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  1. ~Yabusame~

    S>Pre-Loved and Discounted WoE/BG/PvM Gears

  2. ~Yabusame~

    Stalker Devi or +20Flee

    Not enough for DG tho
  3. ~Yabusame~

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    New Item: Fancy Flower - 1
  4. ~Yabusame~

    PC > White Princess Costume

    Anyone know the value of this new costume? cant find it yet in vends, unsearchable.
  5. ~Yabusame~

    Official Meiadrir Feedback Thread

    Report about Bingo: A broadcast is made that bingo is open even if it's not time yet(In the minigame girl). Bingo is never "Open" to me. When a broadcast is made, i go but it's closed, i go by the time indicated by minigame npc(of course i use server time) it's still closed. I've never played bingo ever since this patch, and before this i never missed a game, literally 24 hours.
  6. ~Yabusame~

    Official Meiadrir Feedback Thread

    Feedback overall: The Meiadrir was awesome! new contents! people complain about nerf nerf nerf... pft! idc bout that... "i cant do 4m/hour anymore.." well, boohoo... and some people say " Boreas just wanted to boost donations, so he reduced farming profit "... pft! if they wanted to boost donations then why did they raised the CC rewards in almost everything? 1$ = 1TC right? 50CC = 1TC.. i can get 1$ just by sitting in MR... no effort whatsoever 1$ O_O what's there to complain? it's not like you'll risk your house or your job or anything outside the game because of these changes... welp, overall feedback, Nice update " don't be afraid of change. you may end up losing something good, but probably end up gaining something better "
  7. ~Yabusame~

    PC > +6 Bunny[GEC]

    PC for Bunny Sliiper[GEC] +6 please thx
  8. ~Yabusame~

    The Yule Ball: You're Invited

    Song Request #1: Eyes on Me Song Request #2: Melodies of Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7Vu6NxehcM