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  1. Omg thank you so much for sharing ur build/gameplay. Helps me a lot!
  2. Very cool overview. Would love to know gear suggestions for SinX when it comes to SB and Emp breaking. You intend to add other classes?
  3. Finally a Build using Rental Excalibur and no overkill items such as Bris (which are not needed for a sinX in Geffenia at all). I myself use a dark blinder to avoid blind effect (just a quality of Life thing) since BK is not not even needed using your Stat-distribution to 1-shot Buses with SBK or 3-Shot with MA. You should be able to do that without using your BK-Mid (Maybe replace with Marduk/Deviruchi/Vanberk/Myst Case etc. mid?) Also I would highly recommend using Wine Cub which got me a good supply of Mastela Fruit Wines while farming Geffenia or PCB to lower incoming damage. One More thing: Drop the Dex to 97+43 and your Agi to whatever makes you hit 250Flee in total, rest into Vit. Even after that you can still tweak ur stats to be honest. I use 71+39 str and 35+40 Int and still one shot Buses with SBK and 3 Shot with MA which grants me the possibility to pump up my HP and handle even the biggest mobs. Just my two Cents as someone playing Geffenia-RO as a sinX for a way too long time Great build suggestion though!
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