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  1. feb 17 4pm server time
  2. more slots for next week pls GM Lance :UWU: GM Lance can we take Feb 9 5pm server time? TY :UWU: :GOMu GOMu no mi: :UWU:
  3. Possible to take jan 10th 5pm server time? Or jan 12th 5pm server time
  4. February 2, 5pm server time. Thank u very much!
  5. We would like to sign up Dec 18 4pm server time. Thank u very much!
  6. @My Wife for Hire make us Great Lord Baphomet cookies
  7. GM @Lance, we can still use the "LightBringer/LightBurn" title in the future?
  8. December 5 4pm server time And December 11 4pm server time (assuming were off cd by then) Thank u GM Lance!
  9. Nov 25 4pm server time. Thank u
  10. omg its CUTIEMAROO and SHIBE DOGGOOO ❤️
  11. 14th november 4pm server time
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