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  1. Naght

    NT WoE FE 11/07/2018 - Wanderer Guild

  2. Naght

    Sniper Dressing Templates

    1, 2, 6 and 10 :3 Prof pls :3
  3. Naght

    The Book Slapper Guide! (Professor Hindsight)

    btw what acc card is "mad witch"?
  4. Naght

    The Book Slapper Guide! (Professor Hindsight)

    The guide is very helpful :3 Maybe can change the statement about p dodge coz p dodge is not reduced by the number of mobs on you.. only def and flee
  5. Naght

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    it seems the bard's skill assassin cross of sunset has a bug..no change in my aspd whether i set the bards agi to 1 or 150; and its skill lvl 1 or 10.
  6. Naght

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    ID #5563 Name: Dolor hat [0]Location: Upper HeadgearAtk: N/ADef: 3Required Lvl: 30 Slot: 0 Weight: 10Job: Every jobDescription: Doll-hat which resembles 'Dolor of Thanatos'. People say that this doll speaks.Randomly cast Lex Aeterna when you deal physical attacks.Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). PS: wont hurt to complete equip database...
  7. Naght

    Let's Show Our Filirs!

    any good name for Filir? @[Jaime]?
  8. Naght

    Let's Show Our Filirs!

    Beaver misses us :3
  9. Naght

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Here's mine. ID #18562 Name: Bone hat [1]Location: Upper HeadgearAtk: N/ADef: 3Required Lvl: 10 Slot: 1 Weight: 20Job: Every jobDescription: A weird corsage with a skeleton motif that symbolizes the death. Mdef + 3 You will do 5% more physical and magical damage to DemiHuman monsters. Decreases damage from DemiHuman monsters by 5%. Add a chance of gaining 'Immortal Heart' each time a DemiHuman monster is killed.
  10. Naght

    ☾ Ilya's Art Tent feat. Wez [Opened 2 Slots]

    *runs, hugs and cries to oneechan ilya*
  11. Naght


    i see @My Wife for Hire incoming
  12. Naght

    About GTB card's blockable skills

    at least soul change bypasses gtb XD
  13. Naght

    About GTB card's blockable skills

    yeah sp recovery items (ygg berries, gjs, etc) dont work with gtb on..
  14. Naght

    Trans WoE SE with Poring 20/05/2018

    nice songs