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  1. Oh, I see. After some testing with your feedback it checks that I can get out with Ruwach but I also noted another weird interaction that prevents me from that and fly wing is the only option. I use a Grand Cross as my weapon of choice and if TU triggers at the same time as Triple Attack and the mob dies, I'll get stuck for the cooldown duration of TU itself. Anyway, thanks for the feedback, it was very helpful.
  2. Grig Orig

    Buff Indications!

    Alright. Thanks for the feedback
  3. Grig Orig

    Buff Indications!

    It seems it was and/or still is a client limitation. Either way, digging this up to 2020 just in case something might have changed on this subject, given that loads of buffs got their own icons now, yet, no Critical Explosion. Still not doable? Cheers.
  4. Sorry, couldn't think of a better topic than this one. Hi everyone, This is an old issue ever since I've been playing and never found a proper way to handle it. Most times, if not every time, if you finish up a monster with Triple Attack, your char gets stuck for a bit before doing any other command, being it moving, picking up loot or attacking the next monster. Is this an intended effect due to the Triple Attack cooldown or just an in-game engine nuisance? If it's the latter, do you know anyway around it? Thanks everyone, Cheers
  5. Does anyone know the item IDs for the waving scarves? Not being able to find them in the itemDB on any search terms.
  6. Seems to be working. Thank you Seiren. Wasn't sure if it was a bug or I was doing something wrong
  7. Fellow Talonians, I have 799 reputation points invested on my Jaguar evolution, yet, as of 2 days ago, I haven't been getting new quests to farm the remaining points. Am I doing anything wrong here? My log is cleared of any Pet Evo quests and I always check them at 0:00 server time when they reset. Thank you in advance~
  8. Getting rather chilly.

    Winter scarf time? /fsh

  9. Could you add Kobold Archer Cat to item list?
  10. Nice going on the updates Also noticed Little Feather Hat isn't adding 2 DEX like it does in-game.
  11. Yup, you can add 5% crit damage with a Thief equipped with Little Feather Hat and a Sharp Arrow.
  12. Hi there, Noticed in-game (kinda suspected it) that the interaction between Little Feather Hat and Sharp Arrow works for any class that can equip an Arrow type item (the same as Silver Arrow). This means you get +5% damage on crit with both items equipped.
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