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  1. Horns of Hillslion: In game description: adds a chance of auto casting LVL1 CALL SPIRIT when dealing physical atk.. TRP calc description: Adds a 10% chance of using [Summon Spirit Sphere]Lv 5 when doing a physical attack.
  2. @Edwado, ill take u anytime.. "COME TO MAMA, PLS BLESS THE CLOWN" XD
  3. JEFF. Where is your Facebook? XD Can't find you on anyone's. lol

  4. I see a lurking Beaver... @[Jaime] 😁

    1. Show previous comments  21 more
    2. [Jaime]


      LAIS. I was just checking my poor stoofs on vend :<


    3. Naght


      Lets trade then ur +11 artemis [4AK] to my ip [doppel,tg] 

    4. [Jaime]


      You're not even playing anymore :Q 

  5. @ImportedAlex code is different between ur game accounts and between players
  6. pokes CUTIEMARO ❤️

    1. Askein


      Be aware Mashu, if you don't want to find yourself in a cellar.

    2. Naght


      my cellar has free fast wifi and unli sweets... can add dog food too :3

    3. M a s h i` Desu
  7. @Emitsun usualy these events are streamed.. dont worry
  8. Name: WOEring Color: Yellow with an emperium headgear and a vicious aura costume Drops: high weapon box (12623), old card album (616), 200 condensed white potion box (20233), 200 strawberry box (20232), bundle of food (12111), 200 piece of cake box (20231) (last 4 items cant be traded same as the ones we get from daily slot machine) Backstory: The legendary poring known to reside in woe castle dungeons. It shows itself to worthy woe players who have the courage to break down the emperium and take over woe castles. Being lonely due to adventurers rarely going to castle dungeons, it decided to roam the pvm maps looking for the legendary woe empbreaker hero. A bit of a masochistic poring one can say. PS: try to break it til it screams.. "YAMETE!" IGN: BlackNaghtLight
  9. Thats how heroes in the making train @RagnarONE XD
  10. Lord @RagnarONE got poked :'(
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