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    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    my opion is make a tutorial for newbie lvling like 3 year ago with can choosing an eq like amazing speed, amazing power, and amazing magic until they can farm until enough lvl to change their second job like swordman and another. Then put the info about the monster that can give them a lot of exp or a monster that can give them material for sell in high price. 3 year ago every time i create a new novice, i will go to underground tutorial for fun and i have seen so many novice play here. The population like hungry tiger hunt for a food. It's so fun when i see this.
  2. castelo8522

    Need find the NPC for SQI bonus

    Tq boss for info. 😍
  3. castelo8522

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    Im just help the newbie at payon by give them eq that i not use for starter play. But many of them are missing. In my friend list not appear they online.
  4. Helo Talon Ro Player and GM, Im first time make SQI item. I need to know where is the NPC to upgrade the bonus for SQI. It's that the same NPC i make SQI or it must do at the same time with SQI i make it. From player need to know, please teach