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  1. *pours holy water*
  2. Pls add @Rinny Rin HP: Rinny12 Bio: Zawa Chan
  3. Class HW: StormChaserLight (Priority) Sniper: SeraphNaghtLight
  4. Welcome back @fumiddition! 😁
  5. Class: HW IGN: StormChaserLight Class: Sniper IGN: SeraphNaghtlight
  6. that double mouth pecooo *priceless*
  7. Congrats guys!!!! :3
  8. June 3 slot2 3pm server time
  9. Horns of Hillslion: In game description: adds a chance of auto casting LVL1 CALL SPIRIT when dealing physical atk.. TRP calc description: Adds a 10% chance of using [Summon Spirit Sphere]Lv 5 when doing a physical attack.
  10. @Edwado, ill take u anytime.. "COME TO MAMA, PLS BLESS THE CLOWN" XD
  11. JEFF. Where is your Facebook? XD Can't find you on anyone's. lol

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