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  1. Berserker

    trade kaho horn

    I got now 10m and ice pick and some cards and gear. Mail Pazziny or wtite here
  2. Berserker

    informations about albums

    Ok so now im in position where i dont know if OCA drops pasana or deviling or angeling and ACA poring, fabre, lunatic.... and i have to pay now on market 700K more for ACA.... just to randomly look what it drops. Thats really sad. Thats same like let ppl selling mufflers and hide if they are slotted or not. Buy for more zeny and look if it was worth and it got slot. Its same cuz i would mby buy OCA to try drop some card from it on luck.... but idk if there is even that card... I would like to hear opinions from other ppl on talonRO ( normal players here, so if u read this please leave ur comment ) And last thing. I rly like talonRO. For everything. But found this as thing that can be improved. Thats all.
  3. Berserker

    informations about albums

    Hello, At the beginning i wanted just ask some gm privately but when i saw this topic it made me think. I wanted buy Accient Card Album. So. Not only that i didnt find anything in talonRO web about how u get it what is strange but also what i wanted to know... was what you can drop from it. some list. there isnt anything like this and also accient card album doesnt even exist on ratemyserver or anywhere else to check it. Oh and btw... was talking with merchant that sells it... he told me i can get MVP card from that. NOW.... how i can know its true or lie ????????????? I can find what old card album drop.... on ratemyserver... but i thought that this is option for talonRO to have that too. Why ppl from talonRO who wants to find info about these things should go to other webpages to find it. Thanks.
  4. Berserker

    Where is best, where is possible to farm/exp knight

    Thanks everyone for tips i will try it all
  5. Hi my TalonRO friends i have question for ppl advenced in ro. So u can imagine... my final goal is all chars, woe, bosses. Now im in position where i have Sniper, Priest, KNIGHT as my mains. Sniper to exp farm no problem, priest also. BUT what with knight (97)? everyone tells me just go sleepers. I was trying also magma dung, nine tais, HO but its not good. u get some little exp and thats all. what i will do with LK then? So i can exp just dual... With priest in niff or sniper on ninetails or pingucuila. thats a bit sad. Any tips where u can go with knight, LK then? to fun,exp,farm. Cuz i rly like how LK looks and want berserk and tank... but exping him solo. its bad comparing to others.