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  1. Enjoy the nostalgia ;D Thats what most of us are here for. And of course the people we play with and get to know. Hope you have a good start!
  2. Siktelan

    Enjoying my LK

    Glad you like it. There is so much to explore as LK. Million ways to farm, million different setups, possibility to solo MVP. Its a lot of fun. I enjoyed mostly farming MVPs I couldnt kill with my HW.
  3. Unfortunately no. You can buy SQIs from other people or pay them to create one for you but you wont be able to get the SQI Upgrades.
  4. Man, I kept watching and discussing ur videos from YT with a LK-lover friend and then see the guide ;D Extremely good guide and tutorial videos showing how flexible LKs are making me ashamed I ever only used one to start off on this server as a Sleeper slave. Just putting in Nibel as another variable must open up a lot of other possibilities doing MVPs. You sticking to Two-Handed Swords just out of ur personal liking using Parry or other reasons? Would also love to know what ur opinion is towards Solo Kraken MVP and the Old Glast Heim Instance? As in bringing a buff dual clint HP at max. Ever thought about it? There is a wonky video on YT of a dude from Talonro killing Kraken but it seems sus. Cheers
  5. To your questions: 1. Yes , you should be able to exceed ur 2.5m/hr but as said it depends on ur experience AND also on luck. Mavkas it always hit or miss, sometimes u will make only 2, 2,5m, sometimes u hit 3.5 or even more. Also depends on how many people are on the map at the moment. 2. Depends on if you want to stay there for an hour straight or you dont mind reendowing after 30m or if u are already overweight and need to go back after 30 minutes anyway. 3. Sting Card is costum on our server. It gives +4 Dex in Acc. Its advisable since Dex will be ur main stat and having +4 Dex extra will leave u a lot of stat points you can put in somewhere else. 4. Going for Meg is stupid xD Go for Nibel first. Its the bomb. Also check out the Videos of this guy from youtube: Maybe you are into MVPing as well? Could be something to aim for as well, since MVPing is super fun as LK.
  6. Please keep in mind that this will in addition cost you a certain investment if you wanna switch and u will take some time/experience to excell ur earning at Mavkas. This said, your main purchase would be the Carled (Kaho) and maybe some Sting slotted Accessoir (Expert Ring is good for any Spiral build but not easily resold). Water armor is not needed in my opinion since ur entire playstyle will be flywinging until u find mavka, steal it, spiral, loot and fly away (Best with infinite flywing). All done as fast as possible, using the after cast delay to search for Mavkas. You wont hit the Yagas and they wont WB you. So choose whatever Armor u have laying around or will help you. Stats would be: High Dex - up to 130 /140 total (+5Dex food helps) Str: Enough to one shot Mavkas and to carry loots (around 40-50 total?) Vit or Agi focus depending on ur preference. You can either go for a tanky build or agi with enough flee to dodge Mavkas. Best you try out what you like more. I prefered flee agi since I got hit way less and could take less meat with me compared to the vit build. This is just an example for a way to go for Spiral Mavka starter and has obviously a lot of leeway for improvements but I think it showcases that you wont need huge investments. One Shot is One Shot You will progress way more by getting comftable and experienced at the Map so I wouldnt even invest more into specific Mavka Gears! Your next goals should be more universal items such as mentioned by me earlier (Sleipnir, Celebration Ring, Hell Poodle Accessoir or whatever). Cheers and hf
  7. Totally agree with Black Metal considering the BB mechanics post Iduna. Gearwise it depends on the fact if you wanna stay in Magma or switch ur farming place towards earning more Zeny. Generally you could aim to otbain universal gear like Celebration Ring // Hell Poodle Accessoirs // Sleipnirs / Pussy Cat Bell. There are a million ways to earn good Zeny with LK aside from Magma though. You can step ur earning ups easily by going to mavkas with a 1 shot spiral pierce build ( All you need is Carled with Kaho Card) and a joker card accessoir. Thats how i progressed to 3-3.5m/hr when I started out as an LK and was done with Sleepers.
  8. Welcome to the Server! Love the Talonro Streamer. If you are unsure about your progression to mid or lategame-stuff, you can find a guild easy to guide you. Check Discord and have fun!
  9. Welcome! Always good to see new player, especially streamer. Peeped on ur Twitch and its super funny seeing someone start out, especially going full anti-meta with Gunslinger
  10. Its an untrue myth that you need billions to be compete within Geffenia. Most important is experience since the learning courve in regards to what to do is rapid. I can guarantee you I top the vast majority of Billions Sherwoods/Bris Stalker when it comes to zeny/hr with my basic Geffenia gear, when most of them are stuck in their metathinking instead of actually having experience with their class . Also why waste billions on a farmer class? Actually went back to sinX after finding it stupid to spend 240m on a Sherwood TTTh. With the equip below + rental excalibur I crack up to the magical 5-5.5m/hr depending on how full it is. Plus, you dont even need the dex echants and Sleips/Celebs, you can already start with Sting Clips, basic IP and (in my case) Eddga Sandals. People think they read a guide and go get rich in Geffenia but thats not how it works. Also I find Geffenia to be way,way more relaxed with most people knowing the Ettiquette and be nice to eacher knowing you will share the place anyway for a few hours. Thats not the case at Mavkas with way more newer player. So yeah Geffenia over Mavkas all day. The experienced gained in regards to an increased income and the overall better income are far more rewarding.
  11. Omg thank you so much for sharing ur build/gameplay. Helps me a lot!
  12. Very cool overview. Would love to know gear suggestions for SinX when it comes to SB and Emp breaking. You intend to add other classes?
  13. Finally a Build using Rental Excalibur and no overkill items such as Bris (which are not needed for a sinX in Geffenia at all). I myself use a dark blinder to avoid blind effect (just a quality of Life thing) since BK is not not even needed using your Stat-distribution to 1-shot Buses with SBK or 3-Shot with MA. You should be able to do that without using your BK-Mid (Maybe replace with Marduk/Deviruchi/Vanberk/Myst Case etc. mid?) Also I would highly recommend using Wine Cub which got me a good supply of Mastela Fruit Wines while farming Geffenia or PCB to lower incoming damage. One More thing: Drop the Dex to 97+43 and your Agi to whatever makes you hit 250Flee in total, rest into Vit. Even after that you can still tweak ur stats to be honest. I use 71+39 str and 35+40 Int and still one shot Buses with SBK and 3 Shot with MA which grants me the possibility to pump up my HP and handle even the biggest mobs. Just my two Cents as someone playing Geffenia-RO as a sinX for a way too long time Great build suggestion though!
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