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  1. Requesting permission to trade for Tier 3 crate. Thanks! IGN: Hanami Schyntilia Discord: Kuraido#1739
  2. After the latest patch today, Windows Defender somehow blocked talonexe.exe preventing it to open after clicking start on the patcher. The Windows Defender claimed it detected a Trojan on gepard.dll. I'm a bit hesitant whether I should ignore it or not so I'd like to ask if this is safe to ignore. Hoping for your quick response. Thank you in advance!
  3. Last minute entry, hopefully this still counts. IGN: Crowen Eirinschwartz GM Elixia Challenge: Pixel Player Pusher GM Venus Challenge: Shape Shifter
  4. IGN: Kuraido Edlyc Inside the Rogue Guild(in_rogue): 156, 27
  5. IGN: Kuraido Edlyc Inside Louyang (lou_in02): 145, 40
  6. IGN: Kuraido Edlyc Cave Village(cave) : 187, 112
  7. It's the alternative route to take if you dun want to take the puppy from the thief npc.
  8. Found this costume from Yen along with the puppy headband costume and puppy ear hat costume: Items I gave out so far:
  9. No, it's a nub taekwon ranker @Lyderis
  10. IGN: Myra Collenstoff Challenge: GM Elixia Challenge: Nature's Wroth
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