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  1. Hi Marshel - simple reason is that "Wiki Hater" stated they are budget conscious and therefore this was a statement with response taking into account cost. Anyone with enough money can make a 1 hit but that was not the point being discussed. On a non money point thought - a 2hit build can often be geared and with stats that allows then to easily mob and then tank kill with no fear of dying, not always the case for a 1hit. Enjoy server
  2. As above and then include overplussed gears to further reduce damage per + Unsure what class you are sorry (as many use daggers) - guessing either Rogue or Sin class - as Marx stated would help to post gears. If they have high DEF then use Ice Pick and watch then go down. /spank
  3. As mentioned above by everyone the ACD is (in most cases) affected by the sprite animation itself. Thus AGI (mainly) and DEX (secondly) may affect this. As Phanman has said the upcoming Iduna client has already been tagged as having a change to the server based implementation (or NERF as everyone throws out) of Bragi and thus assist in reducing the ACD of this skill. But of course this removes the 'solo' capacity for you. Gear wise as the Rental has no slots you cannot test ACD reduction with a Doppel card. If you are rolling around in cash (which I believe is not the case) then you could also try with the impact if wearing the SQI Valkyrie Helm (item ID #8048). Likewise STAT foods may have an impact but ACD is simply annoying, pretty much like an ex who won't stop stalking. HAHA. Best of luck and enjoy server.
  4. LOL Ezze - I instantly thought of the 'non mainstream' definition for this and thought "interesting way to get peops on board, they might walk around and bump into walls when they WoE us....." For reference I am referring to the meaning as per here. Hahahahaha
  5. Agreed - also what about classes that actually are based on related skills? Creators with Pot Toss, Profs with HP/SP change and even the good old HP who has heal? To make it fair you would need to disable all of their skills too. Pot spammers will be pot spammers. They play the game typically for such reasons where this is done and they inject into the market economy as such. Restricting as described above (and in the numerous historical discussions of same) simply does not make sense. Do you also look at putting a maximum limit on overplussed gears (eg. nothing past +4). Players who have been here for a long long long time and/or donate a lot deserve to be able to make use of their "better" gears, this is simple fairness. Last I checked TalonRO was (I guess) a Democratic based implementation as opposed to a Socialist or even Communist GM state run implementation. Unfortunately nothing anywhere satisfies one and all. I say simply sit back, play and enjoy the server for what it is - the best balanced (mainly) PvM server out there. /spank
  6. Very well written and explained Seiren and GM team. Excellent work! Really looking forward to this and I think what you have described could very well suit the bill here given, like you said, the large overall changes that TalonRO has. Actually made me smile and think I could dust off my clown again. For the overall server community I think the biggest benefit will actually be with levelling parties as opposed to MVPing. So nice - thanks again! /spank
  7. Also known as Payon Field 13 (thus the hint of 13)
  8. You run through the warp into event town and top right corner is a boat which instant sends you back to Pront. That's a start at least - also you can simply char select.
  9. Ahhh good to know and all good. In that case of course basically everything above is unwearable. But instead there are some very handy HP boosting items, listing as follows: Shoes - Variant shoes Shield - Bradium Shield[1] card with Cranial (Thara Frog) - If you have money to burn then end game is Valk shield with Thara Frog (for Vanilla) is best! Weapon - combat knife or fortune sword (20 PD is nothing to scoff at) Armour - You don't want to be frozen/stun else link devo breaks, depending on where I am in WoE I would swap between: a (VIT enchanted) Silk Robe with Evil Druid card (no more freeze), and then a (VIT enchanted) Meteor Plate with Peco Peco Card. Top Hat - Black Feather Beret Lower Hat - Spiked scarf Garment - Diablos Mant with Aliot Card Accessories - 2 x Cat Hand Gloves with Spore Cards (see below about 1 maybe being a Phen) Heavily dependant on good support and you need to balance DEX (for cast of Devo remembering it can be interrupted if a current Devo person gets hit - look at a Phen instead of Spore) to ensure can actually Devo your crew. As always in WoE for a Pally you should carry enough HP/SP items to be ok. Hope that helps! /spank
  10. Name: Blistering Preferred Colour: Fire hued think of Poring but Shaded and coloured like the Kasa from Thors Drops: Burning Heart (ID #7097) Burning Hair (ID #7122) Flame Heart (ID #994) Fire Arrow Quiver (ID #12008) Fireblend (ID #1133) Old Blue Box (ID #603) Guard[1] (ID #2102) Backstory: Our little bouncy Blistering was once a carefree bouncing loving ball who travelled the lands in search of new and wonderful places. One day he ventured into a rather hot little cave. He bounced and he bounced for hours on end but then encountered a tall whispery, and lets be honest, VERY self centred, hot spirit. Our unfortunate little friend had found Ifrit. Now Ifrit being of a jealous and rebellious nature took offence to such a carefree happily soul being in hide land and directed his hate and angst at our little friend. Sadly our little Blistering was partially consumed and thus now appears as an eternally burning and blistering poring who's love of wandering and friendship has been simply 'burnt away'. IGN: Little Minska This was fun
  11. Devotion Pally is all tailored around being in effect a stay behind the field of play support char with your devo link absorbing damages for your team - therefore the single biggest must is gears that provide Hit Points (HP). You have not stipulated whether Vanilla or not so I will give Unres (you don't see Devo Pallies in unres PvP, in WoE sometimes), sorry if this was not what you were after. Gears can end up being very expensive and there really are quite a few variations. As rule your char will be 99 base VIT and then aim for the following: Shoes - ideally Sleip and card with DL (Dark Lord) Top Hat - ideally Valk helm (gives +20 VIT) Mid Hat - any +1 INT and card with DI (Dark Illusion) Armour - anything with Tao Gunka then any bonuses or cards with VIT. Something like the following is nice (this is not my actual set - this was taken from one of my other Pally's, I think unfinished Sac build): Good luck!
  12. Hello. You really need to provide some more details about the class you are as the class will denote extra skills that may boost Hit, etc. Snipers have True Sight and Imp Conc boosting DEX and thus Hit. Similarly skill like the SinX Soul Breaker have the magic component which doesn't miss, only the physical counts on Hit. Guessing you are non magic else Hit would be superfluous. When looking at PvP you must remember that a single class is not going to beat every other class, every class has a weakness - server is well balanced for that. Mind you insane geared Cart Term WS's are just plain nasty. The best Snipers will only get just over 300 flee same with Stalkers. Swordie class don't tend to be flee build in PvP so 150 flee might be max on them. It's only going to be SinX's that get 350+ flee. I can get some of my SinX's to 420+ flee but not my preferred build. Good luck and enjoy server /spank
  13. Thanks Seiren, thought that may be the case All the best. /spank
  14. Hi team. Unsure if this has been raised before (and yes I did search) but can you look at modifying the Kafra search code so that case sensitivity is removed. For instance I have in storage an 'Emperium Jewel Cutter' if I search by 'cutter' (notice the lower case 'C') nothing is found. However if I search for 'Cutter' it finds it. Same works in reverse btw. I know that the Storage Search Control Panel item is not case sensitive but it's common to know you have item on a said game account and want it but cannot locate due to stupid case sensitivity. I know this suggestion won't eradicate world hunger but it will allow me to eat earlier (as I don't have to condone to stupid case rules). /spank
  15. Nice Guide! I have been using Gemini's since the start, love the card. So stoked to see someone else love it enough to write a guide about it. Correct in that it's really only for Vanilla, although players with tight restrictions on money expenditure have been known to use it. One little item - you may want to emphasise a note somewhere that 97 Hard VIT provides 100% stun immunity (good old eAthena base status). No need for 100%. Anything more than stun immunity is wasted so no need to go there - it cannot be reduced by anything. So if using Valk Armour (and for classes who gain the +50% stun immunity from it) then ideal would be only 1 Gemini and 17 VIT (for a total of 50+30+17=97) . That 17 VIT costs very little (10x2+6x3=38 pts) and will give some nice extra HP not to mention some small status ailment resistance bonuses. /spank
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