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  1. Omg what's been goin' on /ene

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Knightess Vee

      Knightess Vee

      I missed you too, me momma /kis2 

    3. jessu



      It's been sooo long, welcome backish! :D

    4. Aryll


      Hiiii bbyyyyy

  2. I want pancake plas. Teach me to draw plas. Plas. Plas. P-l-a-s.
  3. Very well done animations. Welcome to the Art Corner
  4. Oh maaaaangggg, your art skills just keep getting better and better each art Heliabby! So happy watching dem progress!
  5. CONGRATZ!!! I always pray for yous in my sleep (darn WoE hours)!
  6. Sheishei is baaaack! *tackles* /lv Missed you.

    1. Knightess Vee

      Knightess Vee

      Not reaaaally baaack D: but I am lurking around as always Q v Q *gets tackled,nuzzles* Missed you toooo Naonaooochiiii! Q v Q /lv 

  7. myyy heaaarttt will goooo oooonnn and ooooon and ooooon for youuuu, my famirryyy~!
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