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  1. Try autocast builds farming stuffs like elunium. Knocking off Zombies or Stalactic Golems.
  2. Reminder that stalker does not have a very high HP compared to Paladin for the 20% reduction to your HP.
  3. I think the answer to this thread also applies in real life. How to get rich in real life without getting bored?
  4. I think you're referring to mobs in Juperos. GTB won't save you from Dimiks and Venatus. You will most likely tank different elements based on the number of mobs attacking you.
  5. This has already been suggested several times in TalonRO and also got declined several times. I did suggest this long ago. My previous suggestion. https://forum.talonro.com/suggestions/monster-life-barsoptional-r172/
  6. Play other class also like LK/WS. Don't go directly saving for Artemis. With your current equips, you should stick with Raw zeny farming and not relying luck on farming rares.
  7. I have an autocast build that I use in collecting eluniums. While having fun, I collected 1,000 eluniums several times before. For me, collecting gift boxes is fun and I collected 1,000+ gift boxes several times. I'm sure that there are hardcore players out there who enjoys collecting GNs. Before, I collected 10k GNs from farming(not from buying and breaking). After that, I went hiatus and move on to other ways of fun for me atleast.
  8. Well, Tao Gunka and Dark Lord card have a major effect on your HP(longer time to remain at berserk mode, rezerking in a very short period of time can be annoying). Stick with VF[Baphomet only] for awhile as it is easily available to obtain in the market compared with Invoker of Death. You don't rely on the heal of Invoker but you use it for the Perfect Dodge +20 for defense, the damage of the heal proc to the mobs is a bonus. Generally, it is best to use Invoker for MVP(not all) than VF. Use VF as an all-around weapon for regular mobs because it can bypass def and it's cheaper. For me, Krasnaya[BSnSn] ain't worth it, no bypass def effect. It's better to slot other cards from it than [SnSn] as an alternative weapon for Invoker. Well, this is my preference and it's working for me.
  9. Reclusio Perpetua

    SinX veteran

    The best SinX I've seen so far in PVM is having to kill Dark Lord with 6 Sonic Blows. So yeah, Soul link is a thing for max damage.
  10. Another reason to have fun while farming. Insane ASPD of LK. Looks like more than 190 ASPD because of the autocasts.
  11. Instead of making a long guide to what or where. To make it short. No shortcuts. That's how to farm.
  12. Those terms, don't involve politics please!
  13. Reclusio Perpetua

    Mid Drops

    I think it's better to farm 5TC or the zeny equivalent on a farming spot than farming 'em by drop rate per specific mob/mvp.
  14. One-handed sword for MVP? MVPs are large mobs and using 1-handed sword will reduce your damage. Use berserk instead. Using 1-handed sword for Mvping requires different cardings depending on your targets. Some MVPs are weak against fire/water, so you should have carded Naght Red and Blue. It is quite expensive to use multiple carded weapons on your part unless you have the budget to do so.
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