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  1. Berserker

    Where is best, where is possible to farm/exp knight

    Thanks everyone for tips i will try it all
  2. Hi my TalonRO friends i have question for ppl advenced in ro. So u can imagine... my final goal is all chars, woe, bosses. Now im in position where i have Sniper, Priest, KNIGHT as my mains. Sniper to exp farm no problem, priest also. BUT what with knight (97)? everyone tells me just go sleepers. I was trying also magma dung, nine tais, HO but its not good. u get some little exp and thats all. what i will do with LK then? So i can exp just dual... With priest in niff or sniper on ninetails or pingucuila. thats a bit sad. Any tips where u can go with knight, LK then? to fun,exp,farm. Cuz i rly like how LK looks and want berserk and tank... but exping him solo. its bad comparing to others.