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  1. TalonRO Custom Headgear Design Contest

    Last minute entry, hopefully this still counts. IGN: Crowen Eirinschwartz GM Elixia Challenge: Pixel Player Pusher GM Venus Challenge: Shape Shifter
  2. Easter Egg Hunt - Day Eleven

    IGN: Kuraido Edlyc Inside the Rogue Guild(in_rogue): 156, 27
  3. Easter Egg Hunt - Day Seven

    IGN: Kuraido Edlyc Inside Louyang (lou_in02): 145, 40
  4. Easter Egg Hunt - Day Five

    IGN: Kuraido Edlyc Cave Village(cave) : 187, 112
  5. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    It's the alternative route to take if you dun want to take the puppy from the thief npc.
  6. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Found this costume from Yen along with the puppy headband costume and puppy ear hat costume: Items I gave out so far:
  7. Autumn 2017 Loading Screen Contest

    No, it's a nub taekwon ranker @Lyderis
  8. Autumn 2017 Loading Screen Contest

    IGN: Myra Collenstoff
  9. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    IGN: Myra Collenstoff Challenge: GM Elixia Challenge: Nature's Wroth