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  1. do u help players just to get thanks and appreciation? :< if so then the job won't do u any good
  2. never thought there'll be debates in this topic ._.
  3. waaaaaaa its 3 years already happy birthdaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy =D
  4. good luck to all candidates =D
  5. so the drop rate from that day will never down forever? =O
  6. yay awesome updates 8D boo i don't have time this week nuuuuuuuuuuuu >.<
  7. happy new year to TRO especially the staff who works hard everyday to keep the server A-okay /no1
  8. whats going on right now?i can't go into cp to vote and its hard to login via forums and ingame o.O
  9. first wooo a blanket of snow
  10. give me a modal on writing something there =D
  11. already ask friends joining and yea they join....just don't login though XD
  12. yay we need to rob anne again =O lol
  13. in the end it has come to this....well its for the best i suppose
  14. little bit suggestion here is there a possibility for us to transfer talon coin via mail? because i can't mail it to my other char
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