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  1. Can solo other MVPs but needs different equipments. Costly for the sake of fun.
  2. This will give you a bit of a challenge.
  3. In the original japanese dub, they use Cat O' Nine Tails in the subtitles.
  4. I would like to add that this item is costly than Maximum Over Thrust. And Maximum Over Thrust is way better and preferably worth paying than Dokebi Horn's autocast. Tested this in Magma Dungeon 2 with Bapho card. Raining coins.
  5. Judia healing Iruga during the night. OP Lord of Vermillion. It's Cat O' Nine Tails by the way.
  6. Probably they're busy saving lives and have little time to check on games.
  7. So, I have noticed that there were green auras on MVPs which reminded me of an old game. Firstly, does it do anything or is it just an indication that it is a MVP? Anyway, my suggestion is to add auras on naturally spawned mobs randomly. Auras from a mob can lower Physical def or Mdef or any possible debuffs to nearby player(s). I do hope this is possible for future updates.
  8. I think modern games have these features, the icons on maps, HP bars, green aura for MVPs which kinda reminds me of Diablo 2. The hp bars were suggested multiple times but it actually got implemented which is beyond my expectation.
  9. I play the game not fullscreen. I have downloaded and installed the game. I tried checking and unchecking mouse restriction in setup. Please help
  10. Reclusio Perpetua

    Custom aura

    I kinda like this. Is it possible to classify aura as buyable costumes? Can be bought with TC.
  11. I fell inlove with a man using a female character. I'm a dude. Special enough that made me go hiatus.
  12. Max aspd is 190. All my gears have autocast. +7 Virgo Diadem[1] is for Ki Explosion Autocast (Only available in Reward Guru). Kasa Card or Alchemy Gloves for Fire bolts. This is not a recommended/meta build.
  13. If this is used for PVM only. The effect should be an autocast when getting hit by mobs.
  14. Remove the Wind Property in exchange of another slot. Have an innate DEF+5. 1% chance to auto-cast Lvl 5 Lightning Jolt while attacking. (It’s the Mjolnir anyway) ASPD+5%. (perhaps?) If refined to +7 and up, each attack has a chance of gaining CRIT +100 for 5 seconds, +10 ATK; to +8, additional +10 ATK and added chance of gaining CRIT +100 for 5 seconds; +9, additional +10 ATK and added chance of gaining CRIT +100 for 5 seconds Reason for CRIT: Lightning usually represents Critical in most games. The script for chance of gaining CRIT +100 is the same as Vanberk card. The added chance for +8 and +9 should be reasonable.
  15. You can check the Dressing Coach NPC located inside the house very near from the Vending Officer NPC in Prontera. You can see how will your character look like using a headgear item as preview.
  16. Kaahi + Kiel Card + 1 Sniper Card requires more effort(Dual client). 1 Sniper Card is not enough. DMG received > Lifesteal. It is more efficient to use +7orcish axe[DBSnSn] because you can use a single client and Lifesteal > DMG Received.
  17. I did this a long time ago farming 10-15k GNs in 1 day. It was a Horrible Day for me back then even though I earned a huge amount of zeny in a short period of time. This made me go hiatus for several months after selling those GNs. I could not break them all, I would go nuts. But then I find collecting 2,000 boxes fun for me last month. It took some time but I had fun collecting it.
  18. Because per kill is an independent event. Your previous kills for a specific mob will not affect your current kill/future kills for a specific mob. For me, mobbing is better and killing them by group simultaneously. I find it more lucky that way.
  19. I just love the Remix version of Abbey Theme (Monastery in Disguise)
  20. I'm thinking of practicing and making my own custom aura at some point. Will the process still be the same or this thread for custom auras needs to be updated?
  21. It procs but Vampire Gift doesn't heal the user while in zerk but when it procs, it has an AOE damage to enemies nearby.
  22. I no longer see @howrah in the forums. Has he gone hiatus or retired?
  23. I got bored and thought about reaching beyond 190 aspd and you can only attain it through auto cast gears but you'll sacrifice a lot of damage & defense for that. Sniper has the fastest ASPD (including animations) in-game. You may see how fast regardless of DPS the Sniper attack. I hear a machine gun.
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