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  1. chiyo's doodles~

    Slot plsss
  2. chiyo's doodles~

    Am I late for a slot?
  3. High Wiz Farming capability

    Add item dropping lower headgears like wine cup, poring letter or even a int+1 mid [myst case] if u can fit it in ur build.
  4. GMC Monsters, Elements, and Arrows

    Coz XD
  5. BlueEllie Wedding

    Congrats and best wishes To the bride and groom.. The bb-db fest was a blast XD.. Happy birthday too Ellie chan! :3
  6. B> +7 Creeper bow [VR/clean]

    Got it. Pls close. Ty.
  7. *someones alive*
  8. B> +7 Creeper bow [VR/clean]

    Leave ur price. Ty.
  9. S/T

    Mushika [1] offer or trade to love cheek costume +7 Violet fear [Baphomet] [Doppelganger] Linen glove [1] Giearth card Pasana card Sandman card
  10. Since no one mentioned.. For abbey, its better to use orc hero card than either vesper/hw/missy. U dont need those 3 cards in abbey. U can just sort of perma gtb in abbey.. Just switch shield if ur getting buffs. No need of gjs. Just a bump too.
  11. For cheaper gears...u can goibnes set
  12. Change Nibelungen, add Balmung as an SQI

    *wipe that spicy noods to ur eyes first* *but Balmung is not slotted?*
  13. The Eden Group

    Too muchto handle XD
  14. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    +5 for a Wiki entry of BG and its different modes.
  15. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    @GM Radius is a sadist XD