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    Kris +5 DEX

    bump thinking about selling it.. could you please let me know what's its value? Thanks!!!
  2. omig92

    Kris +5 DEX

    Hi guys, I got a +3 +2 DEX enchantment on my Kris and I would like to know how much it's worth. For now I am using a Stalker caster, but maybe in the future I will sell it. Any ideas? Thank you very much in advance!!
  3. omig92

    Questions about SN in General

    I started with a SN on this server and I had a lot of fun Basically, I started at payon dung 1. Then I moved to wolves until I classed. I tried my best to get pantie+under asap. After classing to SN, I maxed fire bolt and went wolves again, then some muscipular/geographers outside Ice Dungeon.. After that I moved to mi gao for a bit... Long story short.. As soon as I got enough flee to dodge sleepers - 217 I think - I got fireball and started to mob sleepers (I've seen 2-3 posts here on the forum which gave me the idea). I stayed at sleepers until lvl 90 more or less... It was the period when the TamTam region was bibilan dung.. So I got Thunder Storm and started to mob at Bibilan dung 3. At the end, I made lvl 99/99 at anolians, mobbing them to drop brooch[1] - again, get enough flee to dodge them and the rest are int/dex for cast and damage, thunderstorm and go I think I dropped like 4 broochs, which permitted me to finally buy a N.LKH. The equips I used most of the time are: - Novice hat with incubus - this class lacks SP!!! - Magical booster - got with voted TC - Ninja's scroll - found on market for like 3m - Novice armor with succubus - Started with hypno staff +5 => then I finally got the +10 with 2x necros - Novice guard - novice manteau with whisper - novice shoes with gargoyle - 2x sting novice armlets I hope this will help someone
  4. omig92

    Forum Event: Summer Loading Screen Contest

    I wanted to post something too... but when I tried to draw, I realized just how bad I am at drawing and I hid myself in a corner