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  1. Card win announcement!

    How about MVP card announcements over naturally spawned MVPs?

    Keep selling meat and GJ! Go for mage, go to ant hell by killing ant eggs for job leveling, get sp recovery then level up soul strike up to level 10 and kill zombie prisoners then get fire wall up to level 10. No need for equips. When getting job levels for soul strike, kill zombies inside payon cave. You only enemy is LAG because i assume that you're a filipino because of your forum name.
  3. More level 90+ variety in levelling

    This will probably be rejected because of the spawn rates you are suggesting which is not allowed. I have a similar suggestion long ago and got declined.
  4. Monster Race Zeny Mode

    I do hope that this is possible in Single and Dual Race. However, the mechanics is to bet zeny. If the player lose, then the player lose zeny ofc. Monster 1 - x1 Monster 2 - x2 Monster 3 - x3 Monster 4 - x4 Monster 5 - x5 In dual race, if 1 & 3 won. then its x1 & x3. This is just an idea that recently popped out in my mind.
  5. TalonRO Rants

    Monster Race moments: When the monster(s) you chose is 1 step closer to winning and went back from the start. Other monster(s) win.
  6. Lets Make a Random Good Story

    Captain Jack shifted his career and became Samurai Jack to fight evil.
  7. Access to abrasive or other +crit change consumables

    Crit is not obsolete. I recommend you do some research on job classes in the class discussion forum for high-end, mid, and cheap(budget-friendly) guides. Alternative for putting crit(luk stat) is using vanberk card(which many are using) with baphomet card for example. I do love auto-attacks/basic attack builds especially on LKs and for imo it's easier for me than going for bb and it's fun.
  8. Market Fliter Website

    Buy shops can be downloaded via pdf.
  9. Raw farming suggestion

    Sell all option instead of clicking every item that you want to sell in NPC. I got this idea from store all option in kafra. This will be useful for players farming for raw zeny.
  10. PH Internet Users

    500 mb for straight 3 days?
  11. General consensus of Super Novice?

    It is because new players would go for Swordsman or Archer Class even in other related games. The first time I played TalonRO even if I already have knowledge about RO gaming. I chose swordsman.
  12. What are uncommon things that proc on hit spells?

    There are plenty but definitely not recommended for afk leveling. Why? Your character will be dead instead of receiving xp or for loot farming.
  13. PH Internet Users

    There's no such thing as unlimited internet in PH. There's always a cap/limit of internet data usage per day due to Fair Use Policies of Internet Service Providers. This explains the slow internet experience in PH. I just observed the internet data usage on TalonRO. It consumes low internet data usage. You can play TalonRO all day assuming that TalonRO is the only app you're using that consumes internet data. Just an info for PH TalonRO players.
  14. Npc Market and is annoying 15 minute delay

    To prevent abuse of vending spots. Here's the trick. Talk to the NPC that gives you a vending spot and PRESS VEND SKILL IN YOUR HOTKEY AND PRESS SIT. Do not touch your mouse while talking to the NPC.
  15. TalonRO Custom Headgear Design Contest

    Is Hode hat okay? I ask before making it. Don't wanna get disqualified.