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  1. I was of the opinion (same as Black Metal) defender does not reduce spiral damage and tested this a darn lot over the years, enough that we don't use it in PvM (ne PvE). If something has changed last year or two happy to be told so. As to other questions and statements about magic and distance, every single magic skill that can cause damage is treated as ranged. This includes casting the skill at various distances. Consider the following - the formula cannot identify if you cast a fire pillar 3 squares away and someone walks into it from 1 cell away or if you cast it beside yourself and then someone from 5 cells away runs into it (stupidly). Applies to all magic. /spank
  2. Zbx I agree with what Perpetua is implying above - Stalker is not ideal for GC for PvM (it's not bad combo'ed with full strip etc for WoE). Build for GC is basically base VIT else you simply lose more HP when casting (set % of total HP). High DEX to provide best cast you can and then INT and STR to go with gears and cards for best damage. But at this point I repeat - Stalker is not a good class for this as your base HP modifier is too low. This is why there is no guide for it as people simply don't play this. You typically have 3 builds: Caster (DEX/INT) typically with SG Bowling Bash (ideal is Sherwood DEX build) Triple Blow one on one farmer (AGI, STR, etc.) Good luck though and enjoy server!
  3. Spankerman


    After too many beers I am pretty good at "falling (over)" haha /spank
  4. My character journey was not like others sorry. I am a very VERY old RO player and more (from before even the 'actual' launch some 17 years ago). Lots of inside info as such. I landed here after a disagreement (haha) with previous server situation for tRO and landed with about 10 old friends. So I came here already understanding game and maps and we simply partied up and shared everything, pooling resources together. Same happened then in ummm roughly 2011 (I forget the years its all a blur)? When I brought over a very large group of friends from another game (some 40 in total) and then old friends I used to know from another server (some 60 in total). Meant instantly had massive pool of players, etc. We did same thing - played and levelled together, pooled resources. Sadly though these days server is full of scammers (well always has been like ANY game/server) so be careful. RO is a party game personally and that is where you do your best, find a party or an individual to go with you. As a Sin, well any melee class really, though it's ideal to grab a support class (Priest) and this also aids them. As such I never farmed Geffenia (hate the place - so boring and repetitive). Instead we would open fun maps with rarer loot and drops (Kiel Hyre, Biolabs, Thanatos tower, etc.) and do runs that way. Exp better plus if done well loot > Geffenia. Geffenia is a trap, simple as that. BUT it is good for low end gears and solo via self buffing. With regards to your final question - Crit allows you to kill 1 on 1 much easier including Boss/MVP. I do have a lot of other SinX btw covering all builds and uses I need (DD, SBr, WoE, etc). But my most fun is the Crit above No probs showing how I go. Hit me up one day. Currently sitting in Thors blocking stupid Valk (normal not MVP) and running it off if it attacks. /spank
  5. Just a reminder - Megs STR bonus don't work on SinX. /spank
  6. Dang, well shows you did even better than I thought - well done! Agreed, maintaining and backing up on roster is a nightmare. Take care Nonoko-chan /spank
  7. Spankerman


    Sorry BUT I have to interject here Nonoko-chan is a well respected player and someone I know in game and like. What happens happens. I simply asked the question about what happened. Chillax all. /spank
  8. Nothing to hide - I have been showing and trying to help players for over 10 years here and double that for game. I have of course an army of other armours and garments dependant on Boss. /spank
  9. Forget what people say when they go "xxx is best", play what YOU ENJOY and WANT TO. a Crit SL will never be best breaker but hell it would be fun Just ensure you DEX 1, and max AGI and STR for ASPD and damage. Something to consider is 1 DEX means slow casts (too lazy to check your above mentioned SL skill cast times and whether they are even impacted by DEX). Anyways, best of luck - and play how you LIKE to!
  10. As Boreas said get full installer. Painful I know but it at least brings all updated content as opposed to the mini which 'attempts' to update your existing base which could be too old or corrupted. Welcome back however and enjoy server (again) 👍
  11. Been a while Boreas since I have had to ask you anything but I know a lot of us would like clarification on certain rules, most notably: You may only use the official client and files to play TalonRO, as provided on our download page or through our patcher. You are not allowed to further modify files within TalonRO’s client which affect visual and/or mechanical gameplay. Unless an exception is explicitly made, all other modifications are prohibited. Exception: Homunculus AIs are allowed as long as it does not auto-feed and make the player auto-walk. Exception: Changing sprites for the sole purpose of visual enhancement which do not represent an unfair advantage to the player is allowed. This would include modifications such as custom auras, different cart or homunculus sprites, job sprite replacements. Exception: Modifying skill effects and textures for better visibility in PvP situations is allowed. Don't get me wrong - I love the rules as written now but many people have asked about the above set. Can you answer the following queries please? 1. Does exception 2 above mean that it is allowed to use larger card sprites? I read this as a no but lots of people still ask. 2. Exception 3 above when you state "PvP situations" is this inclusive of all PvP genres (meaning PvP, Duals, BG and WoE)? Textures in WoE after all provide a huge benefit and overlay gain over those who do not use during WoE. Thanks again, and as always - love the server. /spank
  12. Sounds pretty much like Desire seeing as you and then colluded today. Shame really. Still fun as WoE. TBH did not know you were GL of Grape Sluice. I have known you for a long long time, hahaha.
  13. Spankerman


    Today was hell fun - Grape Juice guild only could let out a little whine. Not sure why they didn't actually try to do anything other than troll. Grape Juice - please explain, come and be cool kids too
  14. They have said that a number of times - it's the basis of the server after all. Otherwise pretty sure most of us wouldn't be playing here, hahaha.
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