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  1. Congrats everyone who won, especially Tav! <3 xD
  2. Im definitely not envious about the choices the GMs had to make! So many excellent entries. xD But congrats to everyone who won, especially to Mendi and Vee!
  3. Holy shiz. I'm loving all the new artsu, and the artists crawling out of the woodwork.
  4. I iz disappointed it's Gemini and not Howl. :/ BOO! Down with Gemini! >D /gg
  5. Does this include using accounts of friends who are currently in hiatus from RO?
  6. Grats everyone. Thanks to those who voted
  7. Looks awesome. Any specific time/time zone?
  8. On a completely related topic, as previously requested, a section about what to do against specific classes will be nice. Maybe elaborate more on how you killed those 4-5 sinxes while your guildies were away doing important stuff or whatever it is that they were doing at at the time your emp was being attacked by handful of sinxes.
  9. Splendide, cause I'm going to be too lazy to go far from home. The residents, assuming they understand me, will give me 1) Soft Feathers, 2) Honey, 3) Royal Jelly and 4) Unicorn Horn. IGN: Rice Dispenser
  10. I'm so late but epic video, is epic, Ying. /no1 I totally ROFLed at the part where Chi was at, cause everything was just so badass and then Chi came prancing around on her llama. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  11. Not a GM but, which links don't work? o.O
  12. A Halloween Wedding.. The after party.. Men. IGN: Eleianor
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