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  1. Sorry guild already dead. Thanks for having an interest though.
  2. AFAIK you can draw but I never got the chance to see them. Also Nickie (that smol SuNO in Daifukus Server) is the only artist I ever stumbled over there. Yeah make him a slave he likes it hahaha. No problem. I got the same treatment by someone when I was starting out too. Its a cycle. When you are open for commissions let me know so I can send my reference.
  3. Goddammit you are hiding this kind of talent from me. XD Hows your experience so far? Also RESERVE SLOT. LMAO
  4. Meow we skipped Sunday bec of too much core classes being absent. Yeah thats really the hard part, you can entice them with free supplies and such however, theres not much interest in the community to play in WoE now. Been struggling since day 1 when my members decided to play in Sunday WoE SE. Well we will just hope for the best lol. Thanks for the feedback though lol
  5. Possible to add more skills available for Plagiarism under Bonus Bundle? or if Project Iduna is out is it possible to be added? Ex: TK skill: Flying Side Kick Mage Skills: Cold Bolt, Fire Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Jupitel Thunder, LoV, Heavens Drive Knight Skill: Bash Archer Skill: Arrow Shower Ninja Skills: Crimson Fire Blossom, Lightning Ice Spear, Dragon Fire Formation, North Wind So far Bonus Bundle offers 2 additional skills. Hope for more variation of builds for diff purposes. Thanks
  6. LFM > Wednesday Trans WoE FE Vanilla https://wiki.talonro.com/Vanilla_Mode 1 Linkers DD (Damage Dealer) HW OLP/DLP Prof Sharp Shoot / Status Snipers 1DD / 1 SPP Bio 1 Bragi Clown (optional) DD Stalker (NW or DFF) LFM > Sunday Trans WoE SE Vanilla DD bios 1 more SPP bio Devo Pally FS / DD HW Cancer Gypsy Bragi Clown DD Stalkers (NW or DFF) 1 Linkers
  7. Henlo sure you can join. Visit us at Dewata. You can join Sempiternal which is our main PVM guild or us if you want to derp
  8. Join the best shiet tier troll hard WoE guild in tRO existence.
  9. Nonoko-chan


    Ehhh? He asked for an explanation. And ffs why so much salt? I expect better from you and just 1 WoE day you got ultra salty. You need to play BG and see HOW FRUSTRATING it is everytime when your team cant do anything. ALSO I already said we going to troll on that day bec we cant get enough numbers to even set a proper team. Hesus Crusto is that even hard to understand? Leave WoE if you cant handle the saltiness.
  10. Nonoko-chan


    We didnt troll earlier. We have a semi-decent roster with me quad clienting again which I really hate. We did tried to GvG then get sandwich several times. or you want us to run 38 asura champs and camp entrance again? Its hardly even a WoE tbh, go back 2016 when it was fun lmao
  11. LMAOOO yeah as usual I fell on the multi clienting role again. But instead of penta its quad today. Lineup/Roster is still a mess. Still sorting it out. Lack of manpower is the most hard part in woe. We'll try to do better next week.
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