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  1. Omg what's been goin' on /ene

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Knightess Vee

      Knightess Vee

      I missed you too, me momma /kis2 

    3. jessu



      It's been sooo long, welcome backish! :D

    4. Aryll


      Hiiii bbyyyyy

  2. Sheishei is baaaack! *tackles* /lv Missed you.

    1. Knightess Vee

      Knightess Vee

      Not reaaaally baaack D: but I am lurking around as always Q v Q *gets tackled,nuzzles* Missed you toooo Naonaooochiiii! Q v Q /lv 

  3. I see a wild VeeVee D: 

    *captures her with masterball*

  4. *bites vee*

    where you been girl? D: 

  5. *Zeny locked in hubby's kafra with unknown password* Art banned myself /sob

  6. I totally wanna try to join q__q 1 am on a Monday night RIP. Would love to request this song pls cause I'm such a sap. For all them couples out there at the dance later!!
  7. Omg, I had to refrain from typing in caps here *freaked out and typed in caps on Skype and squealed in hubby's ears for 30mins instead, all good now* Totally didn't expect to win anything with all the amazing entries this summer huhu Thanks so much for the opportunity!! No thanks can ever be enough for the really supporting lads and lasses of tRO's Art Corner, you know who ya'all are! 8D Would never have finished it without you guys q__q ilu Congrats to everyone!! Happy summer woohoo! o/
  8. TAVVYYBBYY that's lookin' really delish!! Also, food doesn't have a winter/summer/spring/autumn tag on 'em, aye? I'D NOM THESE DOWN ANYTIME OF THE DAY WOOHOO
  9. @kez I always love your watercolors and how chu added a touch of digital in your piece Looove the colors <3 And omg there's totally a lot of awesome entries here aaahhh <3 *touches all the beautiful arts*
  10. Awwwww THANKS SO MUCH ELLYGEEEH! Q v Q such an honor to have an awesome artist like you to say that to me! Finish up yours~! Would love to see your piece! o/
  11. Joins summoning @Moozika Where have you been hiding your pretty artsu all this time?! D:
  12. Original Size: 3840 x 2880 IGN: Primaire Finally.... This is the most complicated piece i have ever done. Whatever happens, I love TRO for giving me the push of making this piece, without the contest... I would have never thought of doing this. Lots of new things I've never learned before i tried out here. This is for my lovely artsu peeps and the loveable community of Tro, hope you guys continue on doing your best to make this the best server evar. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS BLENDDUCK BROSIS YOU FINISHED IT, THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *PACKS UP AND GOES HOME* OK BAI GUYS NICE MEETING YA'LL, DA WINNER IS HERE AND HE DROPPED THE BOMB I love every single interaction we have here and Daledale lookin' badass with dat butt and Yuu-Otouto's... very.... tiny... speedos. AND I CANT BELIEVE YOU MANAGED TO DRAW ALL ART CORNER SKYPE PEEPS KYAAH~! <3 Your tentacles must be tired *pats tentacles* REJOICE! O)--<
  13. Watch Chrono Crusade anime. BEST. EVER. Yes I know I'm super late hyping about this but w/e 8D

    1. aintnojustice


      I think ill try this next :) just finished watching toriko recently

    2. Nagix3


      I'm actually re-watching it and crying just as much (if not more) as I did the first time I watched it. ;o;

    3. Knightess Vee

      Knightess Vee

      @Nagix3 I KNOW ;O; I WAS A BLUBBERING MESS TOO!! *holds chu and cries our life away*

  14. LMAO AHAHAHA MAH BOOTYWOOTY 8D Thankchu so much, Khimmyyyy! o/ sadly only a handful is there If I only I had super pro fast hands, I'd draw all 35 Art Corner ppls Baaaww thanks so much, Daemon!! Q v Q I'm glad dem sexiness is showing! YAAAS I kinda regretted doing 5120 x 3840, laptop restarted so many times while I drew LMFAO!! Also, I love your touched up art version too! Lookin' awesome Thaaaankieee so much for teh support, Zakiiipikachubro! Q v Q *gives you ketchup* Oh my~~ *likey the touchie* 8D LMFAO OMG CAT LITTER AAHAHAHHAHAHAHA and her squat LOL accidental humor there You silly kitty! Thankchu so much Aryllbbyyy Q v Q Really means a lot to me WOOHOOO ANTEI!! Awesome booties thar! 8DDD LMAO SELFIE STICK THO
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