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    Winter Scarf Quest 2019

    Brought to you by Curtain King Just cut off from your grandma's window, drape round the shoulders and you too can be Nana Curtain. Thank you Super Kami Kurai for pics of your bedroom curtains 😘
  2. I applied the self downloadable patcher from Boreas and that worked great for a few days. However I then started to notice lots of 'apples' (being unknown item) so I knew things weren't being patched. I identified a number of security apps that actually block the new patcher and noted this in another thread of Boreas however my use of the self load patcher seemed to inhibit any action. Simple (but ugly) fix was to redownload client and re-install (meaning you lose a lot of settings which was what really pi**ed me off, so annoying redoing all of these for every sub account). Once I did this my client nicely patched up and continues to do so. I did try things such as run as Admin and put the game path into all ignore tables for all software but still had no luck. Good luck - server is great so I hope you can get this fixed up and continue to play here
  3. Spankerman

    Evolved Pet Equips

    This was my understanding too - should read "one at a time".
  4. Spankerman

    Carding a Sherwood Bow

    (Us) Stalkers don't just donk in Geffenia, that's actually boring as hell. As a general rule we tend to play in maps where high DEF is more common (Boss class, MVP, etc.). From memory the calculation works by Thanatos affecting first and thus means the TG's have greater effect, not exactly sure where the changeover occurs but somewhere around 30 DEF I think. You could probably just go play with the TalonRO Calc to see for yourself actually. @heresnatan With regards to SP hard to beat Grape Juice (even though being Sherwood BB build you will be DEX not STR). Eddga is essentially a must for build (as your flee sucks) but I swap between it and GEC when needed. Fun class/build to play - enjoy and best of luck! /spank
  5. Spankerman

    Game not working after todays patch

    Rechecked everything and still wasn't patching. Quickly re downloaded the newest full installer and now all is good (will be interesting to see next patch I guess). I have a lot of security software enabled and 'special' apps loaded - whilst I hate most of them they are mandatory for me. Thanks again Seiren - take care P.S. On a side note noticed you have now enabled and loaded by default the Free Mouse movement patch for windowed clients - Nice, way cool for UHD.
  6. Spankerman

    Game not working after todays patch

    Boreas - I think this was a short term but now fail resolution. I did as you stated above using your "download" and now it never patches and perm says 1300 players online. Do you have a new or replacement patcher please? Cheers (and Happy New Year)
  7. Spankerman

    Where are all these bows?

    Hi Shendel, Falken Blitz and Giant Crossbow both drop from Cecil Damon (Bio Labs 3 'normal' monster) at 0.03% rate (thus pretty darn rare). The third bow, Dragon Wing drops from the Sniper MVP on same map by the name of Sniper Cecil but at a nice 25%. I assume you use the TalonRO Item Database right? By searching for those items you can see the monsters, map and percentage chance in question - all of which highlight will not be many around. Those who do have these (like Mos above) typically just dump 'em in storage as not really a vendible item (no demand). /spank
  8. Spankerman

    Item Over Price

    Hahaha, blown a lot of peoples secret there πŸ˜‰ But yes very true /spank
  9. Spankerman

    How did you decide your main?

    I don't have a main per se. I have a number I value all as my 'mains'. Class wise I guess I would say overall my most used class would be Thief class. My main chars though are: Crit VIT Sin Auto-steal (melee) Stalker VIT HW Palladins (Devo, Sacrifice, GC) It really just boils down to what you enjoy playing the most, I have every single class many with 5+ different builds. I can't stand playing Biochem or Champ for instance (but I have them both). Funnily enough I don't mind playing my tiny little baby super novice show is uber kick ass. /spank
  10. Spankerman

    Item Over Price

    As many people have stated above Supply and Demand drive market prices. There think there is a rule somewhere that says you can't over price every day NPC purchasable items, beyond that anyone can sell anything else for whatever price they want. People simply won't buy. I have seen Glove[1] selling for over 9 mil when there are non on the market for a few days, and that wasn't long ago. People will pay more if no supply and they really need/want. As to the Glove[1] being more than Glove[Sting] that is pretty common. A lot of people out there want clean gloves (SQI making or for other cards not Sting - Sting can't be used in Vanilla mode after all). /spank
  11. Spankerman


    Welcome Eric Best wishes to you and your friends, this is a great server and I am sure you will enjoy it, being an old RO fan!
  12. Spankerman

    Budget super novice vs Anubis

    Cute - and well done Spank that thang /spank
  13. Spankerman

    Paladin's Day Out in Rachel's Sanc Lvl 5

    Agreed - as you're a Pally your heal should actually be 'heal'. Go with a 3 x damage modifier (eg TG) and a single Kiel, that will replenish your SP very nicely. I use Sniper card with a few classes and builds but it really is only noticeable on lower HP high ASPD classes. Mind you GTB 3xSniper GC caster works well As an example this is one of my daggers (+10 Mes with 2xDopp and 1xSniper) I use on one of my Stalkers when I am insane lazy hit and kill mode (auto steal, kill, self-heal, pick up loot, next monster) As some people have mentioned before no need to go for the God (and insane cost items) - lots of gears cost far less for only a small overall loss. /spank
  14. Spankerman

    The most horror monster you ever met?

    Personally - if I am to answer the thread title itself "The most horror monster you ever met?" then that would be a dive roll amongst a few of my ex's. Pretty darn sure they crawled out of hells ninth gate to find me... Should make a doll hat out of my 2nd last fiancΓ© - would be a lop sided smiling cutie holding a bleeding dagger in her hand. HAHA. As to your Incarnation of Morroc hat I nick named them "upside down cakes", adds a nicer twist to what is visibly rather disturbing. Thinking about the above bleeding dagger image above though might change nickname to "Linda"... /spank
  15. Spankerman

    Game not working after todays patch

    I log in every few days - I found out with myself and a few others I have helped if we have very high security settings turned on certain security apps will not like the new patcher (ASC, Defender, etc.). It's simple as doing exactly what Seiren has said and then manually load patcher again and choose to allow the new "App" and then disable blocking on it moving forward. Also I happen to immediately spam click to open 3-5 clients when I am going to play. Can't do this anymore as the new patcher requires an exclusive lock on the conf file so subsequent sessions crash. All you need do is click on Start Game as you open each before opening the next one. Nice patcher, especially for those people who may get lost finding certain wiki/forum functions. Well done! /spank
  16. Spankerman

    Players you miss, and why?

    Hi mate - long time no see. B here from Lutie. Hope all is well with you /spank
  17. Spankerman

    Paladin's Day Out in Rachel's Sanc Lvl 5

    Hi person with name I am NOT going to try and write (haha), Very nice btw. For gears that are far from SQI and non MVP based you do a great job. Nicely done
  18. Spankerman

    Best Character to choose as a starter. :)

    Agree with Mad. Becomes a totally ineffective 'leech'. If you lead though with alchie auto following then ensure AI is such that homunc helps but meh - not impressed especially as you asked for "first char" so your homunc would be level 1 anyways. To me the first best char is simple - find something you think you will like. An Aco class will always assist in finding parties for example Hope you enjoy the server!
  19. Spankerman

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    Also known as Payon Field 13 (thus the hint of 13)
  20. Spankerman

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    I want some of what you are on 😁
  21. Spankerman

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    You run through the warp into event town and top right corner is a boat which instant sends you back to Pront. That's a start at least - also you can simply char select.
  22. Spankerman

    Autocast gears for battlle sage/prof

    Correcto - Hindsight is the bomb and you don't need to care about actually hitting, thus 190 ASPD is the aimed for stat most times. For further info visit iRO Wiki here . For item casting you need an effective hit thus as thekrabb said the sneaky trick is to get some glowie balls around you
  23. Spankerman

    Brewing Guide

    Overweight would cause this yes.
  24. Spankerman

    A suggestion edit to my current Vampsmith build

    Hahahaha - gold! Somewhere out there no doubt is TheShortMan πŸ˜‹
  25. HAHA, makes sense now, love it.