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Status Updates posted by Hitchner

  1. New Beginner Series episode: Guide to Zeny! Check it out for you new players!

  2. Video rendering takes forever...

  3. New video has been posted in the guides section, episode #5, as per player request, "Port Malaya Dailies"! 

  4. Decided on the next video project for the Beginner Series. Not sure if anyone is really watching them lol

  5. Woof. What a week. Everything looking up though :)

    1. GM Alisa

      GM Alisa

      Always keep safe Hitch /no1

    2. Hitchner


      I appreciate the support ❤️

  6. Eheheh... *nervous whistling *

  7. This is taking longer than I thought to compile the data needed for this video, please wait a little longer ><"

  8. Project in progress: Making Zeny Guide

    1. luantanqin


      Yes!! please

      also, it would be awesome if you include the price of some of the loots

      for example, I have a list of the highest buying shop price i see for the following loot, and it helps me to understand what my time is worth before deciding where to farm. Price varies a lot on common loots, the differences are be more than 100% at times. It's hard for noobs like me to know what is the expected values of things.

      anyways, look forward to ur guide.

      Strawberry - 2735
      Royal Jelly - 4500
      Singing Plant - 40000
      Prickly Fruit - 5000
      Elastic Band - 3500
      Aloe Leaflet - 2450
      Straw Basket - 3000
      Immortal Heart - 1710
      Hinalle Leaflet - 1000
      Gemstone - 275k
      Fang of Garm - 500k
      Aloe - 10k
      Rough Wind - 11k
      Crystal Fragment - 3500
      Soft Feather - 1800


  9. Wham. Bam. 2 episodes ma'am. I might have overworked myself today lol


  10. Eden Group Episode I is posted in the master thread! Enjoy!

  11. Beginners Series EP02 is out :)

  12. I hope you all find the new series helpful! ☺️

  13. The stream will open soon!/fsh

  14. This one time, in Prontera....

  15. *edits a new video for you people*

  16. Get ready to have you socks knocked off Lance >:D

  17. Guess who's got two thumbs and who's job interview fell through and now he gets to play in a video editor instead? This guy! :3

  18. Crafting new video: Please wait.

  19. PM me ideas on more video content to create for TalonRO! :D

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    2. Hitchner


      id be excited to see how you guys run a session of ToN :D


    3. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      I'll most likely be hosting one tonight from 11:30pm server time onwards! <:

    4. Hitchner


      Edit: * Times are in Server Time, which is GMT + 2 during Daylight Saving Time and GMT + 1 when not in DST.

      Found it on the server info page.

  20. I miss Hoshi~ 💔

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