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  1. Nonoko-chan

    Question about Assassin equips

    I'll post it later for you. Still adulting lol
  2. Nonoko-chan

    PvM | Snowdown: Battle Arena

    Signing up for the 9th. Timeslot is 12pm server time. Thanks Guild: Sempiternal PT name: Sempiternal Derp Squad
  3. Nonoko-chan

    Grape Juice 168z (Social/PvM/Parking Lot/AFK)

    Hi hi! We got raped so bad in trans vanilla by a woe guild remnant that thought we are serious woe guild lmao. Went overkill against us who me quad clients + 5 people who are semi to total undergeared nublets. We still alive though.
  4. Nonoko-chan

    Grape Juice 168z (Social/PvM/Parking Lot/AFK)

    The castle dungeons we have are the least popular/meme ones sadly. The ones that are profitable are the SE or Sunday castles which I dont have motivation to play since its like 95% dead.
  5. Nonoko-chan

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    Yup np. You join the main guild for PVM runs or Grape Juice for your level grinding.
  6. Nonoko-chan

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    Ah sadly we are not woe active. Theres no competition tbh. You can try your luck by consulting the Unrestricted WoE guilds. I have no idea if theyre still that active. The whole Wednesday WoE is totally dead. Not sure about Sunday.
  7. Nonoko-chan

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    Yas but its meme woe lmao. We just need the 5% EXP boost.
  8. Nonoko-chan

    Grape Juice 168z (Social/PvM/Parking Lot/AFK)

    LMAO we took 2 castles last night. Meme WoE.
  9. Nonoko-chan

    Question about Assassin equips

    Im going to post a build here. Hafta go out first. Leaving a msg so I wont forget. EDIT: Im not sure what equipment you have and your capacity to purchase the equipment I will mention, so I will just post the low tier equipment up to the high tier equipment that you can get. LOW TIER - Low Budget Headgear: Upper - Flying Angel(ASPD 3% - cost 5 TC), Hermose Cap[Vanberk] - 5 TC but it will reduce your ATK), Wikebine Cat Ears(Crit DMG 10% - 5 TC I think, not sure if I spelt it correctly, can be obtained thru quest), Morriganes Helm (the whole set is not advisable bec the other items are expensive) Middle - Any slotted mid either STR or AGI stats (Vanberk), Filir Wings(Adds ASPD 2% I think - 5TC), Robo Eyes Lower - 'ol reliable Pirate Dagger or any ATK increasing lower headgear Armor - ASPD / AGI / STR enchanted armor preferably Odins Blessing (For the Falcon Muff - Fricco Shoes combo) // Thief's Clothes. Armor either carded with the following - Porcellio for added ATK, Venatu which switches every 18 AGI, you gain 1 LUK, Alicel for added FLEE, or Ancient Mimic for every 18 LUK you gain 1 AGI Garment - Falcon Muffler, Any cheap slotted Garment[1], Crest of Rider[1] (assuming if hes a SinX) - carded with the following: Whisper Card for additional FLEE, Aliot for additional HP and STR 2, Bapho Jr. for AGI 3 and Crit Rate 1%, Giant Whisper Card for FLEE 10 and base stat bonuses, Hyegun for Flee +15 and CRIT rate 1, Wanderer Card FLEE +20 and for the Assassin Card set Footgear - Fricco Shoes, Crystal Pumps(LUK 5), Black Leather Boots(Assuming hes a SinX - for the Crest Rider Combo), Shackles (For Bloody Shackle Ball Combo / Rental), Any cheap slotted Footgear[1] carded with the following: Chonchon Card (AGI 1 FLEE rate 2), Wild Rose Card Accessories - Bloody Shackle Ball / Rental, Rental Vesper Cores 3 or 4 (Can be used by non-trans), Critical Ring / Rental, Thief Ring(If SinX), Goddes of Fortunes Cursed Brooch, Rosary[1]. If you got a slotted accessory you can put the following cards: Shinobi Card, Kobold Card, Mantis Card, Yoyo Card Weapon - Rental Infiltrator / Infiltrator, Rental Jamadhar, Rental Speed Katar, the elemental Katars with 3 slots, over-upped Jur[3] or better Specialty Jur[4] carded with the following: Soldier Skeleton Card, Mobster Card, Sedora Card, The Paper Card. You can mix and match them depending on your taste or preferred build. Also if you cant afford a Doppelganger Card, Cecil Damon Card boost ASPD by 5% but sacrificing HIT, so thats one alternative Middle Tier - Headgear: Upper - Lord Kaho Horns Middle - Any slotted mid headgear with AGI or STR stat carded with Gryphon Card Lower - Any ATK increasing lower headgear Armor - Any STR, AGI, ASPD enchanted armor, if SinX can go for Dragon Vest for the combo Garment - Overupped Hood[1] till +9 carded with Chung E card - with this it gives you a great boost in CRIT rate Footgear - Bunny Slippers[1] with Mysteltainn Card Accessories - Celebration Ring x2 Weapon - Same card combo with Specialty Jur but, adding a Doppelganger card or 2 to reach high ASPD FILTHY RISHHHH TIER - Headgear: Upper - Valkyrie Helm[1] with Gryphon Card Middle - Any FANCY slotted middle headgear with AGI or STR stats with Gryphon Card Lower - Any ATK increasing gear Armor - All slotted Elemental Armors with AGI STR or ASPD enchant carded with any necessary MVP cards, or a +7 stat enchanted Dragon Vest with the same manner of cards Garment - can go with +9 Hood[1] with Chung E Card but rather get a +9 Dragon Manteau for the Dvest Combo, +9 Proxy, +9 Diablos Manteau Footgear - Sleipnir[1] with Mysteltainn Card Accessories - Brisingamen[1] x2 both with Ifrit Cards Weapon - Twin Fang[4] with all the necessary MVP cards. Better if you can carry 2 Hope this helps.
  10. Nonoko-chan

    Itou's Atelier

    Reserve 2 slots for me and @Aryaif ever you go open lollll
  11. Nonoko-chan

    Grape Juice 168z (Social/PvM/Parking Lot/AFK)

    Oi Legion hahaha sorry been busy these past few days. Adulting is such a hard game. Lol glad youre enjoying. This is just a meme guild for funsies. Sempiternal is our main guild now.
  12. Nonoko-chan

    Itou's Atelier

    @AryaShould we camp?
  13. Nonoko-chan

    Grape Juice 168z (Social/PvM/Parking Lot/AFK)

    Oh watevs I just let everyone who wants to join go and join.
  14. Nonoko-chan

    Grape Juice 168z (Social/PvM/Parking Lot/AFK)

    Yup everyones welcome. I just want everyone to take advantage of the 5% EXP that we got.
  15. Nonoko-chan

    Grape Juice 168z (Social/PvM/Parking Lot/AFK)

    Grape Juice 168z still got a castle. We are sharing the additional 5% EXP to everyone (priority on newbies). Drop by in Dewata if need an invite. Usually online around 3:45am UTC+2 server time.