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  1. Hantu gentayangan mungkin. Mungkin charnya online waktu aku ga main
  2. Hah?! Rasanya kok aku ga pernah maen gunslinger di anubis.. Maen gunslinger aja hampir ga pernah, kecuali buat mejeng
  3. Ngga dong~ Repot musti pake vpn internetku. Blom lg yg laennya udah musnah ga maen lg Acid dah nikah ya?
  4. Halo Hola Indonesia~~~~~ Semoga masih pada rajin maen!
  5. Yup. Indihome, simpati kira2 ngeblok IPnya talon. Sejauh ini ya orang2 pake vpn buat login ke talon. Kayak betternet, windscribe, sumrando, etc.
  6. MSI itu apa ya? Merk laptop? Tp itu windows kan OSnya? Mungkin harus download dulu net framework & visual c++ ato apa lah itu. 2 Itu pny windows Mungkin
  7. Udah coba sumrando juga? Aku udah lupa klo windscribe
  8. Semoga betah main disini
  9. Effectively farm, no. You can try to bio 4. You can kill some of the mobs. Last time i went there, it's not that hard but they can 1 shot you with elemental attack >_> And you need gtb there if you want to kill prof mob. But at bio 4 you farm low rate equip
  10. So the one who use cheats are guildleader and co-leader? and there are others in xillia who use cheats? Other than the guildleader and co-leader? Why don't you guys ban them too along with the guildleader and co-leader?
  11. Ngga maen server indo. Suram itu
  12. Wow Wow kok km masih idup aja Bot? Aku jarang online game sama forum. Ini td buka forum gara2 ga bisa voting.. Gara2 maksimal voting point yg 1000 itu
  13. Going to edit this someday.. Since there is no more training ground and i'm too lazy to online because i have to use vpn wait for it.. wait for it.... wait for it...... I read my guide again and i don't think my guide need much editing (Except, probably i need to add more farming-leveling spots). I just cut the training ground part, added explanation on archer/mage section about geographer/muscipular
  14. Done! I updated the npc images too @Ellie Valentine
  15. Mmm probably they removed all 1st summer event's reward from the box.. Nevermind i asked my friend to open another pro box and he got jeje cap
  16. The npc to make it at port malaya. The bartender or something
  17. Yes you can try again. But you need to go to bathory map again, which mean you need another key. And there is cd to re enter to that spirit, i think 5mins? But other than that you dont need to start over or pay again.
  18. No Ellie. Patricia is just 2 north from comodo city.. The world map looks like you need to go west, but actually you're not But i hope im not wrong either
  19. Nutshell Kaho! /ene

  20. I think 2 north of comodo city is the fastest way to reach there..
  21. Yeah it should be 2 north of comodo city
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