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  1. Possible to add more skills available for Plagiarism under Bonus Bundle? or if Project Iduna is out is it possible to be added? Ex: TK skill: Flying Side Kick Mage Skills: Cold Bolt, Fire Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Jupitel Thunder, LoV, Heavens Drive Knight Skill: Bash Archer Skill: Arrow Shower Ninja Skills: Crimson Fire Blossom, Lightning Ice Spear, Dragon Fire Formation, North Wind So far Bonus Bundle offers 2 additional skills. Hope for more variation of builds for diff purposes. Thanks
  2. Nonoko-chan

    TC for WoE Supplies

    "Piece of Cake is extremely expensive now, around half a year ago it was around 2.000 Zeny each, now it's like 4.000 each." Correction Ezze it goes cheaper like 1.6k even when it was abundant 3 yrs ago.
  3. Fun to see some people love to fck up WoE supply prices.

    And we are not being given any alternatives. Oh wells.

  4. Signing up for the 9th. Timeslot is 12pm server time. Thanks Guild: Sempiternal PT name: Sempiternal Derp Squad
  5. Nonoko-chan

    MVP Defense

    Dont mess my treasure chest hunting priviledges! :)))
  6. Funny to see one side/army in MVP defence left bec they cant do anything against the MVP being tanked and IW'ed. LMAO Im just hunting chest
  7. This should have been resolved if theres a diff kind of ticket / coin purely for obtaining cosmetics for the grinding maps. Like theres no way for us to obtain ToT which is fine bec main focus is getting those ACCOUNT BOUND COSTUMES. If we only have that I dont see any abuse of just obtaining an ACCOUNT BOUND COSTUME.
  8. Ah no not because of that. I got what I need already (in 2 accounts) and WoE is not that active anymore. Also I dont QQ over that. I got 4 classes BG ready. It's just tiring.
  9. Just nixing the zenny cost would be fine, no need for Mana cost redux. Gearwise I have them just the zenny cost. But hey we cant do that so its fine. Ditching BG and WoE and making tRO just a PVM hub now. "nyway good day.
  10. ^ best option. But ye'know it limits your experimentation and you will get stuck just using 1 class and not much room for for other builds. But anyway thanks.
  11. Nah im a filthy casual now. Cant do much intensive farming anymore.
  12. RIP no other fun builds for ninja then.
  13. On the same note, is Throw Zenny cost been reduced as well? I used the build before in 2 matches and it burned 300k instantly.
  14. LMAO feelsbad for sniper class in BG. When too much folks QQ'ed on their main fundamental skill. Just sad.

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    2. Nonoko-chan


      Add FSK and peco riders too. Srsly there are more important matters to attend other than QQ-ing then results in nerfing. Fun to see some folks out here are sorta aggressive on people who are concerned about these kind of changes.

    3. /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

      /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

      I think it is fair to address balance changes since some things are clearly far stronger than others. As far as trapping goes, we get 20 now which is 40 with a full supply bonus. Then you can restock and get more when you die so it isn't the end of trapping. Also trapping isn't the "Main Fundamental Skill" is it an important skill? Yeah... but snipers have a lot going for them :)

    4. Nonoko-chan
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