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  1. theakrabb

    Hi ^_^

    Welcome Yehya!
  2. theakrabb


    Salam! Welcome to TalonRO!
  3. I miss euRO, shame it shut down! You'll find a quite similar experience (with a few additional new features) here on TalonRO! Welcome to the server!
  4. Welcome to TalonRO! What are you gonna play? =D
  5. Queen – Crazy little thing called love Jackson Five - ABC Jackson Five - Blame it on the boogie Jackie Wilson – Reet petite Elvis Presley – Return to sender Dion – Runaround Sue Bobby McFerrin – Don’t worry, be happy Grover Washington Jr. - Just the two of us. Earth, Wind & Fire - September And of course the amazing, timeless, Aqua - Dr. Jones!
  6. Oh wow! =O Thank you for this work of art, it's very powerful! Shakes up all kinds of emotions! I love it! ❀️ (Edit) Also: We don't tolerate you, we LOVE you! =D
  7. Welcome to TalonRO! I've heard through the grapevine that BG are being reworked, so yeah, expect it soon!
  8. Thank you for the hard work! It was a ton of fun playing. πŸ˜ƒ
  9. Thank you very much for joining! I've been walking around with a smile from ear to ear all day! Glad everyone liked it!
  10. Hello TalonRO! Tomorrow is going to be a special day for me. (Almost) 10 years ago I made my account on TalonRO and I realized I've never even introduced myself, so... Greetings! I'm Chris(tiaan) from The Netherlands, I'm a software tester by profession and I play a professor named "Akrab." Akrab & Rajah, art by Conscendo/Conporings Akrab of Morroc is a charismatic scholar who yearns to learn and feels compelled to teach. As a young student, he was blinded by a ricochet ice chip from one of his own backfiring spells. Determined to complete his scholarly training, he forced himself to cope with his handicap in unusual ways. Where being blind would be a grave disadvantage to most casters, Akrab had found a way to overcome his disability: by listening to audible cues given by his seeing-eye leopard β€œRajah,” he could again navigate the world around him. By physically touching his opponents he could once more guide his elemental magic. Despite losing the ability to see, he harbors an unmatched inner calmness, needed for a dance he had dubbed β€œThe Flow of Wind and Flame.” Akrab has made it his purpose in life to teach aspiring adventurers, spending most of his time and earnings to help others perfect their own techniques. My time spent on TalonRO wouldn't have been the same if not for the many wonderful people playing on this server. As a thank you for all the laughs and good times, I would like to give something back! Tomorrow (12th of November) at 10:00pm server time I will be hosting a small two-part "event" with some prizes to win! Anyone is welcome to join, the event will likely take up to an hour. You can find me at my favorite place in Rune Midgard: Clock Tower Floor 2 (blue highlighted area,) on November 12th at 10:00pm server time. Hope to see you there! πŸ˜ƒ
  11. Dang buddy, we gotta play together. We have the same playstyle. =D I'm a Battle-Prof that also uses a lot of (melee) bolts. I could probably even help you get the best out of your bolts! What's your in-game-name? =D On the other topic in this thread: Ragnarok (and any other MMO,) are always going to be a grind. Even if you were to join a high rate server, all the prices would be increased by a factor equal to the rates. Simply because humans assess every situation they are in. That means at some point everyone is going to realize that time spent acquiring an item, increases its worth. This is the definition of "Time is Money."
  12. It may not always be worth it, but most of the time it is (really depends on your class and the area, but if you're crafty enough you can make anything work with any class.) There are particular areas that are considered "better" such as the (Nightmare) Pyramids. What's great about it is that it draws a lot of players to the same region, making it easier to form parties. (This month's) Glast Heim is a decent place if you know where to go. One map North of Glast Heim Churchyard spawns a bunch of Evil Druids. One map North of Prison has Rybio and Phendark (also good for making zeny if Executioner's Mitten drops.) These are the spots I visit when TamTam is at Glast Heim. There are probably even better areas. When entering a new map, make sure to check the chat to see if it says: "TamTam's Odyssey has been activated in this region! Monsters give Double EXP and may drop Bronze Couns and Talon Cash Tickets."
  13. We all want the database back, we all feel like we need it, but there's one thing that everyone should remember: The database was not taken down out of spite, but out of necessity. I think having people breathe down your neck every time is not a good motivator to get to work on fixing it. So please, if you want the database back, be patient. The GMs are well aware that we want it.
  14. Hey MrBananaMan, TamTam's Odyssey gives you a DOUBLE exp. boost. It also makes the grind less "grindy," as there will be a new region designated for TamTam's Odyssey every month! Last month was Pyramids, this month is Glast Heim (with the exception of Prison, Churchyard, and a few others.) Also, if you're patient enough to wait for it, TalonRO's 13 year anniversary will be on or around March 14th 2020. So far, it's been tradition to crank up the rates for a little while during these times. If this isn't quite enough, you could always try to join a party or find a leveling partner (a lot of folks also boost for free when they're out farming zeny!) Ask around! Hope this helps you out. πŸ˜ƒ
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