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  1. My love <3

    1. Fayzz


      Damn it, Clarry /pif  Stop the love please /shy 

    2. Clareon


      Hahaha, i can't :<


  2. White Waving Long Scarf 25x Soft Feather 50x Fluff 10x Beautiful Flower 5x Elegant Flower 3x Mysterious Flower 1x Wool Scarf[1] 1x Muffler[1] 3x White Dyestuff Need to kill 100 Siroma
  3. Thank you GMs for today's and upcoming prizes. The Advent Calendar looks awesome, all those colourful giftbox decorations are such an eye candy *-*
  4. Thanks Jibs! We simply cant do this without the great teamwork and dedication from the party members. P/S: B-but but i failed so hard with Coffin/Colour game and got kicked out from that room T.T
  5. I can't wait for this to happen! Monster invasion and costume quest! Wuuuu
  6. 7AM, the cooldown starts upon entering the instance.
  7. You can also go there from Comodo > North > North East
  8. Arexu, where are you? come back now! You waifu rarely online because you went missing huhu
  9. Wuuu those runs taught me a lot of things. Let me play as HP again the next time we go, okay? xD Thanks for the opportunity, love you guys <3
  10. Fayzz

    Help in my Pvm Sniper

    You gears are fine and pretty much geared. I would replace that PCB with Chewing Bubblegum or Vajra for more damage though.
  11. Waaa this picture is really adorable to see. It has that cutesy feeling to it. Thanks Arexu for helping me out :3
  12. My friend got Hanging Lunatic Ears Costume from Basic Box.
  13. Time to get busy again. Thanks to all GMs
  14. Selamat Hari Raya Jangan lupa solat sunat Eidulfitri satg
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