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  1. Wasn't that akward.

    1. Arya


      ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

  2. Idk if I should laugh or cry because I've thought of a few thesis ideas but 1)they don't apply to my degree and 2)they're all based in tRO. 😂😂

    1. kez


      The addiction is real.

    2. Arya


      @kez I only log in to woe though. 😂

  3. Xiell

    omg, you really are still active in TRO. *salute* ^_^

    1. Arya


      YAASS. Only WoE now though. xD Only got clown gears left because of the incident. Y U NO MEET UP WITH ME AND LADY? Had loads of fun. xD

    2. Xiell


      Incident? I lost time while I was playing and when I checked the phone it was past midnight. LOL. Sorry! /swt

    3. Arya


      Your loss. XD You didnt get to see a drunk Lady and a tipsy me. 😂 And I got hacked and almost got permabanned because Im terrible at gauging people. 😅

  4. This new theme though. /heh  

  5. Aryll

    Your cover picture /lv/lv/lv 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Aryll


      Craille! /ok I'm 85% sure! 

    3. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      Oh yeah! It does look like her work. Was this ever completed?


      Man, I'm getting old ._.

    4. Arya


      Yeah, Craille did this during a raffle. I just rearranged them a bit. I remember I tried messing around with coloring it, but I can't find the files now. orz


  6. Helia

    Liking your new signature Banner 😘

    1. Arya


      Thanks. ;) Although I can only take credit for the layouting. Awesome artists made it possible. ;) xD

  7. Congrats everyone who won, especially Tav! <3 xD
  8. So I've been watching The International for the past week and had an interesting revelation.

    The guy who played Earthshaker in the All Star match is actually a guy on my friends list, LOL. How does this even happen?!

    Ironically he's still just as bade as when I stopped playing Dota2.

    1. Arya


      LOL Well they did choose 10 random fans from the arena, although Dendi still managed to sneak in dressing up as pudge lol. 

  9. Im definitely not envious about the choices the GMs had to make! So many excellent entries. xD But congrats to everyone who won, especially to Mendi and Vee!
  10. Holy shiz. I'm loving all the new artsu, and the artists crawling out of the woodwork.
  11. I iz disappointed it's Gemini and not Howl. :/ BOO! Down with Gemini! >D /gg
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