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  1. Greetings Zanckst! Welcome to TalonRO. Sounds like you have a load o' levelin' planned. See ya in-game! 😃
  2. It works for lower headgear costumes and upper headgear costumes. Middle headgear costumes don't show up for some reason. But it's something! =D
  3. Welcome to TalonRO, Henry! Come join Landers. (We hang out in Splendide!)
  4. Salutations Saifuddeen, Welcome to TalonRO! Tell us something about yourself. Have you played Ragnarok before? 😃
  5. Thank you for this! I was making a little list in my head, but now I'm sure I haven't missed a day. =D
  6. Upon testing this further, I realized something: Hindsight (Autocast skill) bolts do NOT trigger the after cast delay. What's triggering it is other sources that create bolts (Alchemy glove, thunderstorm cloud, gazeti card, kasa card, chilly spellbook, etc.) I just tried soul linked level 10 bolts with double cast and I could use health conversion just fine, it "feels" the same it's always "felt." It's when I wear my items I run into problems and get locked out of casting entirely. Edit: I think this is how it used to be, triggering only from items. I can still use health conversion or start casting a level 10 fire bolt, but I have to time it right, when no items autocasts are triggering. I couldn't see after cast delay in skill icons in the past, so it's hard to know if it's the same as before Iduna. But I can work with this!
  7. Oh yeah, I was pretty bummed when I realized this (triggers are causing multiple cast delay instances, stacked on eachother.)
  8. You don't need a lot of zeny to build an effective Battle-Sage. Even 15m zeny can get you a very long way. If anyone wants help on leveling, on gear, or wants to make zeny in Geffenia the Sage way, in-game PM me sometime: Akrab. You can also find me at the Morroc Pyramids. I only play this character on TalonRO.
  9. Take him to Alberta. ❤️
  10. Kasa Card is no good for Hindsight profs. Whenever Kasa card triggers, hindsight triggers will be ignored (so, unlike other items that can trigger at the same time as hindsight, the kasa trigger eats up the hindsight trigger, giving you fewer overall bolts.) Also: Hindsight triggers whether you hit or miss, autocast from items is only on hits (Getting a spirit sphere from monk class or greatest general card fixes this problem.)
  11. Great guide! Another very good starting item for Battle-Profs, or "Book Slappers" is the Thunderstorm Cloud (5TC at reward guru), especially if you also pick up the skills for it. It's basically a pumped up version of Alchemy Glove, but wind element! All triggered bolt spells, be it through hindsight or items, benefit from Double Bolt!
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