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  1. Lif the Alchemist

    Show your Amistr !

    (ANDRE, I think your sheep's turning out fine, it's hard for me to tell with a calc since Adamantium Skin is buffed on this server) I really like Lifs but I've always wanted a cute sheep~ So on my alt I finally got a good one. :3 I'm really happy about his vit and agi so I can live with average str. This is without Defense and Blood Lust.
  2. Lif the Alchemist

    Let's show our Lifs!

    ‚ÄčAccording to my calc, your Lif is average in all stats: not excelling in anything but not behind either. She has +2 vit, +1 int and +1 agi above the average. I think you should get her to 99 (won't take long since you got MC now) and then decide. She could still get better,
  3. Lif the Alchemist

    Let's show our Lifs!

    Your main focus should be MATK (ATK won't matter much when she's evolved and has Mental Change since she'll use MATK then) and then second should be Flee/AGI in my opinion. It's cool seeing Lif attacking super-fast. Tied with AGI would be VIT. Worry about DEX the least because that's her highest-growing stat.
  4. Lif the Alchemist

    Let's show our Lifs!

    Belerin: Ahh she favors str and dex ;w; Congrats on rose Lif, they are so pretty. :3
  5. Lif the Alchemist

    Let's show our Lifs!

    Yeah I do remember you! :3 I took a long break from the game (don't we all?)
  6. Lif the Alchemist

    Let's show our Lifs!

    Cermer your Lif is so good. @v@ If she gets 200+ flee I'm going to be jealousss~ And yeah Razer, I'm the *Lif and she's the *Alchemist, hehe.
  7. Lif the Alchemist

    Let's show our Lifs!

    Thanks Jaime for the chat in Prontera. x3 We both like our Homuns... and we let them tank lesser MVPs hahaha (My Lif took Phreeoni herself because I was frozen the whole time waaa)
  8. Lif the Alchemist

    Let's show our Lifs!

    I'm somewhat of a Lif enthusiast. I see a lot of them in-game and I'd love to see where we're all at stat-wise. I'm looking for anyone who has 200+ flee and give them kudos~ According to the calc, her agility is amazing. I know I'm loving that attack speed~ Everything else is a bit above average. She hits 1400 MATK with MC on.