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  1. kaho saiyan hair is account bound sadly
  2. it should be difficult to sell, let alone price, saiyan hair. it's cool. it's rare. that's nice, but it's a non-slotted headgear and not a costume. you also can't freely wear saiyan hair because the stats don't justify how expensive the headgear could be. hermose cap is a relatively cheap, SLOTTED aspd hat and kaho has far better stats. because of these, any supposed prices for saiyan hair heavily drop. from what i'm understanding, we have this: super rare - price goes up novelty item - price goes up suboptimal to better gear - limits max price headgear, not a costume - price heavily drops so where does the mess lead to? saiyan hair is probably in the tens of millions, but i can't think of a suitable price.
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