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    Star Gladiator Feeling/Hatred Reset Guide (doridori)

    I think the way it works based on the refresh status of Happy Break ( Enjoyable Rest ). It seems to reset back to 30 minutes if you doridori in a certain pattern... if it resets back to 30 minutes, I believe it is this that triggers the CHANCE to reset Feeling Skill. Too fast or too slow will not work. I tried this twice. First time took me hours to observe, and second time successful in less than 5 minutes with HP Full but SP Less. All you need is your SP regenerating with the Enjoyable Rest skill, HP can leave it full. Try this, and make sure you have depleted the SP. Within 10 seconds, you need to perform at least 6 head turn, but within 1 second you must do TWICE doridori head turns. Therefore in 3 seconds, perform 6 doridori, after 10 seconds, it will check whether you did it right. If you did it right the Happy Break will reset back to 30 minutes ( a CHANCE to reset Feeling Skill ). Good Luck! Btw, get into duel pvp mode outside Prontera Culvert if you want to drain your HP, ask the other taekwon or soul linker to hit you. From my second reset, my HP was full so I think you don't need to drain your HP. Third attempt success video! Hope this helps star gladiator players more.