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  1. My love <3

    1. Fayzz


      Damn it, Clarry /pif  Stop the love please /shy 

    2. Clareon


      Hahaha, i can't :<


  2. Thank you GMs for today's and upcoming prizes. The Advent Calendar looks awesome, all those colourful giftbox decorations are such an eye candy *-*
  3. I can't wait for this to happen! Monster invasion and costume quest! Wuuuu
  4. Time to get busy again. Thanks to all GMs
  5. Happy anniversary TalonRO! Hope tRO stays strong for many more years to come. Good design on the hoodie /no1
  6. One question, can we still play Blackjack and killing mobs in Halloween Dungeon maps at the same time via dual-clienting? Thanks in advance.
  7. Splendid works! Love the new costumes. *Hugs all GMs* <3 <3 <3
  8. Thank you GMs for bringing this year's Autumn Event New costumes= <3
  9. Splendid video! It's further hype the new updates too wohoo ~
  10. I was moved by Howl's words today at !main and for that i made a review <3
  11. Yay ! the events are finally here. Cant wait ! and thanks GM <3
  12. Happy New Year 2014 ! Now i can't wait for the next events
  13. that 2nd part requires 100 Xmas Lunatic and 25 Xmas Tree and iirc only 200k cash needed for any of the costumes. These requirements are the same for Memories of Lovers costume as well.
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