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  1. Does the Boy's Cap exist under a different name in this server? Can't find anyone talking about it. Or is it under the 10 eddga footskins?
  2. Hi guys. I've stopped playing RO for a long while now, i think 4 years? Recently the new RO:EL release has got all the nostalgia gear turning again, and i've been desperately looking for a decent server to play on. I couldn't find any nice looking midrates/highrates that didn't seem wholly P2W, so i ended up returning here. (Not much time these days to grind/farm) Problem is, i don't know what the hell i'm supposed to do anymore. I was hoping i could find a nice chill guild to join up for people to hang with and ask questions, perhaps start a new farmer while i relearn the mechanics of my favorite game, perhaps a smithy? I have 300 vote points sitting around. Not sure what to do with those either. I'll probably scrap my old characters? Since the priest should have been on a separate account. Thanks in advance to any who reply. Cheers.
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