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  1. • ρ j •

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    Don't slam your keypad if you bought the palettes and the effect not even worth 10m or less. Guess you miss the Seraph costume buyer, 1bris or 1 meg + more than 250 million cant remember Last 2 years perhaps, can't recall TRO priority = costumes
  2. • ρ j •

    free doodles

    Really love your 'darkness soul' style It will be my 1st chibi if you willing to draw my char *Maybe with lovey-dovey ish background Many thanks, have a nice day~
  3. • ρ j •

    PC on couple of Costume listed Below Please

    No event hat will be / can be a customized Lord Kaho Horn upon player request (for now) - GM Seiren Different story with PVM content, some MVP drop rare Saiyan Hair kaho / dragon helm kaho etcetc (fyi normal saiyan hair / dragon helms costumes obtainable from past events)
  4. • ρ j •

    PC on couple of Costume listed Below Please

    1. It's not a costume if you mean Halloween Midas Whisper event headgears (unrestricted). Sold few around 15-20m. Or we have new Midas Whisper costume? 2. 5m ish?
  5. • ρ j •

    Doubts about card's effects

    Nope, I just read the scripts LOL. Maybe I was wrong.. need to check with experienced farmer
  6. • ρ j •

    Doubts about card's effects

    1. 0.1% chance, no it wont stack. The mechanic just like this: 0.1% & 0.1% chance to drop (with 2 mimic carded acc). No other extra effect with 2 HoBs. 2. 0.3% chance. Same like ^ 3. 1% chance
  7. • ρ j •


    Tak jugak bro.. check ping ke tro punya website. mostly 200++ average la tu untuk kita orang malaysia. Route punya hal, haha.. Saya guna 2 provider, TM streamyx asyik buffering youtube time peak hours tapi smooth je main tro even masa woe, unless server ada spike lag.. yang kedua, 4g maxis takda buffering youtube bila2 masa je tapi spike lag masa main tro, walaupun bukan masa woe.. #najib
  8. • ρ j •

    TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    Wanna try. IGN: Blake Original Edited Credit to @132 for the official tamtam image @GM Cherri thank you for the clarification
  9. • ρ j •

    █ SLOW █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

  10. I see.. No wonder Squall Leanhart seems happier