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  1. So nothing is really stopping people from getting multiple slots? Somehow I thought it was supposed to be forum account cd 😕
  2. I have some questions regarding the teaming up part. Will the garden layout be same as last time or more of what it is now (3 main routes and different paths)? If it's like last time, cramming 2 full parties in a relatively small maps will be messy, if it's like it is now, there's a high chance to clear all paths within the specified time for platinum. Can we have some info on that, please?
  3. May I ask, if the headgear from night king mvp supposed to be account bound? It's weird it's even on the list, since it's the exact same hat you get from quest, yet only person picking up loot gets it.
  4. Will the garden access be forum account bound, game account bound or character bound? Is the Nightmare Insignia the item that'll give you access?
  5. How many new costumes does raffle offer? The first post you can win 6, the npc lists only 5. Is there 6th hidden one, unlisted, or there's just 5 after all?
  6. What is understood by abusing? Were there bugs that people exploited, or just there was preference for one thing over the other? Is letting things be available for short times is the only/best way to prevent that?
  7. Personally, I don't like being restricted on what there's available for me to do. Like, solo minigames - I can understand, at least. But anything that requires more people, I wish it was more available, same with farming. In the past, the farming maps, minigames were always open, for anyone who wanted to focus on one thing or the other. Now it's kinda you following someone else's schedule, instead of your own. So far, the thing I enjoyed the most was the main quest, however frustrating it was, at times. I loved that the event flagman headgears are back, just wish those really weren't account bound (kek). Easter eggs were awesome too.
  8. Is there an exit to the Prontera from the academy? If not, please add one.
  9. Palettes don't seem to be account bound. They go for a good price as well.
  10. Fen was here.

    1. M a s h i` Desu

      M a s h i` Desu

      Mashi was here.

    2. Wormi


      fen is ded

      mashi corn bread

  11. Oh my, this thread takes ages to load <.> Here's my request: Quad City DJ's - C'mon N' ride it (The train)
  12. Love the idea Btw, I thought it was anonymous? So we can't really make friends unless we sign our IGN xD
  13. Sonny Alven ft Emmi - Our Youth Defqwop ft Strix - Heart Afire
  14. I shall follow you back!

  15. Thank you very much for this wonderful event! Minigames are extremely addictive, tots even more so! Glad it ended before I went broke, lol. Too bad I didn't try Labyrinth as much as I wanted to, it's incredibly fun game, kudos to whomever made it. Goodbye Verus, see you next year, hopefully~
  16. We'll be able to access the northern part of the city as the event's story progresses further. Seeing how event supposed to last for 2 weeks and we're still at part one, maybe it will be prolonged for a bit (yay, more minigame time o/ ). Anyways, we just have to wait and see
  17. I had a really good time. Thank you so much for hosting this! The music was especially good, nice selection and placement of tracks
  18. So the event ends in October, right? Figured I'd clarify it just in case ._.
  19. Does that mean that you also have a forum account cooldown after finishing the GMC? Or this said cooldown lasts for the duration of the GMC (but the ingame account still gets cd if you slay the mvp)?
  20. Shang is at the pub at around 3 o'clock, 2nd floor.
  21. For all three different options, I got equestrian spear, burning crown and cornus egg. Thank you for this event, definitely something to do other than afking xD
  22. You shall be remembered *^*, also...cheese :'D
  23. I think he was mostly talking how you could take something skill specific from one class and shared it with others, and was using whitesmith 10% as a metaphor. I don't really know how I feel about the change yet, because that opens up other possibilities for me too, at least for my other bio characters.
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