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  1. Is professor a good class to main?

    In my opinion, if you want to main prof, you should atleast have a decent amount of zeny for the equips. Farm zeny first using LK coz it's a great all rounder class then go prof.
  2. Talonro PVM/Guide Videos in the Forum

    So I was searching for talonro videos in this forum but I only see videos of PVP & Woe videos. It would be nice if there is a section for videos for pvm and guides only (or separate for both) because sometimes reading a very long guide can be so tiring and boring ending up to some players asking again FAQ. I know that not all players want to read long guides. If a player wants to take a break farming. He/she can watch TalonRO PVM or Guide videos here in the forum for entertainment or to know guides via videos. I've seen some players who do TalonRO videos but not being recognized so much on Youtube. They have great gameplays really such as WS MVPing Vesper in TalonRO for example. If it's possible to give a little support for those gameplays, the same as TalonRO gave support for Twitch streamers. Hopefully, Pvp and Woe videos will be separated from PVM and Guide Videos. Or make a section for videos of TalonRO PVP/WOE only, TalonRO Video Guides only, TalonRO PVM/Gameplays/Character Builds only.
  3. Aspiring LKs (new players)

    You can actually counter dark blessing with proper timing of yggdrasil seed or yggdrasil. Proc is your bestfriend when mvping using Berserk LK. Vanberk Cards, Holy Marching Hat [Aspersio], Vampire Gift Damage & Assumptio. If you're lucky, then you'll kill Dark Lord faster. If Dark Lord broke your headgear at an early stage and you have no spare headgear, then fight like a MAN! These are separate gameplays that I took few hours ago waiting and killing DL. It might take awhile killing DL with a broken headgear with no spare. The difference is huge between having a headgear and no headgear when killing DL. So new players! Enjoy playing with LKs.
  4. Aspiring LKs (new players)

    After several years of playing. I just want to motivate new players who would want to play Lord Knight - Berserk Build. I'm playing around with all sorts of equips farming mobs that I feel like farming. This is my LK soloing DL videos. DL Sleipnir is the only SQI I've equipped. Players who can't afford a complete set of high-end gears can still kill MVPs (e.g. DL) using LK. You only need the right equipments, not necessarily high-end. It's doable and btw, I forgot to reset my stats. Killing DL with LK will only take shorter time than 3 mins. I got screw ups on the first video coz I was inactive for a long time. This(#1) was a bit rushed so I did die due to technical difficulties such as lag[ISP connectivity]. My PC has a low Video Ram. Berserk is fun and I've been killing DL with my LK for years because I feel hyped grinding combined with a great bgm. Please do play the video at 480p if interested. 360p is a bit blurry.
  5. Is it worth starting like this?

    I'd like to add some cheaper armors for this. Armor[Swordfish card] and Shield[Rafflesia card]- 30% less damage to fishes. I used to farm CCs there with my WS during the early days of MOTW in Brasilis because very few players were farming back then.
  6. Is it worth starting like this?

    You can also use LK berserk build for magma dungeon 2. It's cheaper than vampsmith. The only downside is you need the timing of getting out of trouble and location for you to relogin. Just saying. Instead of meat, LKs need grape juice for re-berserk. Plus, LKs are more effective on "random" maps compared to WS vampsmith. Go with your LK if you want to be an all-rounder.
  7. What does LK excel at?

    Cheaper Whitesmith character. An alternative Whitesmith, it has a high HP pool especially when zerking but it has a low stamina(i mean SP pool).
  8. BUG OR NOT?

    Before getting the full installer. Don't mix other Ragnarok private servers in your TalonRO files. I had this experience similar to yours and was resolved by separating TRO files from other RO private server files. If this doesn't work, then proceed to getting the full installer.
  9. Vamp LK w.o. Berserk

    Krasnaya[Doppel,Sniper,Bapho] is not good for magma2. Takes a longer time to kill mobs compared to berserk. I tried Do not even try going in juperos. Why? It's because of the skills of dimiks and venatus that will kill ya. You will tank more damage than your lifesteal. Katana[DBSnSn] is a no-no. Well, that's according to my experience and I don't like it. Using Krasnaya is good even if you don't use berserk but you need to have all the end-game equips and accessories(preferably megs).
  10. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    IGN: Reclusio Perpetua The GM Elixia Challenge: Nature's Wroth
  11. Can Knight or LK farm on Magma Dun

    For zerk LK in magma2, I suggest Bapho VF, DL Sleipnir, holy marching hat/sorin doll hat/+7 ancient horns[vanberk], and 1 HP acce.
  12. What is the rarest item on the server?

    Ah no. It's already been fixed.
  13. What is the rarest item on the server?

    Does Oogie boogie hat count as super rare? Because I think owners of that item were already extinct.
  14. Costume Requirements

    I am disappointed. You said community but only few responded. 1k+ players and nobody supported me and a popular pro and veteran player just told me "you failed, at this. You also failed, you failed too." Oh well, that's how it goes. Nobody took a consideration on my last comment.