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  1. Kurivivi

    Autumn Event TalonRO Headgear Contest Result

    Headgear resemblance OMEGALUL Tiem for Blank Costumes \o/
  2. Kurivivi

    Itou's Atelier

    Time to camp
  3. Kurivivi

    Autumn Event TalonRO Headgear Contest Result

    Speaking of "headgear resemblance", that husky paws not even on the man's head. But you're the judge and i'm not so what do I know
  4. Kurivivi

    ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Open]

    I'd like a slot please? ;D
  5. Kurivivi

    ➳ isu's Art Shop! [OPEN]

    Thank you so much @micchiIt's so cute Specially the cat
  6. Kurivivi

    Grabbing Bobbs [Closed]

    Bae. Cos u know i love yer art Thenk for making me fly
  7. Kurivivi


    Thank you very much! I'll pm you the details in discord soon!
  8. Kurivivi


    I would like a slot please
  9. Kurivivi

    Autumn Event | TalonRO Headgear Contest

    In-game name: Kurivivi Headgear Name: Laurel Crown Only showcasing Laurel Crown but I was having fun so I did a full combination \o/ Lesgo!
  10. Kurivivi

    Grabbing Bobbs [Closed]

  11. Kurivivi

    Popo Draws Things ☆ [slow]

    It's so beautiful ❤️ Thenks so much!
  12. Kurivivi

    Popo Draws Things ☆ [slow]

    Can I have a slot for colored bust please? If ever, do you do couples too? ;D
  13. Kurivivi

    ➳ isu's Art Shop! [OPEN]

    Slot please
  14. Kurivivi

    Nheki Draws

    10 plis ❤️