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  1. Happy Starlight Soiree Everyone. Good Luck Have Fun

  2. i just realize.....there's no longer vote for points now


    1. Jek Gaerlan

      Jek Gaerlan

      where can i vote?


    2. GewenG


      don't ask me, i dunno anymore

      i haven't been around since forever except at that one place

  3. i miss ragnarok in general

  4. its been awhile eh

    1. My Wife for Hire

      My Wife for Hire

      Jolly good time, what what?

  5. guess what? i won /gg

  6. uhh how do i change the signature again...

  7. a random status update appears

  8. omg u still playing?

    1. GewenG


      lurking in forum only, you comeback arr?

    2. JT4X


      installed. but havent login yet. haha


    3. GewenG


      lol play again ar?

  9. something random

  10. derpy derpy derp derp

  11. Thanks for stopping by =]

  12. the internet so laggy tonight...

    1. My Wife for Hire

      My Wife for Hire

      omg you posted again oustide of General Banter D:

      The end is coming!

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