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  1. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Umm the highest tier for the heart sticker only give you the drooping puppy costume?
  2. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Bring again the frozen / beautiful / witherless rose flower in your inventory then the grave will trigger another chat. Make sure to give all total 20 frozen, 20 beautiful, 50 rose to the grave then back to Po (pick other stuffs) 2x times. 1st for Rose of crimson costume, 2nd for frozen land rose costume
  3. mATK table

    LOL I love this one
  4. █ CLOSED █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

  5. Milu's commish (closed for now)

    Hello..can add me to the waitlist too pls? Thanks *beautiful arts*
  6. █ CLOSED █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    Sama la, haha.. ingat nak request lagi tapi aduyai panjangnye list *sit patiently* Good luck sis in RL
  7. Battle Ground

    You can prevent the "take turn gameplay" with some sort of scripted Guardian + Guardian Stone (plant type). A (decent) reward is always better than nothing. Pretty sure even we encounter the "take turn gameplay" issues, you won't implement the similar box as GMC into WoE, yeah I got that. Like the other, I'll rest the case. Oh my bad, sorry I was on the wrong channel. Have a nice day
  8. Battle Ground

    you grind for pvm / spend gj or meat or less = you got profit / costume worth hundreds of millions (from gmc / wave etc) - no monopoly issues there, as anyone can participate. No one forced you aye? you spend goddam 2k per sp heal (strawberry) in vanilla (as vanilla gears are really cheapo they said), asked for a small reward like woe pot etc(acc bound), GM said too much incentive. Not too mention woe point = costume etc, they said it will be monopoly issue. You want gmc costume, join it or farm raw zeny then buy form other player. Why it can be the same as Woe rewards? Seriously you gotta think other income for newbie other than strawberry / cake (cake can just npced it so no prob here) or you guys just run out of idea? Not gonna throw any suggestion since it will be rejected for sure. I'll just... hmm TRO logic.. nvm
  9. Wanderer Non-trans WoE Dec 6 2017

    We (me & my friends) kinda give up with woe scene here Btw thanks for the offer I'll just be lurking around, looking forward to your next woe video
  10. Wanderer Non-trans WoE Dec 6 2017

    Executioner VS ED user, I'm dead
  11. And the lucky number is... [Week 3]

    Oh haha can't believe my dream after sleep at 2am become true
  12. DG Champ Cheapest Gears (i think)

    Cheapest old skool https://calc.talonro.com/?caDbLbibtabaJbLaQabaiaax3iaFaFaaaaljedTaaaaaacsdWwidWuklfhPlsaaflgZnMbNnMbNeeeeajkkkfkkfaabkkaaaaaaflfaaah5aaaaHadaaa *I added 100 sp from Manual edit for Flying Evil Wing[1], because in calc its shown as 120sp meanwhile in game it's only 100 sp
  13. Festival of Witches | Competition Winners

    AT-DiN~* The Sniper 2 costumes /gratz bro. Gimme one
  14. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    18 IGN: Blake
  15. Halloween Event 2017 - School Quest Guide

    Many thanks