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  1. LOL numbers much? Damn sooo many of you for NT. I loved watching this (except that eye hurting quake). Well done to both sides, great fun looking battle
  2. Hi reCAPTCHA ! What you are looking at is an Eden group wearable which is both useful and cool looking. Essentially new char beginner class Good old Seiren wrote amazing guide when it came out and this can be found here. Given that new chars into Eden get it would be a new extension there. Enjoy server!
  3. This is more of a request for GM confirmation but also discussion amongst the wonderful Talonian populace. I know this has been discussed before (and I was part of it) so apologies in advance fellow oldies and GM's - be nice HAHAHAHAHA So can we get some clarification on the (as in TalonRO) server rules for how MVP's in PVM (I am not referring to instances, towers, etc. just your normal map based MVPs) are treated for multiple MVPers? What I mean is the server side rules state that MVPs are free for all etc etc but there is also server side rules for etiquette, behaviour and similar. Can we know when you hunt MVPs in normal maps are the following allowed (personally I hate all of the following actions but that is me): Identify a party trying to kill MVP you want to kill so Ice Wall and SG over it to force MVP to teleport? Cast Sanctuary, Land Protector, etc. on ground under MVP to heal it so other party can't kill or is disadvantaged? Cast Safety Wall onto MVP so as Champ cannot Asura and thus miss so as you can kill instead? Find a special set party organised to kill an MVP (Bee, Randgris, etc.) and deliberately run in and disrupt to ensure party dies or loses control of MVP? Would love GM response but also player comments if anyone has. Also if all of the above (and obviously other scenario's I have not included) are not allowed what is the possible impact (eg. ban hammer)? Enjoy server and be glad we have it! /spank
  4. I agree with Boreas - it's better to have a healthy number of supportive, positive and frequent players as opposed to the typical larger volume which includes one-off players, trolls and of course the classic bane of any game being the Narcissistic cohorts (aka toxic crew). Server count is actually pretty healthy considering it's a sharing caring supportive group with only the very rare idiot troll. This is something to think about and enjoy. EDIT: Had to come back and make update as in all honesty how can anyone look at "current count" as a true indicative figure when tRO is a non TMZ or Geo based host? I live in Australia and work huge hours so when I have the pleasure to log in and play and say hi to friends server count is down. But then I log in at other times that coincide with peak located players and server is very busy, like VERY. It would be better to look at active server "players" (irrespective of TMZ and Geo location) as opposed to wow "only 300 on now". Massive difference - be happy that server is as good as it is, if quiet during your time where you live why not invite friends? 2+2 does not equal 17. /spank
  5. G'Day Creed Please find below Cheers! /spank
  6. This is basically how I feel every time I get GM whumped in GM events (my poor baby) hahahah - the good old classic 'Broken Heart' Also is me when nothing fun drops from an MVP or we get broken in WoE, etc. So versatile /spank
  7. Before I start I wish to add any haters or negative nubs (like always those who find fault in being positive) think about your comments before you reply please. Now to start... Thank you all GM's for continuing to evolve server through the complex Iduna client switch, a massive piece of work which 'most' or us appreciate, To me it's been tough, interesting but more so fun AND an improvement. Further I am not alone So from all us who appreciate the changes and great work you the GM's and hidden support crew (damage calc, etc.) we THANK YOU and have a fantastic Xmas and Happy New Year. For any negative Nancies to this post (like last time months ago) try and be nice for once and appreciate when people try to provide a great product (ie. game). /spank
  8. Welcome to the world that is TalonRO - hope you enjoy it and stay a long while /spank
  9. Spankerman

    Hi ^_^

    Good luck with studies and hope you love the server - is always a good break from study/work. /spank
  10. Yeah any short term 'payment method' fix is exactly that - a band-aid fix. Basically applying a band-aid to a wound that needs stitches, just won't work and will only have longer term problems. This is what counts and hopefully everyone will read and move on - Boreas has stated it's a focus now for action. Good luck Boreas and team! /spank
  11. As an old OLD player on server I think it's time that we actually thank Boreas and the crew for having a successful move to the new rAthena client being titled Iduna. Yes there are glitches, things missing and still to be worked on (I have been a pain in butt to them about the Control Panels HAHA) but seriously this is a pretty huge server change. Easily biggest ever since server start (from the 'split' days). 12 years strong and only getting better in my eyes. Let's all take a moment a thank our server providers, event GM's and the entire crew that do the ugly nasty painful work at weird hours. We're here as we, as a collective, love the server and it's time to say thanks- thank you GM's keep being who you are! /spank
  12. Hahaha mine was perm stuck on 900 from date of Iduna but since the last update it's now stuck on 901. I can play though. Good luck LS !
  13. Spankerman


    I have been okay with responses and everything so far from GMs with regards to the delay in recreating the databases for TalonRO but after non stop questions and people asking I think I finally need to make a request. We know that server has priorities for next DEV points and your preferred order in providing new 'content' however it appears that the server, as a whole, would like to have a say on one thing. The constant discussion and queries in main, forums, discord, etc. is when will our databases be back. The best part about TalonRO is just how well tailored it is to ensure such balance and inclusion for the user base. What this does mean though is that the standard (non tRO) data sources (RMS, iROI WIki, etc.) are out of sync and are incorrect based on the current Iduna build. My Suggestion is simple - could we ask the player community what they believe the priority should be in this instance? The databases are what everyone were used to counting on. Cheers and G'Day from Aus! Edit: Had to add this for all of those who can't read or missed it. This is POST GM Boreas response to other thread. Given it is number one question asked in #main over and over I decided to post the query - should the databases not be reprioritised over something like BG? BG is played by a VERY small percentage of server, in fact most players don't know what it is. The Databases are there for everyone. For those of you that don't know me I don't NEED about the databases - I have everything I need given my background. I was simply posting this for the general community.
  14. Legend - that is good to know then. Best of luck and great work to date by you and your team.
  15. Thanks for update Creed. However it was stated DB would be back start of Sep and then updated to mid Sep. Neither has eventuated. Can you give any actual legit update on when you can map your table lookups to server data tables? I am sort of over fielding angry friend/guildies/server responses on this. If it's going to take a month state it. People trust in updates. Cheers.
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