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  1. KousakaSatou

    Butuh guild/community INDONESIA

    iya di jawaii banyak tuhh. IGN: MamoruSama
  2. KousakaSatou

    Notorious X

    Thankyou, L. *bump*
  3. KousakaSatou

    Notorious X

    Kousaka Satou
  4. KousakaSatou

    Notorious X

    psst, i'm on before you guys on. :T
  5. KousakaSatou

    Notorious X

    Well... i'm the priest beside you, please lemme join~ xD
  6. KousakaSatou

    Notorious X

    alright be there!
  7. KousakaSatou

    Notorious X

    how can i join teh guild?
  8. KousakaSatou

    apa indihome sekarang main harus pake vpn?

    untuk indihome, yang bermasalah masuk game, pake windscribe aja deh. wkwkw maap agak telat, btw HAPPY CHINESE LUNAR YEAR \o/
  9. KousakaSatou

    Winter Scarves Quest 2017

    thanks, at last i can make my own costume without Wave. </3
  10. Please Price check on it. i'm thinking of selling it rush~
  11. KousakaSatou

    A RO veteran, but Noob on this Server

    Ohai. . welp, Welcome to TalonRO hope you havin' a Good time here. btw if you need any help, i can help ya~ ign: MamoruSama
  12. KousakaSatou

    iRO Iris Player, getting back into RO after years gone!

    i know the nostalgia memories but hey, welcome to the servers, hope you enjoy it here~ if you need a friend to hangout and play with, Feel free to pm me. ign:MamoruSama
  13. KousakaSatou

    Help building a WS

    Hai Guys. i'm kinda new in Whitesmith. i know there are such a build as "Vampsmith" but it's not that there any Build right? xD. and YES it was pricey for a Full-set for Vampsmith so if you guys knew any other build, mind if i knew? and where for which lvl? xD oh here's a little equipment for my WS atm.
  14. KousakaSatou

    Returning player

    Thankies Raine o/ Sankyu
  15. Hai. Mau nanya advice nihh, sebenar nya kita butuh pets gak sih kalo lagi farming atau MvP hunt? sama Pets apa untuk kelas apa. Thankies.