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  1. Will it fall or will it stand against the horde?
  2. I wasn't aware that the life and death of vanilla woe depended on us.
  3. I don't think any of the old crew still plays.
  4. Oooohhh. Can I take a slot then? I'll message you with the details as soon as possible.
  5. Back to WoEing? Welcome back mate. in other news: Spring Equinox is recruiting for the following classes: > Gypsy > Devo Paladin > DD Bio > DD HW PM me or post here.
  6. August 2 video is up courtesy of Neo, that I can't tag for some reason.
  7. Arya

    free doodles

    Welcome back Cyn~ I'll just leave this here: As for the BG, the edge of the woods.
  8. Today is WoE Day! We're still looking for a gypsy and devo paladin. Drop by Amatsu or PM me.
  9. Still recruiting. Gypsy Devo Paladin FS HW Champ PM me or drop by Amatsu.
  10. Videos from July 26 WoE are up.
  11. Updated first page with new vids and recruitment status. Spring Equinox is still looking for the following classes: Gypsy Sniper Devo Paladin FS HW Champ Post here, PM me, or approach someone in Spring Equinox. We save in Amatsu.
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