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  1. annr

    Dual Dagger Sinx

    thank you for the reply everyone. I will keep everything in mind but for the time being i am going to keep the crit equipments untill i can afford the icepick and others
  2. annr

    Dual Dagger Sinx

    I just realized how expansive the ice picks are, its just 1 zero to much. what dagger should I get for both hand that will do more damage than my specialty jur that does 700dmg at 190 full aspd? thanks
  3. annr

    Dual Dagger Sinx

    should I get the ice pick for left had? Kahos, is that a weaponds card for the ice pick? what armor, accessory should I get? Thanks
  4. annr

    Dual Dagger Sinx

    Hi everyone I was making a Crit sinx and at lvl91 its pretty sad to see how little damage it does. it does around 700 crit dmg both hand with 190aspd. I am thinking of Dual Dagger now since I saw a sinx at sleepers doing over 2000 damage with one hit. I have been reading the forum but I am not familiar enough with the sinx to put together whats said on other threads. Please help. Thanks
  5. I got this problem even after I redownloaded the talonro client and reinstalled it couple of times. It just says MSVCR100.dll was not found. any idea how I can fix this? Thank you
  6. Thank you guys. Here is a screen shot of what i have now. please let me know the changes i need to make. I am currently lvl 82. I got all the cards beside the GEC for the bunny Slipper.
  7. what card should I get with the dragon vest and should I get the one with 3% aspd?
  8. Hello everyone Thank you so much for all the info. I went to the sleeper and the exps were good plus good zeny. I will try different ways of lvling up suggested here too. thanks, really appreciate it.
  9. I play RO online back in 2010 and play GC Crusader at lvl 98 when the server closed. Please take look at my assassin screen shot here. I am currently killing high orc with 99.9% crit, not sure why my attack misses sometimes. What should I do next? what should my stats be? what should I get for equipment. Thank you
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