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  1. I'm a little surprised about the headcount, but I'm not really bothered by it. I had fun playing yesterday, and I'll have just as much fun today or tomorrow. I think these numbers say more about Ragnarok Online's overall popularity, than it does about TalonRO's popularity specifically. We're playing a really old game, after all.
  2. It was merely a miscommunication, omocho1. I think you're making the same assumptions I did earlier. Boreas already responded and explained the reason behind it. I'm gonna stand with 1/3rd being shops, though. I trust a database query over assumptions. =P Edit: I do agree that the first response "does it matter?" sounded deflective and should be avoided in future. I do not believe the numbers are 400/600, I only said that to provoke a response to the original question. We got our answer, so now let's please accept it and move on. I don't think it's very fruitful to discuss upon this further.
  3. That screenshot is an insult to Seiren's flawless grammar. 1/10 poor impersonator!
  4. Welcome back to Ragnarök Online! PM me (IGN: Akrab.) If you post your IGN, I can help you to a couple of free cookbooks to get you started! =D
  5. Since this topic seems to be going the direction of "MOOO, COWS" and stuff like that. Three cows seem to have appeared at Morroc Pyramids. They were not there yesterday.
  6. True, "withheld" isn't the right word to use here, it merely felt that way since it was a pretty short and direct question that got an answer with little information. I interpreted it as "You shouldn't be asking such questions." (Turns out, this is NOT what you meant at all!) So, sorry for that! Thanks for clearing it up! I now know the exact figures aren't given for a completely different (and valid) reason! =D "1/3 being shops" is a very useful figure!
  7. I've been hesitating about whether or not I should be posting this for 3 days now, but... After reading this thread I can't help but think: "TalonRO must really not be doing well, if such information needs to be withheld." and as much as I've tried, I can't get the thought out of my head... I'm feeling sad and I'm a little bit scared now. My estimate for server population is around 60/40. I think there's around 600 shops, 400 players. I've also heard shops aren't tracked, I don't know if this is true. In that case it would be 900-1000 players and who knows how many shops. Let's also not forget this is a server that has a very wide international audience, meaning not all players are online at the same time of the day. I would double (or possibly even triple) these figures for that reason.
  8. Alright, let's see. Golden Rod Orb [1] INT +1 "Low chance to cast lightning bolt level 5 on physical or magical attack, Increases damage of Wind element magic by 10% Decreases resistance to Earth element attacks by 30%." That would make it an exact copy of alchemy glove in the Wind element, an item that's great for a Miming card. The Aqua orb could make an equivalent for the Siroma card, with stats in their respective elements. Another take on the items could be to make them something resembling their originals, like having the Aqua orb cast a low level Frost Nova (instead of cold bolt) on a cast or attack. If that were the case, it would be a great contender for a Gazeti Card (since you'll be wanting to maximize casts to make it trigger.) If the Golden Rod Orb would stay close to its original, it could cast JT, making it a nice accessory for a wind ghost card, turning it into an item for knocking back while dealing wind damage. There are a lot of different ways to do it. Autocasts are fun to play with. The new Gopinich card is a nice example of a fun effect, but it's fire again.
  9. Exactly, like ValheruWolf said. I've noticed it's a trend on TalonRO to rework renewal items into 2nd job items. I've not been able to find a renewal item on RMS that resembles what I suggested, though. Some items to rework could be: "Aqua Orb" ID# 2860 "Crimson Orb" ID# 2861 "Forest Orb" ID# 2862 "Golden Rod Orb" ID# 2859 "Int Glove" ID# 2924 (and many other stat gloves that could serve as placeholder art/ID.) I wouldn't dare suggest stats for such items. I'm pretty sure the GMs are way more capable of doing that than I am. I just know I've had a lot of fun with these custom items, and I would love to see more of them. The Firewall + Telekinetic Orb + Alchemy Glove combo is basically a mini-meteor storm without stuns. Its damage doesn't come anywhere close to the real deal, but C'MON HOW FRICKIN' COOL IS THAT?! =D Edit: Updated list
  10. Hiya! I'd like to suggest more variety in autocast items, specifically accessories in the wind/water domains. While we already have a great deal of skills that can be autocast through items or cards, the accessories are only available in the Fire element. I personally would love to see an autocast accessory in the wind element to cover the entire elemental table. (Ignite Alchemy Glove being the other half.) At the moment, it kinda feels like a waste to invest in Siroma or Miming cards. Thanks for readin'! =D
  11. theakrabb


    Salam! Welcome to TalonRO!
  12. I miss euRO, shame it shut down! You'll find a quite similar experience (with a few additional new features) here on TalonRO! Welcome to the server!
  13. Welcome to TalonRO! What are you gonna play? =D
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