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    Dragon arhat mask change

    That's what I thought, I didn't believe it until I tried it. It doesn't make sense as the sprite itself doesn't cover Upper spot. The same goes for Tiger arhat with lesser bonus, both are 5TCs from the reward guru. If the intention was to nerf demihuman bonuses, I think reducing the percentage bonus will be better than occupying an additional head slot. Can you name one mask with sprite that actually doesn't cover the upper head but occupies all 3 slots?
  2. Aethena

    Dragon arhat mask change

    Hi, Currently the Dragon arhat mask id: 5565 is a headgear that occupies all upper/mid/lower slots. I feel that this shouldn't occupy the upper slot since it's a mask. Can we nerf the effects, from 10% demihuman damage to 5%, and defence from 5 to 1, similar to hockey mask for balance purposes and not occupy the upper head slot? There are quite many headgears that occupies only the upper head slotted/unslotted slot with 10% increase damage to demihuman, almost making the arhat mask redundant.
  3. Aethena

    Halloween Cosplay Contest

    IGN: Aethena The GM Venus Challenge: #SQUADGOALS
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    Biweekly Screenshot Event #74

    IGN: Aethena Alberta New Market
  5. new challenger appears! I win for now.