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  1. hi, im kinda looking to try something new can teach me how to farm mvp using LK with 2 hand quicken + parry? what are the armor n stats...tq tq if anybody can help kinda bored playing mages already
  2. anybody can tell me, how to defence againts soul breaker?
  3. i just wanna kill those asura champ
  4. thnx , i`ll will experiment with it in unres ^^
  5. can someone suggest to me...i wanna specialize in prof with pvp
  6. How often does that chilly book proc storm gust?
  7. erm the most fun class to me is a prof i have a prof 99/70 with tome of ymir i been soloing mvp all da best... even competing with champ on site n i won the only mvp i hate r those with power up, coz it can 1 hit kill u... can be dispell though owh yeah, im a bolter prof... the supreme prof who now only hunt mvp.. gonna try solo kraken soon if got the chance
  8. Im going vanilla lk But always get bullied by other people n lose Can teach me what equip n refine rate is good.. Im planning to go BB LK
  9. anybody can farm these for me, im willing to pay.... mail:Elemental Master
  10. are u taking request now? if so i need the wizard dex (1st,2nd,3rd) and reduction in AMP by 75%
  11. please show me an example, its my first time entering an event... i really wish to participate but i dun quite understand the rules
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