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  1. Thank you for this! I was making a little list in my head, but now I'm sure I haven't missed a day. =D
  2. Upon testing this further, I realized something: Hindsight (Autocast skill) bolts do NOT trigger the after cast delay. What's triggering it is other sources that create bolts (Alchemy glove, thunderstorm cloud, gazeti card, kasa card, chilly spellbook, etc.) I just tried soul linked level 10 bolts with double cast and I could use health conversion just fine, it "feels" the same it's always "felt." It's when I wear my items I run into problems and get locked out of casting entirely. Edit: I think this is how it used to be, triggering only from items. I can still use health conversion or start casting a level 10 fire bolt, but I have to time it right, when no items autocasts are triggering. I couldn't see after cast delay in skill icons in the past, so it's hard to know if it's the same as before Iduna. But I can work with this!
  3. Oh yeah, I was pretty bummed when I realized this (triggers are causing multiple cast delay instances, stacked on eachother.)
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