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  1. Ign: Blake Upper Middle Lower Pixel art (Complete set) Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draugr
  2. Oh haha can't believe my dream after sleep at 2am become true
  3. AT-DiN~* The Sniper 2 costumes /gratz bro. Gimme one
  4. Wanna try. IGN: Blake Original Edited Credit to @132 for the official tamtam image @GM Cherri thank you for the clarification
  5. sigh..
    Please make all xmas event stuffs / winter scarf / pro summertime box / wave / gmc costumes acc bound in future. rip newbie who try to make income with events. No double standard for those 'high end' players.

    We'll just stick with your nerf pvm map for farming zeny purpose 

    1. GM Boreas

      GM Boreas

      Apparently the farming maps are still pretty good for making zeny, otherwise people wouldn't bother I guess. :) As for the event, if you have suggestions then head over to the suggestion section and share your ideas.

  6. Nop i'm not offended. Just, to see contestant can keep edit / change their submissions until reach the deadline. tbh i really love this thread and all the memes(laugh so hard), it should be a normal thread in art corner someday
  7. umm it would be nice if gm wont count edited post (to be fair), as I have another new idea too after read some latest meme posts here. One time post only per forum acc or we can keep editing our posts until deadline?
  8. Maybe a mangaka-hat-look costume for 1st prize?
  9. Gratz, ur tatacho so adorable (i wanna eat those muffins) And to all awesome participants
  10. And yet its still getting better & better. To spend such time in making the content happen, i salute u Howl
  11. First of all, I grow up with these recipes. Since GM Cherri mentioned the winter theme, I remembered when I had flu, my mum will always cook the fish in that way. its free from any artificial sauce, and its sourness type good for recovering from flu. Hope you will give it a try. Since you mention it, I hope I can win too XD
  12. I cant find the item in database, is that your creation or? the *thought* spelling tho
  13. We already have the winner, its GM Cherri May I ask how the winner gonna determined, via popular vote among GMs or players? Because of that costume, I need my inspiration now.. EDITED: I don't want to spam so I'll just add here A. MAIN DISH B. DRINKS C. SNACKS IGN: Blake p/s: I'm not so good in English, please bear with me
  14. @GM Howl did it in last Yule ball, don't worry
  15. Where's the NPC that we can exchange our 24 xmas advent prizes? jk
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVncVzx8cCM
  17. I see.. Thanks for the clarifying @GM Howl And thanks for the event
  18. Gotta try myself once get back home
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