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  1. No. Just no. EDIT: It's better to get gift boxes using myst case card/myst case hat than using the card set for OPBs. You can get OPBs from gift boxes.
  2. You would have to consider after-cast delay on skills. Probably great for Prof Hindsight (Auto-Spell) for Bolts + Kaahi.
  3. Some equips have misleading descriptions. Also check the scripts.
  4. Reclusio Perpetua

    Mid Drops

    I think it's better to farm 5TC or the zeny equivalent on a farming spot than farming 'em by drop rate per specific mob/mvp.
  5. Reclusio Perpetua


    Please remove the curse effect of Muramasa. The Refined Muramasa from Rental NPC is temporary and according the item database, it has no curse effect. So if you want Refined Muramasa to become permanent, you should buy atleast Muramasa instead without changing its Weapon Atk. It's the only best weapon for Knight because of its effect and its not op.
  6. +1. No zeny cost but the chance should be reduced to 5%.
  7. Reclusio Perpetua

    Vend Shops

    I think this is temporary because of the holidays.
  8. Reclusio Perpetua


    Dude, it's right above you. What not to suggest. Change of rates.
  9. Talk to Vending NPC, then warps you into a vending spot, then use vending skill and then sit before placing items and setting up prices.
  10. That includes "Change of rates" which should not be suggested. However, I do like a nightmare map for all dungeons instead.
  11. There was a discussion before that they have no plans to put zeny fees on warp girl. I can't find the discussion but I do support warp fees for warp girl. She should have atleast a service fee for all the warping 24/7.
  12. NPC buffs with a zeny fee. I got this idea from the plagiarism NPC in Morroc. Examples: (Zeny fees may vary) Increase Agi/Blessing level 1-10 - 3k zeny Assumptio - 3k zeny. Magnificat - 3k zeny
  13. They should boost the rental equips in exchange for bronze coins. It's a temporary weapon. If you want one, go and do quests and farm bronze coins. Imo, it'll also boost the number of active players than active afk players, somehow.
  14. Please make December the most rewarding month(events) for players compared to previous events. It'll boost the population and my suggestion can be compared to what employees love most about the month of December so apply it somehow on December events. $_$ Hopefully this will be given consideration. Thank you.
  15. Are the food items sellable & tradeable?
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