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  1. Hi all, as the title says, I would like to buy a leech service for my hunter lvl 94. So from lvl 94 to 99 NT. I already checked the forum, but I couldn't understand which leechers were still playing the game and which not, so I thought that it would be easier to just open a new buying topic. I would like to know how much time it would approximately take and which would be the price range (I'm quite poor, so I'll farm some money before the leech starts xD). I suppose that all the details (IGN, time availability, etc..) will be discussed later on in a private message. Thank you very much for your attention and a very big thank to the player that will provide the service!
  2. can PD dodge physical skills like double strife, sonic blow, etc? (cart termination also?) EDIT: ok I got the answer in previous post xD
  3. Hello, how much for argos card? thanks!
  4. omig92

    Kris +5 DEX

    bump thinking about selling it.. could you please let me know what's its value? Thanks!!!
  5. omig92

    Kris +5 DEX

    Hi guys, I got a +3 +2 DEX enchantment on my Kris and I would like to know how much it's worth. For now I am using a Stalker caster, but maybe in the future I will sell it. Any ideas? Thank you very much in advance!!
  6. I started with a SN on this server and I had a lot of fun Basically, I started at payon dung 1. Then I moved to wolves until I classed. I tried my best to get pantie+under asap. After classing to SN, I maxed fire bolt and went wolves again, then some muscipular/geographers outside Ice Dungeon.. After that I moved to mi gao for a bit... Long story short.. As soon as I got enough flee to dodge sleepers - 217 I think - I got fireball and started to mob sleepers (I've seen 2-3 posts here on the forum which gave me the idea). I stayed at sleepers until lvl 90 more or less... It was the period when the TamTam region was bibilan dung.. So I got Thunder Storm and started to mob at Bibilan dung 3. At the end, I made lvl 99/99 at anolians, mobbing them to drop brooch[1] - again, get enough flee to dodge them and the rest are int/dex for cast and damage, thunderstorm and go I think I dropped like 4 broochs, which permitted me to finally buy a N.LKH. The equips I used most of the time are: - Novice hat with incubus - this class lacks SP!!! - Magical booster - got with voted TC - Ninja's scroll - found on market for like 3m - Novice armor with succubus - Started with hypno staff +5 => then I finally got the +10 with 2x necros - Novice guard - novice manteau with whisper - novice shoes with gargoyle - 2x sting novice armlets I hope this will help someone
  7. I wanted to post something too... but when I tried to draw, I realized just how bad I am at drawing and I hid myself in a corner
  8. Hello, are you still recruiting? I've been on this server for 2 months now and I'm getting a bit tired of playing alone Thank you in advance See you in game, my SuperNovice: "V di Verde"
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