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  1. Nutshell Kaho! /ene

  2. Can't wait to get home to join the event Whats the reward?! Whats the reward?!
  3. Is it just me or there are so many new & awesome artists hop in to art event this year? Its more intense this year. Hope it will stay that way in the future All i can say is... good luck GMs lol
  4. uuuuuh time for me to use my imagination again *~* and i hope i'll get something >_<
  5. Oh my oh my Its getting awesome here @___@
  6. Kyaaaa~ Talon~ too cuteeee i feel like a pedo now :'(
  7. Oh nuuuu.. so many awesome entries now T____T
  8. that nosebleed is so cute /heh
  9. LOL. Those are awesome sets /lv /lv
  10. dat is so cute. /no1 it reminds me with superhero stuff lol
  11. Loreen - Euphoria Sia - Chandelier Meg & Dia - Agree To Disagree
  12. #whereisoglov2015 yum the new scarves *~*
  13. Uhm hi First time making stuff like this Gotta warn you guys, it's a mess /sob but i have to say im having fun with it Anyway, the idea came from last year christmas event ^o^ Probably it will happen again on this year christmas event /wah
  14. i see rwc commerative kaho, valk circlet kaho rose headband kaho too maybe *i wish there are new headgears too >__<
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