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    How drop rates work?

    Ok, thanks very much I understand now
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    How drop rates work?

    I've been thinking a lot about drop rates and how does it work. If any one can answer please do so. As we know drop rates are low, e.g. Picky Card drop rates is 0.04 %.What i really don't understand is that if I want 4 Picky Card I need to kill atleast 10k Picky, but does it really work that way, even if i can kill 10k picky will I really get 4 card. How does the calculating works, also is it 0.04 % drop in every single monster or can be stack.
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    Archer Guide For New Player

    First of All, I haven't playing any Ragnarok Online for almost 3 years, but I've returned mainly because I love to experience the game which has really good plot, story-line, hard worker farmer, etc etc. I made this guide because I've study so many newbie guide but when actually read it, its not for newbie people at all, its more likely for who have known the game for more like 1 week ~2 months playing or have friends to tell how or what to do etc. they are good but for newbie its hard to understand and boring, so when I can't really state what it meant or more than my understanding I'll put a link, so others can quickly see the more and most good advance guide there, that's for introduction. What I am written here is for mostly or Completely Beginner Player or who really don't know what to do like farming zeny, where to hunt, base and job leveling, equipment. So, as a title says "Its for New Player Archer". I am not going to go too much fast pace, and only until level 50. This also from my experience so please don't judges me too seriously, I have been playing solo mostly like 8/10 and I am also a noob who doesn't have any friend(s) In this Talon Ragnarok Online, after you enter the game and done tutorial "DON'T SKIP TUTORIAL" just before changing jobs, After that "PLEASE DO JOB QUEST" for changing Job, because you are new to the world, you don't have friends to help you and you really don't have zeny (you got about 10k zeny in the beginning)to buy equipment, buffs, potion etc needed in the game, so do job quest so you can get Copper Coin which can be used later for Rental Items. Job Quest guide can be found here. There you just get Copper Coins for Free. I'll explain where to get equipment, items needed to kill monster, where to get Base and Job Exp Then, You are now mostly Level 21~24 Base and Lv.1 Job, from here on you're gonna to be busy. After getting a job the archer Guild gave you bow and arrow, yes for equip, just double click and it'll equip automatically. After that Go to Payon City, Warp>Cities>Payon, the go south ward then in the left side go to the wooden roof house, ta da.... that's where you are gonna get bow or arrow. P.S. THIS IS FOR ARCHER Based HUNTER Firstly, I really recommend you buy silver arrow which cost 2z get it about 1000 at least, and buy 1~3 Concentration Potion for your attack speed. and go back to the town and warp to Payon Dungeon to kill monsters. As for stats, Archer need fast attack speed/dodge as well as good or best hit rate so i suggest putting to like STR-9 (damage and increase weight limit) VIT - 9 (Hp and Def) AGI- 26 and DEX - 20. Go to Payon Dungeon and equip silver arrow, drink concentration potion, now start killing Skeleton for Exp. it'll be 100% hit with Skeleton and will need 2~5 hit to die, also beware of Zombie and Familiars which are aggressive don't let them surround you. Archer got ranged advantages so, you can pick them from afar, one by one. Now, after killing monsters you get Skill Stats/Points which you need to add. I recommend to add Owl's Eye (add Dex)and Vulture's Eye (HIT and Ranged) to max at first and then Add Attention Concentration (% to AGI/DEX) then Double Strafing skill to kill monster, as it name implies it attack double with 1 arrow and used SP and finally AOE attack Arrow Shower with remaining skill points. Altogether 49 points. Platinum skills can be learned at Prontera near Hunting Quests Board Making Arrow (It's a skill which you can make an arrow from materials detail can be found here) and Charge Arrow Where to Level with some basic detailed Level 21~30 Payon Dungeon 00(Silver Arrow) [Skeleton, Zombie, Familiars and Poporing] and Prontera Culvert, to go to Culvert you need access so here is how to do LINK [Thief Bug, Familiars, Tarou, Thief Bug Egg, Female Thief Bug, Spore] By the Way, keep everything drops. Level 31~40 Payon field 09 (Fire Arrow) [Smokie, Bigfoot and Poporing] Level 37~45 Bibilian Dungeon 01/02 [Plankton, Vadon, Marina, Kukre and Hydra (Immovable)] (Wind Arrow) Level 41~50 A. Payon field 02 [Wolf, Snake, Poporing, Spore (for spore don't use fire)] B. Orc Dungeon 01 [Orc Zombie, Orc Skeleton, Drainliars (Silver Arrow)(They are Aggressive) Steel Chonchon (Stone Arrow or Neutral)] C. Einbroch Field 02 [Geographer (Aggressive and Immovable) Holden Metaling](Fire Arrow) As for other leveling guide and other most useful guides which I found very good and much more please see below with links A. Talon Wiki Leveling Guide here B. A Great guide made by Kimchii for farming and leveling can be found here C. A Class overview made by kkroto01 here D. Mercenary guide by Goodboy here As for others I'll update when available Now Equipment Guide and Strategy For this, its very hard to make a guide because, you start out with your first character which is an archer, so, i'll try to keep up the necessary materials/ equipment but low cost as possible. Firstly, after changing your job as an archer what you get is a bow, i suggest you used it all the way until you get 25~40k zeny to buy new Bow. You can get the following Bows at NPC Vendors Composite Bow[3] 2,500z Great Bow[2] 10,000z Crossbow[2] 17,000z Gakkung[1] 42,000z Arbalest [1] which gives +2 DEX 48,000z As for others if you can find Pantie and Undershirt MDEF+1 which is a combo set which gives AGI+5 and Flee Rate +10, it is best if not forget it, As for Armor or Head gear Use Magnifier (can be buy in NPC Vendors )to Identify the drop equipment and equip, common items which are normally drops are Ribbon +3 MDEF, Hood, Cotton Shirt, Sandals, Skull Ring, Gold Ring. Equip as desire. Most of them gave DEF. Also, you can upgrade it with an Ore, which will give decent DEF and ATK for Weapons, depend the Level of Equipment Ore are Differentiate. I'll try to update as fast when I'm done some investigation regarding guide. Thank you. Btw, I really am not playing or logging my account anymore, wish this help, also got a friend who is completely a newbie who wants to play and ofcourse we can't play at a same time, so with that as based I'am making this guide.
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    Voting Link

    I dont know its only me or not, but i didn't see any other so, I think its only me But, what I really wanna report is that, when i try to vote, all i see is i got back again to the voting area, if its only me please try to help me fix, if not, can any explain?
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    PC +7 Round Buckler

    I also wish to know. got Round Buckler/Buckleer [1] x3
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    thank you very much. Also i found Round Buckleer [1] how much will it be... i can't use it
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    Price Check the following card 1. Poporing Card 2. Steel Chonchon Card 3. Siroma Card 4. Female Thief Bug Card 5. Drainliar Card 6. Andre Card 7. Cornutus Card
  8. Hello! Guys and Gals. First of all. Happy Thanksgiving. I already not played for abt 4~7 months, but guess GM Seirin is always happy and Active. (Which we needed for Us) Good Work GM Seirin, Happy Thanksgiving. As usual, I have so much to talk about what happened, how its gonna happen ( just out of curiosity) But I am not gonna talk much, So i am here to say, I am gonna come back and play with ma buddies. This is a late intro and HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND ADVANCE MERRY CHRISTMAS hehe
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    Wiki Update - Biolab Quest

    This is really a very2 great help!!! Its awesome!