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  1. Piuchan

    Meo's Shop

    Can you please offer +10 mace and +10 specialty jur please
  2. Piuchan


    Can I buy Mace with Fabre by itself please.
  3. As the title, just wanting to know how do pro players out there effectively use their TF, And how do you mix them up with SQI Bonus to Maximize the effectiveness. Mostly all I see now is people go with Crit auto-attack build. SQI bonus they pick are attack, crit and flee.... anyone has other suggestion? Thanks
  4. Piuchan

    B< int Slotted mid hear gear & DL Card

    Title, B< Int slotted mid headgear and DL Card. Please pm me your price. Thank you Piu
  5. Piuchan

    Should I or should I not?

    yeah that's what I'm wandering if someone out there has tested VF with two snipers and see how's the effect. But it one more thing I need to adjust from your reply is: Berzerk works with sniper. I tested that and it does works with sniper. thanks
  6. Piuchan

    High End Sbk Pvm Sinx?(ET ,Wave, Party Mvp...)

    I completely understand what you are saying in here. My problem is sin cross should have the capability to output as much dps sniper on PVM so when people are looking for party, Thor Odin Abbey or ET, they will have more flexibility on choosing their char, instead of always picking sniper and sniper only. Thanks
  7. Piuchan

    Should I or should I not?

    My only question is with two sniper cards can you really heal that much that it can withstand all the damages when you mob in geffenia? Yes the build is fair provided that your 5 bowling bash can heal you up sustainably well so you can move on to mob your next wave. Or you'll just ended up mob one, pick things with almost no health, die and have to come back again. Which really hurt the exps if the player who wants to follow your build but not 99 yet. Just a question than a suggestion.
  8. Piuchan

    High End Sbk Pvm Sinx?(ET ,Wave, Party Mvp...)

    Thanks for that, Yeah it'll still be decent on some PVMs , but I'm saying high end type PVM like ET type wouldn't be viable, at least that was what I have been advised. I actually tried SBK after cast delay is just too long, especially when you see Sniper is doing more damage than you, and DS after cast delay is low and they spam faster than you, so it means they deal faster and more damage than you, which makes sin cross will not be chosen to the parties.
  9. Piuchan

    High End Sbk Pvm Sinx?(ET ,Wave, Party Mvp...)

    With that being said, I saw people talked about prioritizing strength over int though.. And I really appreciate if pros out there can provide some guidance on how this should be built? Here's what I have in my mind. Comment or change if needed headgear-LKH Mid headgear- STR+BK? Lower headgear-?? Armor - no idea... Off-hand-DDP Mes Main-hand - Elemental /IP Garment - D.manteau + deviling Shoe- SLEIP + Lady tanee Accesory - 2x Bris but what card? As for stats I really need advise... Thanks
  10. Yo, Can someone advise on how I should equip a SBK Sinx to stay relavent in ET and other high end Pvm party. What's the core concept and how should I build around it? Do I need to achieve 190aspd? Is there any specific build I need to go with? Good weapons for it? What elemental weap is best go with against what property monster? Keen and appreciate to hear some pros out there who are doing ET with sin cross. Let's break the tradition of only sniper/HP/Pala/HW/Champ can do ET :))))
  11. Piuchan

    On-Line Guild [Social PVM Guild]

    Lol dude when you invite enough players let's set up organisational chart and do events
  12. Piuchan


    Can you please pm me your initial offer price for your odin's blessing
  13. Piuchan

    Rate your leecher!

    1. Date of leech: 22/8/2016 2. Name of leecher: Father Ghen 3. Price and Duration: 2.5M/hr 4. Map of Leech: Abbey 5. Experience Gained: 2 LVL + 26% ( 96 to 98 NT) Please rate the following on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best): 6. Friendliness: Awesome 7. Professionalism: Top of the range 8. Effectiveness: Top of the range General Questions: 9. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Top of the range , one of the best 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: Worth more than I'm paying, i seriously consider his effectiveness should go beyond 2.5m/hour 11. Additional comments: he is delivering a 3~3.5m/hr service with 2.5m/hr rate. please pick him.