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  1. The Eden Group

    Oh, awesome! Thanks for the heads up o/
  2. The Eden Group

    Finally got through 50jobs for eden, hoped to check the brownie points and recycling system, but it seems Baxtor isn't really accepting any items. Is there a trick to it, or item lists haven't been added/activated?
  3. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Hmm, I did try with those I could put in my cart, so definitely they weren't the account bound ones. I'm sure I didn't cook them - so those could have been loot drop via card or acquired some other way.
  4. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Thanks for the guide, Cass o/ The Yen npc didn't accept my bomber steaks, but she took the well-dried bone.
  5. S> Spider's Nest DG duo leech

  6. S> Kalasag, Nightmare Bangungot Boots

  7. S> Spider's Nest DG duo leech

  8. Nenkaras (Non-WoE) Proudly corrupting minds since 2011!

    Heya Geo! Like those 2 cats above, pretty much. How have you been? :'D