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  1. ~Yabusame~

    Item Over Price

    You might be one of those people who pm me and bash me about the price im selling my items in !market coz they dont know how the "law of supply and demand" works or just to haggle in a rude way. anyways the only anchor as to how much an item is worth is its TC value. glove[1] for example is 10TC and the current TC value is atleast 1.1m so a glove[1] price is expected to be 12m below giving a head room of 1.2m/TC(this is the highest i've seen in buying/selling). For those item not found in reward guru and have no TC value then you dictate the price for it according to your discretion. a good example would be Maya Purple card. the acceptable price for it is 350m+. who decided that? nobody knows who gave it that initial value but that's that. I understand you were expecting the glove[1] to be around 5m - 6.5m or something but that's how economy works. I ain't even complaining that Meginjards are more expensive than Bris now.. and it only used to be 190-205m. 💀 and to answer your question carded items are sometimes have lesser value than clean ones. Why? well clean ones have the option of personalizing it to your liking while the carded ones don't. and you need to spend 5TC to decard it therefor losing more value. an example of this is a Holy Robe[1] vs Holy Robe[Angeling] you are expecting the carded one to be more expensive? wrong! the card and the armor conflicts with each other making it a trash item so it should worth less than the clean ones.
  2. ~Yabusame~

    S>Pre-Loved and Discounted WoE/BG/PvM Gears

  3. ~Yabusame~

    Stalker Devi or +20Flee

    Not enough for DG tho
  4. ~Yabusame~

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    New Item: Fancy Flower - 1
  5. ~Yabusame~

    PC > White Princess Costume

    Anyone know the value of this new costume? cant find it yet in vends, unsearchable.
  6. ~Yabusame~

    Official Meiadrir Feedback Thread

    Report about Bingo: A broadcast is made that bingo is open even if it's not time yet(In the minigame girl). Bingo is never "Open" to me. When a broadcast is made, i go but it's closed, i go by the time indicated by minigame npc(of course i use server time) it's still closed. I've never played bingo ever since this patch, and before this i never missed a game, literally 24 hours.
  7. ~Yabusame~

    Official Meiadrir Feedback Thread

    Feedback overall: The Meiadrir was awesome! new contents! people complain about nerf nerf nerf... pft! idc bout that... "i cant do 4m/hour anymore.." well, boohoo... and some people say " Boreas just wanted to boost donations, so he reduced farming profit "... pft! if they wanted to boost donations then why did they raised the CC rewards in almost everything? 1$ = 1TC right? 50CC = 1TC.. i can get 1$ just by sitting in MR... no effort whatsoever 1$ O_O what's there to complain? it's not like you'll risk your house or your job or anything outside the game because of these changes... welp, overall feedback, Nice update " don't be afraid of change. you may end up losing something good, but probably end up gaining something better "
  8. ~Yabusame~

    PC > +6 Bunny[GEC]

    PC for Bunny Sliiper[GEC] +6 please thx
  9. ~Yabusame~

    The Yule Ball: You're Invited

    Song Request #1: Eyes on Me Song Request #2: Melodies of Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7Vu6NxehcM