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  1. We would like to sign up Dec 18 4pm server time. Thank u very much!
  2. @My Wife for Hire make us Great Lord Baphomet cookies
  3. GM @Lance, we can still use the "LightBringer/LightBurn" title in the future?
  4. December 5 4pm server time And December 11 4pm server time (assuming were off cd by then) Thank u GM Lance!
  5. Nov 25 4pm server time. Thank u
  6. omg its CUTIEMAROO and SHIBE DOGGOOO ❤️
  7. nov 5 4pm server time
  8. 14th november 4pm server time
  9. Wowowweee neechan @~Izleen wolf artsuing 😏
  10. PRIMA 9th November 5pm server time
  11. @fumiddition, @~Izleen is INDOLAYSIAN
  12. Omg another @~Izleen wolf artsuuuu
  13. Naght


    1) Omelette "insert name" NPC A NPC to whom we can exchange our spare pet eggs and convert them to a random food bundle. Exclusive pets like event, evolved and account bound pets not included. Reason: so players can make use of those pet eggs that cant really sell well in the market or idly rotting in their kafra storage. 2) Dressing Coach apprentice A NPC to whom we can exchange our spare costumes (happy summer ribbons, etc) for a clothing/hair palette pack. Can be done thru a point based system like how Merry Barker from Eden HQ works. Event/account bound costumes not included. Reason: So players can make use of those unwanted costumes while cleaning their kafra storage.
  14. i feel im too slow.. pls enlighten me @Rikki O>O
  15. =bad @CheesyCheesecake
  16. O que é isso? O>O
  17. Oct 17 5pm server time. thanks alot
  18. https://wiki.talonro.com/Farming_Spots_-_Geffenia
  19. wow neechan @~Izleen looks really cool and cute in artsus!
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