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  1. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    *Cluck cluck cluck*
  2. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Glad you do XD
  3. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

  4. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Cookies are evil.
  5. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Happy New Year everyone
  6. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

  7. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Well was on my friend's wedding so couldn't join
  8. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Most of them muted tho
  9. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Nope... everyone's crazy... every, single, one.
  10. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Crazy people as well
  11. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    And when you hear some one chanting numa spell... numa numa numa numa numa x100
  12. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Can you at least uncaps the # so that it looks proper <3
  13. S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

    Free BUMP for pro and fast seal service...
  14. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    BUT WAII!!!