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  1. Reclusio Perpetua

    Best way to use Talon Coins?

    Convert it to zeny by vending it and buy the gears you need for farming at cheaper price (Deviling garment at 21m for example)
  2. Reclusio Perpetua

    Best Character to choose as a starter. :)

    Usually, the one we always start off with these kind of games is going for warrior/swordsman because it is usually the first one on the list of classes. Anyways, swordsman is a slow pace class if you're going to choose it as your first character but it's fun to grind mob(s) using a knife or a sword right especially when you're just starting? Pros: It's a really cool looking class. Late bloomer (Knight/Lord Knight are hella fun). Cons: Relies too much on equipments and potion. Slow pace. Cannot kill Zombie prisoners alone for example. Thief Pros: Has more flee(dodge) than Swordsman and less recovery(HP/SP) item consumption. It can use bows and use Double Strafe Skill(Range skill) if you're able to achieve 2nd job(Rogue). Cons: Same with swordsman. Archer/Acolyte/Mage/SN are easy to level which includes farming at an early stage(Spamming skills in GHP). Pros: Can easily kill high level mobs(e.g. Zombie prisoners and Injustice) alone. Cons: SP consumption and requires to be more cautious to avoid dying(usually 1-2 hits and you're dead). These are for the early stages only. Fun is a personal thing. The right character for you is a personal thing. However, these are some infos that may be helpful in deciding. Hope this helps.
  3. 100 days countdown til Christmas./lv 
  4. Reclusio Perpetua

    Mvp and their teleports

    He was referring to players who use ME which damages the mobs and then teleport or use fly wing which you said that the HP who used ME will still get xp but Howrah said that you need to be close. I think he meant that the mob should be seen in your screen to be defined as "close".
  5. Reclusio Perpetua

    Best class for Mid-tier MVP

    Champ, Bio, & High Wiz are the common ones here but you can actually find players MVPing using LK, WS, Profs & Sniper. SN MVPing is rare to find. This is based on what I've seen. I haven't seen any HPs, Gunslinger, Ninja, Soul Linker, SG, and Taekwon MVPing.
  6. Reclusio Perpetua

    Melee farmer cheap to gear

    Berserk LK it is. I used to do this in Sleeper map using Naght Red or VF depending on my mood. However, you need a route/pattern or a one way route so you will not be wasting time going back and forth while in berserk state. VF with Bapho is the cheapest weapon you can go for in Sleeper Map.
  7. Reclusio Perpetua

    There is something very wrong with MELEE characters

    If you cannot accept the mechanics of the game then play a different game if you find this game unacceptable to your personal standards or very different that it does not seem to be your liking. You can try high-rate/super high rate and see the difference.
  8. Reclusio Perpetua

    Ragnarok WIN/FAIL topic

    Fails: Dark Lord dropped card but it was not meant to be mine. Opening thousands of boxes. Best Moments: Killed a MVP with 3 remaining HP.
  9. Reclusio Perpetua

    There is something very wrong with MELEE characters

    Drinking meat? Meat juice? Now that's something else or more likely exotic. What job are we talking about here? This one started my day right.
  10. Reclusio Perpetua

    Mvp and their teleports

    I think noks doesn't apply on MVPs right? Sorry, just a bit active in the forums and not in-game. 😅
  11. Reclusio Perpetua

    There is something very wrong with MELEE characters

    I think the player is new to Ragnarok Online. So I assume the player is below 20 years old? It's not new in Ragnarok that lower level monsters can hit hard to higher level characters. It's always like that. Ragnarok back then (2003-2004) was harder than this base on my exp.
  12. Reclusio Perpetua

    There is something very wrong with MELEE characters

    Or you can focus on farming zennies and gathering the necessary equipments first before leveling your desired character to 99. You can always vote for Copper coins as your bonus zeny when you reach the exchange rate to convert it into Talon Coins. You can always farm strawberries from wolves for a month which doesn't require too much resources(grape juice, equipments, etc.) and sell it at 1.5k-2.5k each. Well, you can actually achieve 12 Talon Coins in a month and that's about 12m zeny bonus without farming/grinding. Give it time, it's a normal thing when you start playing a game. When I started, I focused on my swordsman farming items. I farmed/collected 10,000 strawberries as lowbie, 1,000 Karvodailnirols, then 10,000 zenorc fangs when I was able to kill zenorcs using Knight with muramasa, then up to farming 10,000 GNs, and recently collected 1,000 Gift Boxes, Old Blue Boxes, Old Purple Boxes.
  13. Reclusio Perpetua

    There is something very wrong with MELEE characters

    Are you from a high-rate server? Btw, it is usual for a swordsman to kill mobs lower than the swordsman's base level. Swordsman is a slow paced solo gameplay especially if it's your first character in a low-rate server without the consideration of donation. Swordsman usually kill mobs slower and gain xp at a slow rate if the mobs are close to the base level of the swordsman without any help from a party. And yes, the character will have a difficulty in tanking mobs which levels are close to your base level.
  14. Reclusio Perpetua

    Guide for opening Gift Box, Old Blue Box & Old Purple Box

    Update: 1,000 Old Purple Boxes Opened!
  15. Reclusio Perpetua

    Guide for opening Gift Box, Old Blue Box & Old Purple Box

    There are so many items. I think you should judge it for yourself because I opened them by batch and luck(RNG) has something to do with this. Price of OBB varies. It already depends on how much time and effort you acquired those boxes or farmed them. There's a high chance of getting profit if you acquire the boxes for a cheap price. TalonRO is customized, so I posted these videos for the sake of players' curiosity on what are inside of those boxes.