc or crash? Something similar to GMC or Wave Challenge.
  7. I have some questions regarding the teaming up part. Will the garden layout be same as last time or more of what it is now (3 main routes and different paths)? If it's like last time, cramming 2 full parties in a relatively small maps will be messy, if it's like it is now, there's a high chance to clear all paths within the specified time for platinum. Can we have some info on that, please?
  8. May I ask, if the headgear from night king mvp supposed to be account bound? It's weird it's even on the list, since it's the exact same hat you get from quest, yet only person picking up loot gets it.
  9. Hello o/ I'd love a slot for chibi head, please :'D Is that okay if I pm the details instead of posting them here?
  10. Will the garden access be forum account bound, game account bound or character bound? Is the Nightmare Insignia the item that'll give you access?
  11. How many new costumes does raffle offer? The first post you can win 6, the npc lists only 5. Is there 6th hidden one, unlisted, or there's just 5 after all?
  12. What is understood by abusing? Were there bugs that people exploited, or just there was preference for one thing over the other? Is letting things be available for short times is the only/best way to prevent that?
  13. Personally, I don't like being restricted on what there's available for me to do. Like, solo minigames - I can understand, at least. But anything that requires more people, I wish it was more available, same with farming. In the past, the farming maps, minigames were always open, for anyone who wanted to focus on one thing or the other. Now it's kinda you following someone else's schedule, instead of your own. So far, the thing I enjoyed the most was the main quest, however frustrating it was, at times. I loved that the event flagman headgears are back, just wish those really weren't account bound (kek). Easter eggs were awesome too.
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