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  1. As an old OLD player on server I think it's time that we actually thank Boreas and the crew for having a successful move to the new rAthena client being titled Iduna. Yes there are glitches, things missing and still to be worked on (I have been a pain in butt to them about the Control Panels HAHA) but seriously this is a pretty huge server change. Easily biggest ever since server start (from the 'split' days). 12 years strong and only getting better in my eyes. Let's all take a moment a thank our server providers, event GM's and the entire crew that do the ugly nasty painful work at weird hours. We're here as we, as a collective, love the server and it's time to say thanks- thank you GM's keep being who you are! /spank
  2. Hahaha mine was perm stuck on 900 from date of Iduna but since the last update it's now stuck on 901. I can play though. Good luck LS !
  3. Spankerman


    I have been okay with responses and everything so far from GMs with regards to the delay in recreating the databases for TalonRO but after non stop questions and people asking I think I finally need to make a request. We know that server has priorities for next DEV points and your preferred order in providing new 'content' however it appears that the server, as a whole, would like to have a say on one thing. The constant discussion and queries in main, forums, discord, etc. is when will our databases be back. The best part about TalonRO is just how well tailored it is to ensure such balance and inclusion for the user base. What this does mean though is that the standard (non tRO) data sources (RMS, iROI WIki, etc.) are out of sync and are incorrect based on the current Iduna build. My Suggestion is simple - could we ask the player community what they believe the priority should be in this instance? The databases are what everyone were used to counting on. Cheers and G'Day from Aus! Edit: Had to add this for all of those who can't read or missed it. This is POST GM Boreas response to other thread. Given it is number one question asked in #main over and over I decided to post the query - should the databases not be reprioritised over something like BG? BG is played by a VERY small percentage of server, in fact most players don't know what it is. The Databases are there for everyone. For those of you that don't know me I don't NEED about the databases - I have everything I need given my background. I was simply posting this for the general community.
  4. Legend - that is good to know then. Best of luck and great work to date by you and your team.
  5. Thanks for update Creed. However it was stated DB would be back start of Sep and then updated to mid Sep. Neither has eventuated. Can you give any actual legit update on when you can map your table lookups to server data tables? I am sort of over fielding angry friend/guildies/server responses on this. If it's going to take a month state it. People trust in updates. Cheers.
  6. and if that works then turn it back on and add the gshield exe to your exclude list. Never ever turn off all virus, etc. protection for a game (unless testing like Boreas is implying) as you may as well post your credit card details here if you do. Follow directions as per the AVG support link here.
  7. Furthermore make sure you are in a city map that supports @autrotrade. I have been having a few issues myself tbh but I find if I uncheck the item value check box thing before I start adding items, then add and then autotrade it works fine. I don't have time to waste on it so have not looked at closer for a pattern etc. to report sorry Boreas.
  8. Further to this you can farm the materials to make one pretty quickly, even being new to the server. I know lots of people who are new to server and are able to either buy or make one in a month. Good luck though and welcome back!
  9. The Guild who holds the 2.0 Vanilla castle does.
  10. Hi Marshel - simple reason is that "Wiki Hater" stated they are budget conscious and therefore this was a statement with response taking into account cost. Anyone with enough money can make a 1 hit but that was not the point being discussed. On a non money point thought - a 2hit build can often be geared and with stats that allows then to easily mob and then tank kill with no fear of dying, not always the case for a 1hit. Enjoy server
  11. As above and then include overplussed gears to further reduce damage per + Unsure what class you are sorry (as many use daggers) - guessing either Rogue or Sin class - as Marx stated would help to post gears. If they have high DEF then use Ice Pick and watch then go down. /spank
  12. As mentioned above by everyone the ACD is (in most cases) affected by the sprite animation itself. Thus AGI (mainly) and DEX (secondly) may affect this. As Phanman has said the upcoming Iduna client has already been tagged as having a change to the server based implementation (or NERF as everyone throws out) of Bragi and thus assist in reducing the ACD of this skill. But of course this removes the 'solo' capacity for you. Gear wise as the Rental has no slots you cannot test ACD reduction with a Doppel card. If you are rolling around in cash (which I believe is not the case) then you could also try with the impact if wearing the SQI Valkyrie Helm (item ID #8048). Likewise STAT foods may have an impact but ACD is simply annoying, pretty much like an ex who won't stop stalking. HAHA. Best of luck and enjoy server.
  13. LOL Ezze - I instantly thought of the 'non mainstream' definition for this and thought "interesting way to get peops on board, they might walk around and bump into walls when they WoE us....." For reference I am referring to the meaning as per here. Hahahahaha
  14. Agreed - also what about classes that actually are based on related skills? Creators with Pot Toss, Profs with HP/SP change and even the good old HP who has heal? To make it fair you would need to disable all of their skills too. Pot spammers will be pot spammers. They play the game typically for such reasons where this is done and they inject into the market economy as such. Restricting as described above (and in the numerous historical discussions of same) simply does not make sense. Do you also look at putting a maximum limit on overplussed gears (eg. nothing past +4). Players who have been here for a long long long time and/or donate a lot deserve to be able to make use of their "better" gears, this is simple fairness. Last I checked TalonRO was (I guess) a Democratic based implementation as opposed to a Socialist or even Communist GM state run implementation. Unfortunately nothing anywhere satisfies one and all. I say simply sit back, play and enjoy the server for what it is - the best balanced (mainly) PvM server out there. /spank
  15. Very well written and explained Seiren and GM team. Excellent work! Really looking forward to this and I think what you have described could very well suit the bill here given, like you said, the large overall changes that TalonRO has. Actually made me smile and think I could dust off my clown again. For the overall server community I think the biggest benefit will actually be with levelling parties as opposed to MVPing. So nice - thanks again! /spank
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