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  1. Good day sir, just a question, if you transcend in Yuno to high novice will you get any bronze coins? Thanks.


  2. Are the food items sellable & tradeable?
  3. Ingredients, yes but the SQI Armors, Acce, Weapons. No. Cannot be obtained in TOT(Trick or Treat) Bags
  4. 2 years ago, BJ can be played 24/7 and there were no Guess-the-number minigame. Last year, there were changes like the limit of playing BJ. Alternate BJ and Guess-the-number. Not sure if the cooldown this year is shorter or the same as last year. Maybe the reason for the cooldown is to stop the auto-followers(afk) players but that's just only what I think.
  5. 100 days countdown til Christmas./lv 
  6. A rare opportunity for me to see another player who uses the same name. /heh 


  7. Congrats winners! Winners were already rewarded! :D/no1 


  8. Tower of Entropy. Seems like it was taken from another popular game that closed down but changed the first word. Who named this nightmare rift content? I think he/she was a player of that game back then. Don't mind this.
  9. I have this feeling that Myst case card or Myst case hat will be nerfed in the future. Hopefully not. 😲 /desp 

    1. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      Thanks for the idea /no1

    2. Reclusio Perpetua

      Reclusio Perpetua

      How about Mimic card and Powerful Ascended Black Dragon Hat?

    3. GM Radius
  10. You may join my event in the General Banter. Get a chance to win 3m Zeny (Reward may increase depending on player participation)! I have 1,000 Gift Boxes in my Kafra Storage. You might be one of the 5 lucky winners! /ic


  11. Just opened 1000 Gift Boxes and 1000 Old Blue Boxes.

    1. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      How did that turn out? /fsh

  12. Is Hode hat okay? I ask before making it. Don't wanna get disqualified.
  13. IGN: Reclusio Perpetua The GM Elixia Challenge: Nature's Wroth
  14. When popularity is the basis. 

    1. Birdies


      uhmm... clearly, no one has won. it's fantasy to say otherwise. just have fun and play the game as usual. (well, that's my opinion. )

    2. Reclusio Perpetua

      Reclusio Perpetua

      It's not about winning. But nah, players should be like him. A pro and veteran.

    3. Birdies


      pretty cool then? i'm very sure and i can tell you that i don't know everything. i'm a person. (perfectly human)

  15. Farm First before Feelings!

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