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  1. G'Day Lance. Can we please ensure that the Baby DoD's don't align with WoE times which I am seeing a couple of requests doing so and we have guildies asking why and then same old story of impact.
  2. Also known as Payon Field 13 (thus the hint of 13)
  3. You run through the warp into event town and top right corner is a boat which instant sends you back to Pront. That's a start at least - also you can simply char select.
  4. Name: Blistering Preferred Colour: Fire hued think of Poring but Shaded and coloured like the Kasa from Thors Drops: Burning Heart (ID #7097) Burning Hair (ID #7122) Flame Heart (ID #994) Fire Arrow Quiver (ID #12008) Fireblend (ID #1133) Old Blue Box (ID #603) Guard[1] (ID #2102) Backstory: Our little bouncy Blistering was once a carefree bouncing loving ball who travelled the lands in search of new and wonderful places. One day he ventured into a rather hot little cave. He bounced and he bounced for hours on end but then encountered a t
  5. Congratulations and awesome work to all the winners and also those who did not make the final list. I can't wait to see the loading screen art work. Personally I find it hard to draw a square (I can draw an awesome "collapsing" trapezoid) so amazed how good the talent is here on server. /spank
  6. Well then - Cherri for PM ! /spank
  7. Cherri I officially invite you to Australia now to show me first-hand how to make some poring meringues ! After all being an Aussie we CAN lay claim to be the originator of the Pavlova (don't believe those New Zealanders ...) /spank
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