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  1. Naght

    Grape Juice 168z (Social/PvM/DERP WOE/Parking Lot/AFK)

    Protect the grape juice barrels in those castles!
  2. I see a lurking Beaver... @[Jaime] 😁

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    2. [Jaime]


      LAIS. I was just checking my poor stoofs on vend :<


    3. Naght


      Lets trade then ur +11 artemis [4AK] to my ip [doppel,tg] 

    4. [Jaime]


      You're not even playing anymore :Q 

  3. Children here already started Christmas street caroling last Sept1...
  4. Naght

    Test Run with my super novice in Geffenia! :P

    @My Wife for Hire someones bugging Lord Baphomet early in the morning.. Blasphemous creatures. -.-
  5. Naght

    Your first MVP drop on this server

    Amon Ra card XD. It drops wen u least expect it *tension ofthe opposites*
  6. Naght

    Christmas | Advent Calendar Giveaway

    @ImportedAlex code is different between ur game accounts and between players
  7. Naght

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Ahh thats according to irowiki. Bk got some changes here too afair.
  8. Naght

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    @A i m e r Anything that increases atk by an absolute value does not add damage.. So porcellio and bk will not work when using shield boomerang skill
  9. Naght

    Thanksgiving Event 2018 guide

  10. Naght

    Thanksgiving Event 2018 guide

    Neechan so hardworking ❤️
  11. U dont need cavalry mastery when ur using shield chain. I run a hybrid scha + gc during the previous Halloween vanilla dungeon event Shield chain casting is affected by dex not aspd http://write.ratemyserver.net/ragnoark-online-character-guides/paladin-guide-striving-to-perfectness/ That link might be helpful.
  12. Naght

    Liefe's doodles

    Artsu looks really cute. Pls reserve slot 1 before artsu kraken is summoned (ehem senpai @Mei Magnolia)
  13. Naght

    Itou's Atelier

    FAQ! IM ADY LATE! :/
  14. Naght

    Kinyo's attempts to draw Animu

    I see.. The artsu kraken @Mei Magnolia is being summoned
  15. pokes CUTIEMARO ❤️

    1. Askein


      Be aware Mashu, if you don't want to find yourself in a cellar.

    2. Naght


      my cellar has free fast wifi and unli sweets... can add dog food too :3

    3. M a s h i` Desu