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  1. haha good thing i still keep those tequila and vodka thingy in my storage, finally i can sell em XD
  2. nuuuuuuuuuuu o well at least i know some other place hyuk3
  3. i like the mute when chatbox spams back
  4. also, the tiny installer got updated too or remains the same before update?
  5. awesome update, i'm so gonna get the full installer this time hopefully will be able to play even before May /ok
  6. oh a reboot, no wonder i can't login last night @_@
  7. not just screenshot but signatures and avatars too its said : domain unregistered. to view, register at: bit.ly/imageshack-domain also, y do i keep being force to logout although i click on the always log me in thing ._.
  8. same here, photobucket aren't registered domain here?
  9. ah that part, yes tat's chinese alrite
  10. i don't think that's chinese, its more like korea to me
  12. wooot the event is back and my holiday's coming
  13. i should get ready to farm the ing
  14. about the wind elemental dungeon, may i suggest gonryun dungeon lv1? anyway nice update, now it'll be easier forge
  15. waaaaa how many GMs were there in the team now *-*
  16. eh i think it'll work now, try it
  17. wooohooooo gogogo talonro :DDD
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