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  1. Notification on rare drop

    I don't think you understand why I'm suggesting this. Farming isn't a kill 'Oh I wonder what that lovely mob dropped?' and then kill the next one. It's almost a blur how many mobs I JT out of the screen and you can make the card size the size of my screen, because I still won't see it. It's gone out of my view. When I walk back and find cards I hadn't even noticed just ripe for anyone to take I get annoyed and think "what if I just fly winged?" It's true it doesn't always have value, but you can just type a command and turn this off or lower the rate to 0.03 for cards or rarer items only, perhaps even be able to set it to specific items. Most servers you can type @autoloot [itemID] so you can probably type @itemdisplay [itemID] aswell or something along those lines. As with anything else, you can just turn it off. Some players might find this very useful (myself included) because when I'm leveling, I might miss a necro card walking out of screen or tidal shoes etc. Or when I'm farming, I JT a mob out of sight and lose my money. I was going to suggest autoloot because I feel so sick of clicking to pick up loot but obviously that encourages botting.
  2. Notification on rare drop

    A small notification on top of the screen (visible only to you) similar to when admins talk. e.g. Hydra Card (0.03) Helps people who steamroll past mobs find loot they missed. Items with 1% or lower. Perhaps adjustable by NPC/command.
  3. Losing KS with intimidate

  4. Losing KS with intimidate

    When I farm mavkas I like to intimidate to isolate my target but these lovely bots instantly DS my Mavka and I end up gifting a bot a free rose. I want to keep KS control after using intimidate for a few more seconds.
  5. new content

    PVM server. Seems people hate competitiveness on this server for some reason.
  6. new content

    +1 I agree, server will get boring after a while. You need something challenging and rewarding that requires teamwork. I like Blu's idea. Maybe as a fun event every week multiple parties enter a super field where mvp's such as Satan Morroc, Pori Pori and maybe some Talon Custom MvPs battle it out Be utter chaos. Make it Min. Lvl. 99 and everyone who participates gets a reward for helping
  7. Browsing all stores online

    I wasn't around back then I'm sure there must be an easy way to window-shop without it take resources. Selecting a price range and being able to see all the items you can afford...
  8. Leaderboards!!

    Why would I want to fight MvPs if I have all the gear I need? Say I did buy a 99def build and was even more OP endgame, then what? ET, Killing MvPs and biolabs will just give you extra loot you can sell but don't really need the money for since you're endgame. You'll end up hoarding it. You mention what players get famous for but those things can be added on the leaderboards... Do a highest damage board, most damage taken etc. The leaderboards I'm suggesting aren't limited to just zeny.... There's a lot of fun things people can compete with. I'm just suggesting this as eventually the top-end people will think they're the best player in the game and get bored, without realising they might not even be top 10 because they were never compared.
  9. Leaderboards!!

    You're saying Talonro is pvm... So once you hit max level, get fully geared with all SQI equips, and have more or less the best pvm build, you finish the game? Just sit in prontera and wear pretty costumes all day? There needs to be endgame otherwise I'm just gonna get bored and play something else. I'm sure a lot of other people will have the same views. Seriously, what is there? WoE? Repetitive pvp? Farming MvP's for loot for money for gear I don't need because I'm totally maxed out? People collect zeny as an challenge to themselves and so what if they want an ego boost for showing it off. They deserve it. They played the game, they became successful, they get fame. League is a different game, you can't compare a moba to an mmo. It's toxic because there is no room for casual play, with leaderboards you can just ignore it and play with porings. If you want to sit in town and talk to people I really don't care, let high-tier players have something to work for. If it doesn't concern you then don't worry.
  10. Browsing all stores online

    This has been mentioned before when the 'selling stores' 'buying stores' thread was first made but the person also requested that we could browse all stores rather than searching for the names. The admins did the former but left the latter. I really wanna just browse buying and selling stores to see what items are out. I have so much loot and walking through prontera, payon and then pront mall or typing @wb for every item I have in game is long. I also wanna see what's on sale, cheap gear and check current market prices. Just press search with nothing entered and all shops appear for you to easily scroll through. Or, better yet, select a category like armours and browse all armour.
  11. Leaderboards!!

    I think with a rating system your ranks should last quite a while, a way for people to see compare their skill-level in this game. Most rich and afk is out of curiosity it doesn't need to be added but thought it'd be funny to see how long people have afk'd in prontera Only really read this but, isn't that proof that people want leaderboards to compare wealth? x)
  12. Leaderboards!!

    I understand your point, but if you don't care about ranks then it really doesn't concern you. You can simply not look at your rank and focus on the game. You mention ego feeding a lot but really, the whole point of games is that you feel good about yourself... I mean, you get to 99 you feel a sense of accomplishment and it feeds your ego. Do you see level 99s going to level 50's and calling them noobs? Do you see them getting bitter at the level 99s for being higher level? Talonro has a really nice community anyway, I've yet to meet someone who isn't a nice person, I doubt they'd suddenly change if someone has an extra 1m than them, or 2 kills in pvp. Besides, you should only be able to see the top 50/100 in the rankings, and your own rank. If you can see everyone's then that's where the problems start. I can see arguments forming there.
  13. Adding to the Card Reward System

    Woops, my bad. I guess the added ideas couldn't hurt Just consider it a reminder to the admins then
  14. Leaderboards!!

    I was thinking the same for the rich-list, as total character wealth needs to considered. I was also thinking Talon coins should be accounted as wealth, since you can only have 1b zeny but unlimited (I think) talon coins. Maybe this could be a separate list. As for PVP I had the idea of ratings, (this will make it super competitive but I think super fun). So, everyone starts out at 1000, killing one player gives, say, 50 points. 1050. Now killing a 1000 player again gives 40. So 1090, The more you kill that friend the less xp you get and encourages people to pvp against hier-tier players. I assume a special 'Ranking PvP room' should be made, as not everyone is competitive and people like PvPing for fun without losing ranks. But, rating shouldn't go below 1000, makes people feel bad Just a concept, feel free to criticize For Guilds, we can go on a 'How many Emperiums broken', so how many castles you captured in an emperium, 'Guild total kills' how many kills a guild gets in a WoE, 'How many total deaths', and 'Longest time castle captures' so how long each guild has collectively held every castle they owned during WoE time. So if you hold it throughout the whole hour of WoE you get 1:00:00 added to your guild score. Again, you can argue that holding a castle doesn't mean your good (pro guilds take it last second) so you might need a 'Total captured castle' list for how many times a guild has won a castle after WoE. Honestly, I would prefer if the admins focused on the rest of the list before this, because it will probably be a lot of coding. This is something to implement later How about having a "top voter" leaderboards to show which forum account votes the most to promote server voting more and growing the server community? As for ranks you might be interested to see how many people are above you and how many you're competing with. You might be 100 points off, but what if 100 people are ahead of you? Would make you work a lot harder
  15. Leaderboards!!

    I... I don't even have a level 99 I'm not a high-tier player... I just like looking at high tier players. I guess everyone is different but I don't think it will hurt the server, if anything it would make it better. That's my opinion.