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  1. Everything looks great, I can't wait, I have been gearing up getting ready so I can tackle this stuff :3
  2. The stream will open soon!/fsh

  3. This one time, in Prontera....

  4. *edits a new video for you people*

  5. Get ready to have you socks knocked off Lance >:D

  6. Guess who's got two thumbs and who's job interview fell through and now he gets to play in a video editor instead? This guy! :3

  7. Crafting new video: Please wait.

  8. PM me ideas on more video content to create for TalonRO! :D

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    2. Hitchner


      id be excited to see how you guys run a session of ToN :D


    3. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      I'll most likely be hosting one tonight from 11:30pm server time onwards! <:

    4. Hitchner


      Edit: * Times are in Server Time, which is GMT + 2 during Daylight Saving Time and GMT + 1 when not in DST.

      Found it on the server info page.

  9. I miss Hoshi~ 💔

  10. Awesome event to come back to after hiatus
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