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  1. Reclusio Perpetua

    Non-meta HP Niflheim Farming

    HPs have little HP pool. Can't handle the backlash with a great number of mobs. I can't get the timing wherein nobody is farming in Nifl. I did play off cam one time and there were no players in Nifl. This can handle(tank) a huge mob. I attempted half of the map (alone in the map) before and it was a success.
  2. Reclusio Perpetua

    Non-meta HP Niflheim Farming

    Tried it. Not a happy ending. Well, technically you can but with lesser mobs.
  3. Reclusio Perpetua

    Non-meta HP Niflheim Farming

    I'm not much of an HP player but I do enjoy non-meta build of HP. I rarely see HP builds like this and I knew someone who does this but forgot his/her IGN. Just sharing what I enjoy about HP farming in Niflheim. Desired equips are not yet completed.
  4. Reclusio Perpetua

    Can i borrow gear from irl friend?

    I think it is not encouraged. Even friends can be traitors. no offense. It's the risk willing to take by the owner of the artemis.
  5. Reclusio Perpetua

    Bonuses Negates SQI creation

    This will affect players vending SQI weapons, the buyer(s) will get the sqi bonuses. I think that was not really intended to happen.
  6. Reclusio Perpetua

    Lets Make a Random Good Story

    Upon sailing, they got bored and drew doodles.
  7. Reclusio Perpetua

    Piece of cake

    Keep in mind. Yours is still better than this.
  8. Reclusio Perpetua

    Increase Vendor Cap and add special characters

    Before there were 3 autotrades(years ago) available but it has been decreased for several reasons and they're working on something else that involves the market. Maybe in the future, the limit for autotrading will be hopefully resolved.
  9. Reclusio Perpetua

    holy element buff?

    The stats and equips are shown somewhere in the videos. There's that hype feeling using berserk when mvping.
  10. Reclusio Perpetua

    Headgear questions

    1. Unavailable 2. Renewal Equipment. The effect (If the user has 120 base STR) is not applicable in TalonRO. 3. Unavailable 4. Too op, for the GMs or no update for this but this is just my opinion. I've been wanting this headgear and waiting for it to be implemented. Unavailable. 5. Unavailable 6. Event item maybe? Similar to Burning Crown #20175 (I got my own when someone was vending it and I have no plans to sell it coz it's rare )
  11. Reclusio Perpetua

    Custom Mobs

    I can't find the thread wherein there was a discussion/suggestion(not sure) about custom mobs for biolab. I remember that I suggested or gave an idea about adding extended classes including SN in biolab and drops some kind of loots(can't remember) but it got rejected because of several reasons.
  12. Reclusio Perpetua

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    Ingredients, yes but the SQI Armors, Acce, Weapons. No. Cannot be obtained in TOT(Trick or Treat) Bags
  13. Reclusio Perpetua

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    2 years ago, BJ can be played 24/7 and there were no Guess-the-number minigame. Last year, there were changes like the limit of playing BJ. Alternate BJ and Guess-the-number. Not sure if the cooldown this year is shorter or the same as last year. Maybe the reason for the cooldown is to stop the auto-followers(afk) players but that's just only what I think.
  14. Reclusio Perpetua

    Questions about Coma, External Bleeding effect

    Coma and external bleeding only works in pvp. Not sure in WOE though.
  15. Reclusio Perpetua

    Questions about Coma, External Bleeding effect

    I have tested this so many times. If nobody believes it, I think I should make a 1-hour video of my character getting hit by a non-boss mob using an external bleeding autocast when hit card.